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Miss Tibbs and Miss Gatsby

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Miss Abitha Tibbs and Miss Ursula Gatsby are fictional characters, played by Gilly Flower and Renee Roberts respectively, in the BBC television sitcom Fawlty Towers.

Miss Tibbs and Miss Gatsby
Fawlty Towers character
First appearance"A Touch of Class" (1975)
Last appearance"Basil the Rat" (1979)
Created byJohn Cleese
Connie Booth
Portrayed byGilly Flower (Miss Tibbs)
Renee Roberts (Miss Gatsby)
Full nameAbitha Tibbs
Ursula Gatsby
OccupationHotel residents

Miss Tibbs and Miss Gatsby are two mostly inseparable and slightly scatty elderly spinsters who are permanent residents of Fawlty Towers (the only other long-term guest being Major Gowen). Basil Fawlty switches from being overly kind to being utterly rude during his various conversations with them, although they rarely understand his sarcasm. They are depicted as being "on the edge of their eighties".[1]

The two ladies appear in every episode of the series, though are uncredited in "A Touch of Class" (the pilot). They seldom have main roles in the plot, usually being background characters adding to the atmosphere. Miss Tibbs plays a larger role in the episode "The Kipper and the Corpse", the only time she is seen away from Miss Gatsby, where she is repeatedly startled by a guest's corpse, which Basil, Manuel and Polly are desperately trying to keep hidden from guests until the undertaker arrives. Her unfortunate encounters with the deceased include being knocked unconscious by Polly, being locked in a cupboard with Leeman and fainting in horror after stumbling across the body in the hotel office. In that episode it is revealed that Tibbs is 79.

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