Ninh Kiều district

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Ninh Kiều is an urban district (quận) of Cần Thơ in the Mekong Delta region of Vietnam. Ninh Kiều is located at the centre of Cần Thơ. Most of Cần Thơ's municipal offices are located here.

Ninh Kiều district
Quận Ninh Kiều
Country Vietnam
ProvinceCần Thơ
 • Total11.28 sq mi (29.22 km2)
 • Total304,175
Time zoneUTC+07:00 (Indochina Time)

Ninh Kiều is located along the Bassac River. Its most attractive site is the wharf, along which there are several hotels and restaurants. The bridge, part of which collapsed during construction in 2007, and Cần Thơ Ferry connect Ninh Kiều with Bình Minh district, Vĩnh Long province. Ninh Kiều's population in 2004 was 209,274, and 304,175 in 2018, and it has an area of 29.22 km2.



The district has a total of 11 wards:

  1. Phường An Bình
  2. Phường An Cư
  3. Phường An Hoà
  4. Phường An Khánh
  5. Phường An Nghiệp
  6. Phường An Phú
  7. Phường Cái Khế
  8. Phường Hưng Lợi
  9. Phường Tân An
  10. Phường Thới Bình
  11. Phường Xuân Khánh

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