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Muhyiddin of Brunei

Muhyiddin was the fourteenth sultan of Brunei. He ruled from 1673 to 1690 and was succeeded by Nasruddin. He took the throne during the Brunei Civil War[citation needed] to avenge the death of his father-in-law Muhammad Ali. He was widely remembered for being the Sultan who ordered the creation of Salasilah Raja-Raja Brunei[citation needed].

14th Sultan of Brunei
PredecessorAbdul Hakkul Mubin
Pengiran Di-Gadong Shah Mubin
FatherAbdul Jalilul Akbar
MotherRadin Mas Ayu Siti Aishah
ReligionSunni Islam


The earliest historical record of the Sultans of Brunei is not clearly known due to the poor early documentation of Brunei's history. Many elder members of the House of Bolkiah claim that their ancestors were the BaHassan and BaAlawi Saadah from Tarim and Hadhramawt in Yemen. In addition there has been an effort to Islamise the history, with the "official history" not matching up with verifiable foreign sources.[1] The Batu Tarsilah, the genealogical record of the kings of Brunei, was not started until 1807 CE.

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