Mercator (retail)

Poslovni sistem Mercator, d.o.o. (pronounced [mɛɾˈkaːtɔɾ]; Latin for 'merchant') is one of the largest companies in Slovenia and is the parent company of the Mercator Group. The parent company of the Mercator Group plays a dual role: it runs the retail business and it performs corporate functions for the companies of the Mercator Group.

Mercator d.o.o.
TypeLimited liability company
Industrynon-specialised retail stores
FoundedDecember 5, 1989; 32 years ago (1989-12-05)
HeadquartersDunajska cesta 107, Ljubljana, Slovenia
Key people
Tomislav Čizmić (President of the Manager Board)
BrandsMercator, Lumpi, Minute, Bio Zone, Free Zone, Olea, Dax, Finesse, Buddy, Kitty, Maxen...
Total equityIncrease Fortenova Grupa, d.d., 100 % (shareholder)
Number of employees
20,300 (2021[1]
WebsiteCorporate website

In addition to Slovenia, Mercator Group is also present in Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Croatia. The core business of the Mercator Group is the retail of everyday consumer goods through a diversified retail network across Slovenia, Serbia, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Mercator dates back to 1949 and the founding of the wholesale company Živila Ljubljana – the predecessor of Poslovni sistem Mercator, d. d., which was reorganised as a limited liability company on 4 July 2022.[2] At the time of its founding, Mercator sold goods from a warehouse. Today, however, Mercator is one of the most modern retailers in the region with 20,300 employees across the entire Mercator Group.[3]

Since April 2021, Mercator has been owned by Fortenova grupa, d.d. It acquired the shares from Agrokor, which had bought the Slovenian retailer in 2014. Fortenova initially owned 89.11% of Mercator, increasing its stake to 90.005% after the general meeting held in September 2021.[4][5] Fortenova became the sole owner of Mercator on 1 April 2022, after forcing out minority shareholders. Then, in mid-April, the General Assembly approved the delisting of the company's shares from the stock exchange.[6]

As the most successful local retailer, Mercator aims to establish state-of-the-art store concepts on all of its markets. Its continued growth is based on efficient business models that include an attractive offer for customers, long-term partnerships with local and regional suppliers, new store concepts, as well as operational efficiency and cost efficiency across all the areas of its business.[7][8]

Retail markets of the Mercator GroupEdit


Poslovni sistem Mercator, d.o.o., is the largest retail company in Slovenia with 1,014 retail units, 466 of which are located in Slovenia, 341 in Serbia, 128 in Montenegro, and 79 in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It also boasts 163 franchise stores in Slovenia (as of 31 December 2021).

Mercator Šiška Slovenia, which was recently listed by IGD, the world's leading professional organisation, as one of the 15 stores in the world worth visiting.

The company's core business is the sale of consumer goods, with a separate business area for homeware (M Tehnika, 41 stores) and wholesale (13 Cash&Carry centres).

Mercator's two independent production companies Mercator – Emba, d.o.o.,[9] and Mercator IP, d.o.o.[10] are also active on the Slovenian market. Moreover, Mercator also owns the company M – Energija, d.o.o.,[11] which runs the Maxen [12]self-service gas stations.[13][14]

Mercator is recognized as a Slovenian national retailer due to the diversity and accessibility of its stores. Customers also recognise Mercator for its broad range of products and for having the largest selection of local products. The popularity and widespread use of the Pika loyalty card,[15] which is used by practically every household in Slovenia, proves that Mercator holds a special place for its customers.

Mercator not only has a long tradition, but is also a pioneer in numerous innovations. It was the first retailer of everyday products in Slovenia with its own e-commerce website,[16] the first retailer to set up self-service checkouts, the first retailer to enable shopping with the M Sken and M Sken MOBILE apps,[17][18][19][20] and the first retailer to develop the Moj M mobile platform with the M Pay mobile wallet.[21][22][23]

Mercator is constantly integrating innovative solutions with its services and offers, gradually changing and upgrading them, adapting them to the needs of customers, and replacing some of them with new ones. This way, it keeps improving both the shopping experience and its own performance, providing customers with what they want, what they need, and what holds added value for them at a given moment, thus developing stores that are tailored to the customer's needs.[24][25][26]

Mercator's online store, which has been successfully running for more than two decades, is becoming an essential part of Mercator's digital transformation. Its goal is to solidify Mercator's omnipresence or omni-channel approach and secure Mercator's position as the customer's first choice in any given place and at any given moment. Mercator continuously improves its offer so as to make it attractive and tailored to online customers and their buying habits.[16]

Mercator is investing heavily in the digitisation of its business processes and in digital communication, which it considers to be one of its strategic segments. Thus, in 2021, Mercator introduced a new digital communication channel and an innovative ecosystem that provides users with a holistic experience both inside and outside the digital environment, and goes beyond the limits of traditional communication. Mercator was the first retailer to launch its own media, the content video platform It is aimed at a broad spectrum of users, regardless of their age and lifestyle, who want to view short and useful content – not only for entertainment, but also whenever they need advice, want to save time, or want to make their work easier. Certain pieces of content on M Soseska (M Neighbourhood) also reflect Mercator's involvement in the Slovenian culture and sports, which Mercator has been supporting for many years.[27][28][29]

Regional presence of the Mercator GroupEdit

In addition to Slovenia, Mercator operates as a local retailer in three other markets in the region: Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Montenegro.[30]


The first Mercator store in Belgrade, Serbia opened in 2002. Today, Mercator S, d.o.o., Serbia has a total of 341 stores in many Serbian cities under the Mercator, Roda, and Idea brands.[31][32]


Mercator entered the Montenegrin market in 2007. It has been operating under the Idea brand since 2017.[33][34]

Bosnia and HerzegovinaEdit

In 2000, Mercator opened its first store in Sarajevo. In 2014, all stores owned by Mercator BH, d.o.o., Bosnia and Herzegovina were transferred to Konzum. In September 2017, all 83 stores were reacquired by Mercator BH, d.o.o., Bosnia and Herzegovina][35][36][37][38]


In 2014, Mercator's operations in Croatia were acquired by Konzum. Mercator H, d.o.o., Croatia, has retained the real estate operations.[39][40][41]

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