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Magna International

Magna International Inc. is a Canadian mobility technology company for automakers. It is one of the largest companies in Canada and was recognized on the 2019 Forbes Global 2000.[2] The company is the largest automobile parts manufacturer in North America by sales of original equipment parts.[3] It produces automotive systems, assemblies, modules, and components,[4] which are supplied to General Motors, Ford Motor Company and FCA,[5] as well as BMW, Mercedes, Volkswagen and Tesla Motors, among others.[6][7]

Magna International Inc.
Traded asNYSEMGA
Founded1957; 62 years ago (1957)
FounderFrank Stronach
Area served
Key people
Donald Walker, CEO
Tommy J. Skudutis, Executive VP & COO
Vincent J. Galifi, Executive VP & CFO
Swamy Kotagiri, CTO
James J. Tobin, CMO & President Magna Asia
RevenueUS$ 40.82 billion (2018)[1]
US$ 2.83 billion (2018)[1]
US$ 2.29 billion (2018)[1]
Total assetsUS$ 25.94 billion (2018)[1]
Total equityUS$ 11.83 billion (2018)[1]
Number of employees
169,000 (2019)[2]

The company is headquartered in Aurora, Ontario and its chief executive officer is Donald Walker.[8] It has 169,000 employees in 338 manufacturing operations and 89 product development, engineering and sales centres in 28 countries.[9] Magna is governed under a corporate constitution which calls for distribution of profits to employees and shareholders. The terms of this contract are a "fair enterprise system" according to company founder, Frank Stronach.[10]


In 1957, Frank Stronach founded Multimatic Investments Ltd in a tool-and-die rented garage out of Toronto.[10] Its first automotive industry contract for metal sun visor brackets was with General Motors in 1959.[11]

By the late 1960s, the company was operating in eight plants. Stronach took Multimatic Investments public in 1969 through a merger with Magna Electronics Corporation, an aerospace, defense and industrial components company, and became known as Magna International in 1973.[10]

The company developed an employee equity participation and profit-sharing program in 1974. By 1981, Magna had sold its aerospace and defense operations to focus on the automotive industry. It began decentralizing major systems into independent, publicly-traded companies during the 1990s, while expanding into Asia.[12]

Magna began designing automotive rearview cameras for Hummers in 2005 on its production line in Michigan, which were not a federal requirement at the time. It was one of the first to develop rearview cameras for automakers, and had a 350,000 unit contract by 2007. The company has produced more than 46 million components and opened a $66.5 million plant to produce cameras and driver-assistance components.[13][14]

In February 2015, Samsung SDI agreed to purchase the battery pack business from Magna Steyr, an Austrian operating unit of Magna International, for $120 million.[15] Magna International partnered with Argus Cyber Security after joining in a 2015 Series B funding round to access the company's security technology.[16] The company sold its interiors business, which includes door and instrument panels, overhead systems and cargo management parts, to Grupo Antolin in August 2015. The sale to Grupo Antolin included 36 plants and 12,000 employees in Europe, North America and Asia, about 10 percent of the Magna's global workforce at the time. The operations generated sales of $2.4 billion in 2014.[17]

In March 2018, Magna announced they will work together with the ride-share company, Lyft, to supply high-tech kits that turn vehicles into self driving cars. The company invested $200 million into the project and both parties will jointly own the intellectual property developed. It was also noted that Magna will be Lyft's exclusive supplier of self-driving kits.[18] Magna announced a partnership with BAIC Group in June 2018 to develop "next generation" smart electric vehicles for Chinese consumers.[12]

Corporate affairsEdit

Magna International global locations in 2016.

Magna is governed under a corporate constitution, and requires consensus from management, shareholders and employees to make any changes. The company shares 10 percent of pretax profits with its employees.[10]

The company is headquartered in Aurora, Ontario and has 338 manufacturing operations and 89 product development, engineering and sales centres in 28 countries. Its United States operations are headed out of Troy, Michigan with its European head office in Vienna, Austria.[19]


In 2002, Magna International announced that it had reached an agreement with DaimlerChrysler to acquire its Austrian-based Eurostar Automobilwerk operation.[20]

Magna acquired 80% of New Venture Gear, once a joint venture between General Motors and Chrysler, in September 2004, and combined it into Magna Powertrain. It assumed full ownership in 2007, closing the operation in August 2012.[21]

Magna purchased CTS Fahrzeug-Dachsysteme, a supplier of convertible roofs, from Porsche in November 2005.

In July 2015, Magna bought the German company Getrag, which was one of the largest suppliers of automotive transmissions worldwide for $1.9 billion. The acquisition worked to increase growth potential in the Chinese market.[22][23]

In 2018, the company acquired Haptronik GmBh, a German motion control software developer,[24] OLSA S.p.A., an Italian automotive lighting manufacturer,[25] and Viza Geca SL, a Spanish automotive seating company.[26]


Magna has produced a number of technologies and manufacturing processes throughout its history. Some of these innovations include the integrated child safety seat, stow-into-floor minivan seats, and plastic, reaction injection moulding (RIM) bumpers.

Magna’s capabilities include the design, engineering, testing and manufacture of exterior systems, seating systems, closure systems, vision systems, powertrain systems, electronic systems, roof systems, body & chassis systems, hybrid & electric vehicle systems, and vehicle engineering & contract assembly.

In 2005, Magna began producing automotive rearview cameras at its facility in Holly, Michigan, and in September 2014, Magna produced its 10 millionth rearview camera in Holly.

In 2011, Magna supplied the complete electric drivetrain on the 2012 Ford Focus Electric, Ford's first full production, all-electric passenger vehicle.[27] The Focus Electric was awarded the 2011 Green Car Vision Award at the 2011 Washington Auto Show.

In June 2014, Magna presented a Multi-Material Lightweight Vehicle (MMLV) concept developed in partnership with Ford Motor Company.[28] The vehicle was based on a 2013 Ford Fusion and represented a 25 percent vehicle weight reduction. The vehicle was cosponsored by the U.S Department of Energy and was praised by numerous industry leaders for its innovative approach to vehicle lightweighting and fuel efficiency.[29]

Awards and recognitionEdit

Magna has also been recognized with several Automotive News PACE Awards for its innovations. Magna technologies that received PACE Awards in recent years include its BlindZone outside mirror (2009), Infinity rearview mirror (2012), laser-welded, hot-stamped door ring (2014, in partnership with Honda and ArcelorMittal) and PureView seamless sliding window (2015).

In 2015, Magna's SmartLatch, an industry-first, 100 percent electronic door latching system, was named a finalist for the 2016 Automotive News PACE Awards.[30]

Bloomberg has called Magna International the "world's largest contract manufacturer of vehicles".[31]


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