Moinabad mandal

Moinabad mandal is one of the 27 mandals in Ranga Reddy district of the Indian state of Telangana. It is under the administration of Chevella revenue division and has its headquarters at Moinabad.[2]

Moinabad mandal
DistrictRanga Reddy district
 • Total198.14 km2 (76.50 sq mi)
 • Total56,205
 • Density280/km2 (730/sq mi)
 • OfficialTelugu
Time zoneUTC+5:30 (IST)


As of 2011 census, the mandal had a population of 56,205. The total population constitute, 118,616 males and 121,415 females —a sex ratio of 1024 females per 1000 males. 21,333 children are in the age group of 0–6 years, of which 10,939 are boys and 10,394 are girls. The average literacy rate stands at 79.89% with 174,711 literates. Chilkur, Ranga Reddy has the largest area of 2,709 km2 (1,046 sq mi) and Bangaliguda has the least area of 43 km2 (17 sq mi) all the villages in the mandal. In terms of population, Chilkur is the most populated and Bangaliguda is the least populated settlement in the mandal.[1]: 348  Peddamangalaram the famous village belongs to this mandal. Dumki Shankar a famous short film came from this village only. Director of this Film Kanna alias karnakar, Actors Yerravalli Manikyam Reddy, Mandadi Manikyam Reddy, Madhu sudhan Reddy and Cameramen Praveen, Assistant director Shashi Kanth Reddy worked well on this film.



The mandal is headed by a tahsildar. As of 2011 census, the mandal has thirty two villages.[2]

The settlements in the mandal are listed below:

  1. Amdapur
  2. Ameerguda
  3. Aziznagar
  4. Bakaram Jagir
  5. Bangaliguda
  6. Chakaliguda
  7. Chandanagar
  8. Chilkur
  9. Chinna Mangalaram
  10. Chinnashapur
  11. Deval Vekatapur
  12. Himayatnagar
  13. Kanakamamidi
  14. Kanchamonigudem
  15. Kasimbouli
  16. Kethireddipalle
  17. Medipalle
  18. Moinabad
  19. Mothukupalle
  20. Murthuzaguda
  21. Nagireddiguda
  22. Nakkalapalle
  23. Nazeebnagar
  24. Peddamangalaram
  25. Reddipalle
  26. Sajjanpalle
  27. Sriramnagar
  28. Surangal
  29. Tolkatta
  30. Venkatapur
  31. Yelkaguda
  32. Yethbarpalle

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