Midtfyns Festival

The Midtfyns Festival is a famous rock festival in Ringe, Denmark. It was closed before the 2004 festival started, due to declining ticket sales. In 2005 Henrik Malmkjær acquired the rights for the festival, planning to revive it in 2006. The plan failed but new actors are now trying to start up the old spirit again.[1] The new Midtfyns Festival was held in 2019.[2] This time the festival will mainly focus on the locals and upcoming artists.[3] In 2020, the festival was cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.[4]

Midtfyns Festival
GenreAlternative rock, Pop, Electronic music, Metal
Dates5 days (first weekend in July)
Location(s)Ringe, Denmark
Years active1976 - 2003 2019 -

In the festival's heyday it was competing with Roskilde Festival to be the biggest music event in Northern Europe, mostly due to Phish's appearance at the festival in 1998. Musicians like Stevie Ray Vaughan and Whitesnake also performed at Midtfyns.[5]

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Coordinates: 55°13′52″N 10°29′17″E / 55.23111°N 10.48806°E / 55.23111; 10.48806