1950 Maltese general election

General elections were held in Malta between 2 and 4 September 1950.[1] Following the Labour Party splitting into the Malta Labour Party and the Malta Workers Party, the Nationalist Party emerged as the largest party, winning 12 of the 40 seats.

1950 Maltese general election
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40 seats in the Parliament of Malta
21 seats needed for a majority
Party Leader % Seats +/–
Nationalist Enrico Mizzi 29.62 12 +5
Labour Dom Mintoff 28.58 11 -13
Workers Paul Boffa 23.19 11 New
Constitutional Party Robert Galea 9.97 4 +4
Democratic Action 5.99 1 -3
This lists parties that won seats. See the complete results below.
Prime Minister before Prime Minister after
Paul Boffa
Enrico Mizzi

Electoral systemEdit

The elections were held using the single transferable vote system.[2]


Nationalist Party31,43129.6212+5
Malta Labour Party30,33228.5811New
Malta Workers Party24,61623.1911New
Constitutional Party10,5849.974New
Democratic Action Party6,3615.991–3
Jones Party8520.800–2
Valid votes106,12999.35
Invalid/blank votes6910.65
Total votes106,820100.00
Registered voters/turnout144,51673.92
Source: Nohlen & Stöver


In the aftermath of the election the Nationalist Party formed a coalition government with the Workers Party. However, the two parties had a difficult relationship, and early elections were held less than a year later.


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