1953 Maltese general election

General elections were held in Malta between 12 and 14 December 1953.[1] The Malta Labour Party emerged as the largest party, winning 19 of the 40 seats. However, the Nationalist Party formed a government with the Malta Workers Party on 9 January 1954 with Giorgio Borġ Olivier continuing as Prime Minister.[2]

1953 Maltese general election

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40 seats
  First party Second party Third party
  Dom Mintoff (1974).jpg GBO (cropped).jpg No image.svg
Leader Dom Mintoff George Borg Olivier Paul Boffa
Party Labour Nationalist Workers
Leader since 16 October 1949 1950 1949
Last election 14 seats, 35.7% 15 seats, 35.5% 7 seats, 18.8%
Seats won 19 18 3
Seat change Increase 5 Increase 3 Decrease 4
Popular vote 52,771 45,180 14,000
Percentage 44.6% 38.1% 11.8%

Prime Minister before election

George Borg Olivier

Elected Prime Minister

George Borg Olivier


The Nationalist Party-Workers Party government led by Giorgio Borġ Olivier had been defeated in the Legislative Assembly vote on a budget motion on 9 October 1953.[2] This led to the three Workers Party ministers resigning from the cabinet on 12 October.[2] Following discussions with party leaders, the Assembly was dissolved by Governor Gerald Creasy on 15 October.[2] Elections were called, and the Nationalist Party ministers remained in office as a caretaker government.[2]

The election was contested by five parties; the Nationalist Party, the Workers Party, the Malta Labour Party, the Constitutional Party and the Progressive Constitutionalist Party,[2] and were held using the single transferable vote system.[3]


Malta Labour Party52,77144.5519+5
Nationalist Party45,18038.1418+3
Malta Workers Party14,00011.823–4
Progressive Constitutionalist Party5,1284.330New
Constitutional Party1,3741.160–4
Valid votes118,45399.26
Invalid/blank votes8800.74
Total votes119,333100.00
Registered voters/turnout148,47880.37
Source: Nohlen & Stöver


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