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Mattha is a spiced beverage made with lassi. Plain buttermilk is also called Mattha. Other ingredients may include mint, roasted cumin seeds, asafoetida, curry leaves, salt and sugar. Mattha may also be smoked before serving for flavour. It is generally served before or after a meal, though it can also be consumed with the meal, and it is thought to help with digestion.

Alternative names Chaanch/Chaas
Place of origin Bangladesh/India
Main ingredients Buttermilk
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Mattha is also known as Chaanch or Chaas; the term "Mattha" is generally used for the sweet version of the beverage, while "chaas" generally refers to the salty version. The beverage is also known as Mohi (in Nepali). salted or unsalted Chaas is called Taak (in Marathi) but the spiced version is called Mattha.


Health benefitEdit

Ayurvedic nutrition recommends buttermilk to pacify[clarification needed] Pitta dosha (with the addition of sugar or rose water), pacify[clarification needed] Vata and Kapha (use of rock salt, honey, spices like dry-roasted cumin powder, black pepper and herbs like ginger). Buttermilk is highly recommended as one of the best home remedies for certain ailments like piles, diarrhoea, jaundice and dysfunctions of liver and spleen.[citation needed]


It used to be made of yogurt. The liquid that remained after churning butter was drunk as a cure for stomachaches or just as a refreshing drink in hot weather. More recently, it has been made using thinned-out yogurt, as it is used as summer appetiser in hot part of India. Most commonly served in marriage ceremonies in rural India.

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