List of urban districts of Vietnam

Urban District (Vietnamese: Quận; Chữ nôm: 郡) known as borough, a type of second tier subdivision on Vietnam is divided into 713 units along with district, provincial city, municipal city, and town have equal status.[1]

The urban districts can only subordinate to municipality as the Second Tier unit. At the Third Tier, urban district is divided into wards.


Before 1975, in South Vietnam, all second-level administrative subdivisions were called districts (quận), regardless of urban or rural areas. For example, quận Châu Thành, Vĩnh Long Province is in the urban area of present Vĩnh Long city, and quận Trà Ôn was the rural area of present Vĩnh Long Province.

As of December 31, 2008, Vietnam had 46 urban districts.[2] Ho Chi Minh City with 19 urban districts had the most. Cần Thơ City with five urban districts had the fewest.

List of urban districts in VietnamEdit

Hà Nội (12 urban districts)

Hồ Chí Minh City (16 urban districts)

Hải Phòng (7 urban districts)

Đà Nẵng (6 urban districts)

Cần Thơ (5 urban districts)