The Malta Workers Party (Maltese: Partit tal-Ħaddiema, MWP) was a political party in Malta.

Malta Workers Party
Partit tal-Ħaddiema
LeaderPaul Boffa
Founded1949 (1949)
Dissolved1955 (1955)
Split fromLabour Party
IdeologyPro-United Kingdom



The party was established in 1949 by Paul Boffa after he resigned as leader of the Labour Party following a motion of no confidence.[1] Both parties won 11 seats in the 1950 elections, allowing the Nationalist Party (which won 12 seats) to form the government.[2] In the elections the following year the Labour Party won 14 seats and the Workers Party won seven, with the Workers' Party joining a coalition government with the Nationalist Party.[1]

The party's support declined rapidly, and it won only three seats in the 1953 elections. It was disbanded in 1955.[1]



The party ran on a platform of co-operation with the British authorities in order to promote Maltese interests. It called for economic austerity and diverting funds to industrial development. Boffa publicly accused Labour Party leader Dom Mintoff of being a Communist and anti-clericalist.[1]

Election results

Election Votes % Seats +/– Position Status
1950 24,616 23.2
11 / 40
  11   3rd Opposition
1951 21,158 18.8
7 / 40
  4   3rd Coalition
1953 14,000 11.8
3 / 40
  4   3rd Coalition


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