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Morgan Elizabeth Hurd (born July 18, 2001) is an American artistic gymnast. She is the 2017 World all-around champion, a member of the gold-medal winning American team at the 2018 World Championships, and a five-time World medalist. She is a member of the United States women's national team (2016–Present).

Morgan Hurd
Full nameMorgan Elizabeth Hurd
Country represented United States
Born (2001-07-18) July 18, 2001 (age 18)
Wuzhou, China
HometownMiddletown, Delaware, U.S.
Height4 ft 9 in (145 cm)
DisciplineWomen's artistic gymnastics
LevelSenior International Elite
Years on national team2016 – Present (US)
ClubFirst State Gymnastics
College teamFlorida Gators
(2019 - 2023)[1]
Head coach(es)Slava Glazounov
Assistant coach(es)Brooke Parker
MusicEarth Song (2017)
Music World (2018)

Personal lifeEdit

Hurd was adopted from Wuzhou, China when she was 11 months old.[2] At age 3 she was enrolled in gymnastics.[3] Hurd started training at First State Gymnastics when she was in fifth grade.[4] She currently resides in Middletown, Delaware with her mom, Sherri.[5] She is one of the rare elite gymnasts to wear glasses during competition.[6]

Junior careerEdit


Morgan Hurd competed in the Nastia Liukin Cup in 2014 where she placed 14th as a level 10.[7] She tied for 8th place at the American Classic in July.[8] At the U.S. Classic Hurd placed 18th behind future fellow National Team member Victoria Nguyen.[9] At the P&G National Championships Hurd finished 29th in the all-around for Juniors.[10]


In 2015 Hurd started with the U.S. Classic where she finished 9th on All-Around and 2nd on Uneven Bars. She competed at the P&G National Championships where she placed 8th in the All-Around, 7th on Floor Exercise, and tied for 4th on the Uneven Bars.[11]


In 2016 Hurd competed at the American Classic where she finished 1st in the All-Around. She competed next at the U.S. Secret Classic where she placed 5th in the All-Around, 1st on Floor Exercise, and 2nd on the Uneven Bars. She competed at the P&G National Championships again and placed 5th in the All-Around, 3rd on Uneven Bars, and 7th on Vault; these results qualified her to the junior national team.[12]

Senior careerEdit


In 2017 Hurd turned senior. She made her international debut at the 2017 Stuttgart World Cup where she finished third in the all-around behind Tabea Alt of Germany and Angelina Melnikova of Russia.[13] In April Hurd competed at the City of Jesolo Trophy and helped the United States finish first. In July Hurd competed at the U.S. Classic where she placed 6th on balance beam and 2nd on floor, behind Jade Carey.[14] In August she competed at the P&G National Championships where she placed 6th in the all-around, eight on uneven bars, fifth on balance beam, and tenth on floor exercise. Since she finished in the top six in the all-around, she was named to the national team.[15]

In September, Hurd was selected to represent the United States at the 2017 Artistic Gymnastics World Championships in Montreal alongside Ragan Smith, Jade Carey, and Ashton Locklear.[16][17] At the World Championships in Montreal, Morgan started out on the vault in qualifications, receiving a 14.466. Next she moved to the uneven bars where she scored 14.333. On the balance beam, she scored 13.500 after upgrading to a full-twisting double tuck dismount, qualifying 2nd into the beam finals. She ended qualifications on floor, where she showed great skills and artistry, but fell on her double full for a score of 12.533. Her total all around score was 54.832, and she qualified 6th into the all around final. In the all-around final, Hurd won a surprise victory with a total score of 55.232,[18] 0.1 ahead of silver medalist Ellie Black of Canada and 0.4 ahead of bronze medalist Elena Eremina of Russia.[19] Two days later in the balance beam final, she matched her ranking from qualifications and won the silver medal, behind Pauline Schäfer of Germany.[20]


On December 11, 2017, Hurd was selected to represent the United States at the 2018 American Cup.[21] She competed alongside first-year senior Maile O'Keefe[22] and finished first overall with a score of 56.599.[23] On April 8, Hurd was named to the team to compete at the 2018 Pacific Rim Gymnastics Championships which included fellow seniors Grace McCallum and Jordan Chiles.[24] There she won team gold and placed second in the all-around behind McCallum after a mishap on her balance beam dismount.[25] Due to her balance beam accident, she withdrew from the uneven bars and floor exercise event finals as a precaution.[26]

On July 28 Hurd competed at the 2018 U.S. Classic where she finished third in the all-around behind Simone Biles and Riley McCusker despite falling off the balance beam. She also finished third on uneven bars and floor exercise.[27] In August Hurd competed at the National Championships where she placed second in the all-around behind Biles, third on uneven bars behind Biles and McCusker, and third on floor exercise behind Biles and Jade Carey. She also placed fourth on balance beam, making her and Biles the only competitors to place in the top four on every event they competed.[28][29] She was named to the national team for the third year in a row.

In October Hurd participated in the Worlds Team Selection Camp. During the competition a shaky performance caused her to place fourth in the all-around behind Biles, McCusker, and McCallum, fourth on uneven bars, fifth on vault, sixth on balance beam, and seventh on floor exercise.[30] The following day she was named to the team to compete at the 2018 World Championships alongside Biles, McCusker, Grace McCallum, Kara Eaker, and alternate Ragan Smith.[31][32] During qualifications, Hurd qualified to the all-around final in second place behind Biles, the floor exercise final in fourth place, and the uneven bars final in fifth place. The US also qualified to the team final in first place.[33] During the team final Hurd competed on vault, uneven bars, and floor exercise. She contributed scores of 14.633, 14.433, and 12.966 respectively towards the USA's team total. USA won gold with a score of 171.629, 8.766 points ahead of second place Russia,[34] beating previous margin of victory records set in the open-ended code of points era at the 2014 World Championships (6.693) and the 2016 Olympic Games (8.209).[35]

In the all-around final Hurd put her hands down on her side aerial cartwheel on balance beam and was in fourth place entering the final rotation. She recovered with a strong floor exercise performance to win the bronze medal behind Biles and Mai Murakami of Japan.[36] In a very close podium finish, Hurd finished 0.066 points behind Murakami, 0.033 points ahead of fourth-place finisher Nina Derwael of Belgium, and 0.034 points ahead of fifth-place finisher Angelina Melnikova of Russia. During event finals, Hurd placed sixth on uneven bars. She then won the silver medal on floor exercise behind Biles and ahead of 2017 World champion Murakami and 2017 European champion Melnikova.[37] With five world championship medals, Hurd became the seventh-most decorated American female gymnast in world championship history, tied with Kim Zmeskal and Kyla Ross.

On November 5, Hurd made her music video debut, appearing in Shawn Mendes' Youth.[38] In December Hurd underwent elbow surgery to have two chips removed.[39]


In February, USA Gymnastics announced that Hurd was selected to compete at the Tokyo World Cup in April.[40] There she won gold ahead of Ellie Black of Canada and Asuka Teramoto of Japan.[41]

In June, after the conclusion of the American Classic, Hurd was named as one of the eight athletes being considered for the team to compete at the 2019 Pan American Games along with Sloane Blakely, Kara Eaker, Aleah Finnegan, Shilese Jones, Sunisa Lee, Riley McCusker, and Leanne Wong.[42]

On July 9 it was announced that Hurd would be featured in a year-long documentary series on the Olympic Channel titled All Around, alongside Angelina Melnikova of Russia and Chen Yile of China, which will follow their journeys and training leading up to the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo.[43]

At the 2019 GK US Classic in July, Hurd finished sixth in the all-around behind Simone Biles, McCusker, Grace McCallum, Eaker, and Wong. She placed first on bars, tied for eighth on beam with Sunisa Lee, and placed eleventh on floor. After the competition she was named to the team to compete at the Pan American Games alongside Eaker, Finnegan, McCusker, and Wong.[44]

At the Pan American Games Hurd competed on all four events, counting scores on vault and bars to USA's gold medal winning performance in the team final. She posted high enough scores to qualify to the all-around, uneven bars, balance beam, and floor exercise finals but due to at least two of her teammates outscoring her on each of those events; she was two-per-countried out of all finals. On bars, Hurd tied Wong's score of 14.250, but Wong qualified for the final because she had a higher execution score.[45][46]

At the 2019 U.S. National Championships, Hurd competed all four events on the first day of competition but fell while performing on floor exercise and ended the night in eighth place in the all-around.[47] On the second day of competition she was able to perform cleanly on all routines and finished fourth in the all-around behind Simone Biles, Sunisa Lee, and Grace McCallum. Additionally she won silver on the uneven bars behind Lee and placed fifth on balance beam and thirteenth on floor exercise. As a result she was added to the national team.[48]

Due to her performance at nationals, Hurd was announced as a member of the nominative team for worlds alongside Biles, Jordan Chiles, Wong, Lee, and McCallum. [49]

Selected competitive skillsEdit

Apparatus Name Description Difficulty[a] Performed
Vault Baitova Yurchenko entry, laid out salto backwards with two twists 5.4 2017–19
Uneven Bars Inbar 1/1 Inbar Stalder to full (1/1) pirouette E 2017–18
Komova II Inbar Shaposhnikova transition to high bar E 2018–19
Ricna Stalder to counter reversed straddled hecht over high bar E 2017–19
Van Leeuwen Toe-On Shaposhnikova transition with ½ twist to high bar E 2017
Balance Beam Double Pike Dismount: Double piked salto backwards E 2017–19
Switch Ring Switch Leap to Ring Position (180° split with raised back leg) E 2017–19
Shishova Full-twisting (1/1) tucked salto backwards F 2017–19
Full-In Dismount: Full-twisting (1/1) double tucked salto backwards G 2017
Piked Full-In Dismount: Full-twisting (1/1) double piked salto backwards G 2018
Floor Exercise Piked Full-In Full-twisting (1/1) double piked salto backwards E 2017
Double Layout Double laid out salto backwards F 2018–19
Silivas Double-twisting (2/1) double tucked salto backwards H 2017–19
Moors Double-twisting (2/1) double laid out salto backwards I 2018
  1. ^ Valid for the 2017-2020 Code of Points

Competitive historyEdit


Year Event Team AA VT UB BB FX
2014 Nastia Liukin Cup 14 14 12 15 10
American Classic 8 14 13 13 13
U.S. Classic 18 29 31 15 13
P&G Championships 29 24 23 24 28
2015 Buckeye Elite Qualifier 4 13 8   11
WOGA Classic 7 8 7   7
American Classic   21     5
U.S. Classic 9 26   9 17
P&G National Championships 8 19 4 13 7
2016 American Classic   4   5 4
U.S. Classic 5 9   26  
P&G National Championships 5 7   16 9


Year Event Team AA VT UB BB FX
2017 Stuttgart World Cup  
City of Jesolo Trophy   10
U.S. Classic 6  
P&G National Championships 6 8 5 10
World Championships    
2018 American Cup  
Pacific Rim Championships[a]     WD WD
U.S. Classic     7  
U.S. National Championships     4  
Worlds Team Selection Camp 4 5 4 6 7
World Championships     6  
2019 Tokyo World Cup  
U.S. Classic 6   8 11
Pan American Games  
U.S. National Championships 4   5 13
  1. ^ After crashing her BB dismount in Team Finals, Hurd withdrew from Event Finals


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