List of ship launches in 1859

The list of ship launches in 1859 includes a chronological list of some ships launched in 1859.

Date Country Builder Location Ship Class / type Notes
15 February  United States Portsmouth Navy Yard Kittery, Maine Mohican Steamer sloop-of-war
3 March  United States Mare Island Navy Yard Vallejo, California Saginaw Paddle steamer sloop-of-war
23 March  United States Norfolk Navy Yard Portsmouth, Virginia Dacotah Steamer sloop-of-war
1 June  United Kingdom Chatham Dockyard Charybdis Pearl-class 21-gun corvette
25 June  United States Lawrence & Foulks New York City De Soto Paddle steamer
30 June  United Kingdom Harland & Wolff Belfast Venetian Cargo ship For J. Bibby and Sons.[1]
12 November  United Kingdom Harland & Wolff Belfast Sicilian Steamship For J. Bibby and Sons.[2]
24 November  France Toulon Gloire Gloire-class ironclad battleship
Unknown date  United States Harlan and Hollingsworth Wilmington, Delaware Arizona Paddle steamer
Unknown date  Confederate States of America Plymouth, North Carolina Black Warrior Schooner
Unknown date  United States Cincinnati, Ohio Champion Gunboat
Unknown date  United States New York City Commodore Barney Gunboat
Unknown date  United States Williamsburg, New York Commodore Perry Gunboat
Unknown date  United States New York Navy Yard Brooklyn, New York Daylight Screw steamer
Unknown date  United Kingdom General Kharsakov Paddle steamer Transported to Vladivostock in sections for assembly there.[3]


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