List of tourist attractions in Taipei

This is the list of tourist attractions in Taipei, capital city of Taiwan (Republic of China).

The National Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall is a famous monument, landmark, and tourist attraction in Taipei, Taiwan.

Notable buildings before 1945Edit

Lungshan Temple was built in 1738.
Dihua Street is one of the oldest streets in Taipei, with many Japanese colonial architectures.
Lecture hall at the National Taiwan Normal University. A number of Taipei campus structures date from Taiwan's period of Japanese rule.

Notable buildings since 1945Edit


Public placesEdit

  • Digital Art Center, Taipei (Shilin)
  • Discovery Center of Taipei (Xinyi)
  • Taipei Hakka Culture Hall (Daan)
  • Heritage and Culture Education Center of Taipei (Wanhua)
  • Liberty Square: Plaza and Parks
  • Novel Hall for Performing Arts (Xinyi)
  • Puppetry Art Center of Taipei (Songshan)
  • Taipei Children's Recreation Center (Zhongshan)
  • Taipei Costume Cultural Center (Wanhua)
  • Taipei Cultural Center (Songshan)
  • Young Party (Zhongzheng)

Urban parksEdit

National park and nature preserveEdit

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