List of nicknames used by George W. Bush

Former American President George W. Bush is widely known to use nicknames to refer to journalists, fellow politicians, and members of his White House staff.


Nickname Personal name Notes
Poppy George H. W. Bush[1] 41st President of the United States, George W. Bush's father
Bushie Laura Bush[2] 43rd First Lady of the United States, George W. Bush's wife. Nickname is mutual.

Foreign leadersEdit

Nickname Personal name Office
Dino Jean Chrétien[3] 20th Prime Minister of Canada
Pootie-Poot Vladimir Putin[4][5][6] President and former Prime Minister of Russia
Ostrich Legs
Bandar Bar Bandar bin Sultan[7] Former ambassador to the United States from Saudi Arabia
Landslide Tony Blair[8] Former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom
Man of Steel John Howard and Kevin Rudd[9] Former Prime Ministers of Australia
Juni Junichiro Koizumi[10] 56th Prime Minister of Japan
Saak Mikheil Saakashvili[11] 3rd President of Georgia


Nickname Personal name Notes
Big Time Dick Cheney[5] 46th Vice President of the United States of America
Rummy Donald Rumsfeld[6] 21st Secretary of Defense
Izzy Israel Hernandez[12] Special Assistant. The latter nickname was given for his role as provider of breath mints to the President on the campaign trail.
Altoid Boy
Boy Genius Karl Rove[5] Senior Advisor to the President of the United States
Turd Blossom
The Architect
Condi Condoleezza Rice[5] Secretary of State
The World's Greatest Hero Colin Powell[13] Secretary of State
Big O Paul O'Neill[14][15] Secretary of the Treasury. "Big O" superseded the alternate term.
Fredo Alberto Gonzales[5][16] Attorney General
Barty Dan Bartlett[17] Deputy Chief of Staff
Danny Boy
Captain Dan
Dan the Man
Ari-Bob Ari Fleischer[18] White House Press Secretary
High Prophet Karen Hughes[19] Special Advisor, Director of Communications under Texas Governor George W. Bush
Hurricane Karen
The Blade Mitch Daniels[20] Office of Management and Budget Director
My Man Mitch
Big Country Joe Allbaugh[21] Federal Emergency Management Agency Director
Brownie Michael D. Brown[22] Federal Emergency Management Agency Director
Brother George George Tenet[6] CIA Director
Tree Man Unnamed Forest Service official[23]
Tangent Man Andrew Card[24] White House Chief of Staff
Tiny Richard Armitage[25] Deputy Secretary of State
Light Bulb Andrew D. Lundquist[26] National Energy Policy Development Group Executive Director
Bullets Ann Veneman[27] Secretary of Agriculture
M&M Mary Matalin[28] Assistant to Dick Cheney
Horny Jonathan Horn[29] White House Speechwriter
Scrote Ronny Jackson[30] Physician to the President


Nickname Personal name Notes
Bama Barack Obama[31] 44th President of the United States
Boner John Boehner[32] Republican Majority Leader, later Speaker of the House
No. 3 Nancy Pelosi[33] Speaker of the House
Big Boy Chris Christie[34] United States Attorney for the District of New Jersey, later Governor of New Jersey
Jazzman John Conyers[35] Michigan United States Congressman
Pablo Paul Wellstone[36] Minnesota Senator
Pedro Peter King[8] New York Congressman
Hogan[37] John McCain[8] Arizona Senator, Republican nominee in the 2008 United States presidential election
Big George George Miller[1] California Congressman
Freddy Boy Fred Upton[1] Michigan Congressman
Congressman Kickass John Sweeney[38] New York Congressman
Nellie[39] Ben Nelson[40] Nebraska Senator. "Nellie" was superseded by its alternative.
Ellis Charles Ellis "Chuck" Schumer[41] New York Senator
Ali Barbara Boxer[8] California Senator
Frazier Dianne Feinstein[8] California Senator
Sabertooth Barney Frank[42] Massachusetts Congressman
Red Adam Putnam[43] Florida Congressman


Nickname Personal name Notes
The Cobra Maureen Dowd[44] New York Times columnist
Stretch David Gregory[45][46][47] Television journalist formerly with NBC, currently with CNN
Little Stretch
Stretch Dick Kyle[47] Political correspondent with Bloomberg News
Super Stretch Bill Sammon[47] Former White House correspondent for The Washington Times and The Washington Examiner, current Fox News editing manager
Mikey Mike Emanuel[48] Fox News White House correspondent
Shades Peter Wallsten[49] Political reporter with the Wall Street Journal. Bush mocked him for wearing sunglasses inside, not knowing Wallsten is partially blind.
Panchito Frank Bruni[50] New York Times reporter who covered the Bush campaign in 2000


Nickname Personal name Notes
Kenny Boy Kenneth Lay[51] Enron Corporation CEO
Weadie Doug Wead[52] Author
The Englishman Peter McMahon[53] Dana Perino's husband
Flies on the Eyeballs Guy Cofer Black[54] Director of the CIA Counterterrorist Center
Rosey Jack Rosen[55] Chief Executive of Rosen Partners LLC.

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