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Mirzapur division

Mirzapur division is a division of Uttar Pradesh state of India. Mirzapur is the administrative headquarters. Currently (2005), the division consists of districts of:



  • Pannalal Agrahari Corporation Industry Of India Pipra Mirzapur
  • Bhadohi carpets, Sant Ravidas Nagar -The Bhadohi district is biggest carpet manufacturing centres in India, most known for its hand-knotted carpet.Bhadohi known as also carpet city, Mirzapur
  • Mirzapur BhadohiCarpets-The largest carpet manufacturing region in Asia, Sonbhadra
  • Churk Cement Factory, 800 T/day.
  • Rihand Dam, Sonbhadra Pipri, 300 MW of electricity, Reservoir for power plants.
  • Hindalco Aluminium Plant, Renukoot, Alumina refining - 114,5000 TPA, Aluminium metal - 424,000 TPA.
  • Kanoria Chemicals, Renukoot, Acetaldehyde - 10000 TPA, Formaldehyde - 75000 TPA, Lindane - 875 TPA, Hexamine - 4000 TPA, Industrial Alcohol - 225 million litters/annum, Aluminium Chloride - 6875 TPA, Ethyl Acetate - 3300 TPA, Acetic Acid - 6000 TPA, Commercial Hydrogen.
  • Renusagar Power Plant (Hindalco), 887.2 MW of electricity.
  • Obra Dam, 99 MW of electricity, Reservoir for power plant.
  • Dala Cement Factory, 3600 T/day.
  • Obra Thermal Power Plant, Uttar Pradesh State Electricity Board (UPSEB), 1550 MW of electricity.
  • Chunar Cement Factory, Ancillary unit of Dala Cement Factory.
  • Anpara Thermal Power Plant, UPSEB, 1630 MW of electricity.
  • B.P. Construction Company, Anpara, Sonebhadra
  • Singrauli Thermal Power Plant, NTPC Limited (NTPC), Shaktinagar, 2000 MW of electricity.
  • Hi -Tech Carbon, Renukoot, Carbon Black - 1,60,000 MT/annum.
  • Rihand Thermal Power Plant, NTPC, Bijpur, 2000 MW of electricity.
  • Finding of Gold Mine in Hills, Mirchadhuri.
  • Kanoria Chemicals Power Plant, Renukoot, 50 MW of electricity.
  • Obra Thermal Power Plant, UPSEB, 1550 MW of electricity.

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Mishri Lal Inter College, Mawaiya, Mirzapur

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'JAY NARAYAN MISHRA, BHawapur, Koirouna'


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