List of highest-funded crowdfunding projects

This is an incomplete list of the highest-funded crowdfunding projects (including projects which failed to achieve funding).

Overview of highest-funded crowdfunding projects
Rank Project Category Platform End date Target Amount
1 EOS Blockchain Ethereum June 1, 2018 $4,100,000,000
(7.12 million ETH)[1]
EOS is a blockchain operating system designed to support commercial decentralized applications. The amount in US dollars is based on an exchange rate of $576 per ether.
2 Star Citizen Video game Kickstarter, Independent Ongoing $2M $601,142,198+[2] Space combat video game being developed by Chris Roberts, designer of Wing Commander. By April 19, 2013, a combined US$9,061,882 had been raised on Kickstarter and Roberts' own website.[3] It was listed as a Guinness World Record in 2014, after having raised more than US$40,680,576 through Roberts' own website.[4] By June 13, 2020, Star Citizen had raised a total of US$300 million, spurred by special events Invictus Launch Week and Alien Week. Most of this total comes from pledges sold on Roberts' website and rewarded with in-game items.[5]
3 Filecoin Blockchain Ethereum September 7, 2017[6][7] $257,000,000[citation needed] Filecoin is a decentralized data storage application.
4 Tezos Blockchain Independent July 14, 2017 $232,000,000[8] Tezos is a self-governing blockchain.
5 U-Haul Investors Club Business equipment Independent Ongoing (started in 2011) $209,458,600 (updated weekly after COB on Tuesdays)[9] Operated by AMERCO (the parent company of U-Haul) this crowdfunding platform allows investors to invest in U-Haul assets such as trucks, trailers, occasionally in real estate, and even items such as furniture pads and equipment dollies.[10] Investors purchase "U-Notes" which are available in $100 increments (and require a $100 minimum investment, subsequent additions to the account require a $25 minimum) and have maturities from 2-30 years (depending on what is offered). Investors can invest via individual, business or trust accounts, Coverdell Education Savings accounts, and both traditional and Roth IRA's. Payments are made quarterly in arrears, of which (similar to a mortgage amortization) part of the payment is interest and the rest a partial return of principal. The platform is limited to United States investors only, interest is not earned on amounts not invested in U-Notes, and there is virtually no secondary trading market (notes can only be traded between club investors) making them highly illiquid; as such, investors are advised that they will likely need to hold their investments to maturity.[11] Investors may also earn credits for referring other investors.
6 The DAO Blockchain Ethereum May 28, 2016[12] $500K $160,000,000 (in ETH)[13] A publicly created and crowdfunded Decentralized Autonomous Organization, built on the Ethereum blockchain, that stored and transmitted Ether and Ethereum-based assets.

Funds were held programatically by design in the cryptocurrency known as Ether, the actual USD amount raised varied in line with the Ether|USD exchange rate at any given moment. Final raised amount was ETH 11.5 million.[13] The amount listed is the conversion value of the raised Ethereum at the campaign end date.

7 Sirin Labs (SRN) Mobile Ethereum, Bitcoin December, 2017 $158,000,000[14] A blockchain phone that makes it easier to use digital currency. Expected to sell for over $1000 with 25,000 units pre-ordered.[15]
8 Bancor Blockchain Ethereum June 12, 2017 $100M $153,000,000 (in ETH)[16] The Bancor protocol is a smart contracts platform built on top of the Ethereum blockchain.
9 Polkadot Blockchain Ethereum October 27, 2017[17] - $144,300,000[18] Polkadot is a heterogeneous multichain which posits a trustless fully decentralised "federation" of public and private blockchains with trust-free access to each other.
10 Status Blockchain Ethereum June 21, 2017 $12M $103,000,000[19]
11 TenX Blockchain Ethereum June 24, 2017 $80M $80,000,000
(245,832 ETH)[20]
TenX offer a debit card system to customers and combine that with an open-source backend that allows TenX to connect any blockchain through hashed timelock contracts (HTLCs). TenX raised 100,000 ETH in a pre-sale and another 145,000 ETH equivalent during their token sale on June 24, 2017.[citation needed]
12 BANKEX Blockchain Ethereum December 26, 2017 $50M $70,600,000[citation needed] BANKEX is a blockchain-based distributed financial technology platform. It allows people and enterprises to create and trade their digital assets represented as smart asset tokens on a blockchain.[21]
13 TRON Blockchain Ethereum Sep 2, 2017 $70M $70,000,000[citation needed] TRON is a blockchain project that supports the global digital entertainment system. As an open-source project, it supports various types of smart contracts and contract systems such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and EOS.
14 æternity Blockchain Ethereum Jun 9, 2017 $62,500,000.00 æternity is a new type of open-source, public, Blockchain-based distributed computing platform that innovates and expands upon existing platforms such as Bitcoin, Ethereum. Real-world data can interface with smart contracts through decentralized oracles. True scalability and trust-less Turing-complete state channels sets æternity apart from all other Blockchain 2.0 projects. Contribution was divided into two phases and closed by 9 June 2017. Total amount raised in Phase 1 + Phase 2 is over $62.5 million (at ETH and BTC valuation on 9 June 2017).[citation needed]
15 Sono Motors Sion Solar electric vehicle Independent Jan 20, 2020 50M € $59,226,997
(€53.342.998 )[22]
Sono Motors is a Munich based company that develops an electric vehicle that can be charged by solar cells that are integrated in the vehicles outer skin. The system is also prepared for vehicle to grid/vehicle applications as well as car and ride sharing.
16 MobileGo Blockchain Ethereum, Waves platform May 24, 2017 $53,069,235[citation needed] MobileGo tokens will be used to gamify the mobile platform, and to incentivize gamers for loyalty and participation through rewards. MobileGo tokens will also allow for smart contract technology. MobileGo tokens will allow for the development of a decentralized virtual mobile gamer marketplace, the ability for gamer vs. gamer decentralized match play, and decentralized tournaments run on smart contracts.
17 The David Movie Movie Independent Mar 31, 2023 $60,982,236 $52,448,609 An animated movie based on the Biblical character David. Produced by Sunrise and being published by Angel Studios.
18 Surprise! Four Secret Novels by Brandon Sanderson Publishing Kickstarter Backerkit Mar 31, 2022 On Kickstarter April 30th 2022 on backerkit $1M $45,574,127 A subscription-based publishing of four "secret" novels by author Brandon Sanderson (i.e., novels which Sanderson wrote without telling anyone that they were in progress). Exceeded Dragonsteel Entertainment's previous Kickstarter in 6 hours. Fastest Kickstarter to hit $4M at the time. Reached $10M in under 10 hours, $20M in under 60 hours, $41,754,153 within hours of ending. Most funded Kickstarter ever and then reached a final of $45,574,127 a month later in Backerkit
19 Basic Attention Token Blockchain Ethereum May 31, 2017 $35,000,000[citation needed] Basic Attention Token is a token on the Brave Browser. BAT allows marketers to sell and publishers to buy ads without exposing users to constant tracking. Targeting is handled by the browser. The user gets paid a small amount for viewing ads. The initial coin offering sold out in under 30 seconds.[1]
20 Polybius Bank Blockchain bank Bitcoin, Ethereum July 5, 2017[23][24] $25M for bank with Digital Pass.
(Ladderized target with flexible plan.)
= 3,650,521 PLBT
Project: Polybius Bank is a project aimed to create the world's first fully digital bank that is EU-regulated[25] and crowdfunded by its own users through tokens ($PLBT).[citation needed]
21 CyberMiles Blockchain, E-commerce Ethereum, Independent November 22, 2017 $30M $30,000,000
(71,850 ETH)[26]
CyberMiles is an in-development blockchain protocol specifically designed and optimized for e-commerce.
22 Solve.Care Blockchain, Healthcare Ethereum Apr 30, 2018[citation needed] $30m[27] 30,000,000[27] Solve.Care is for coordination, administration and payments in the healthcare industry. Patients will be able to make reservations and share relevant data.
23 The Chosen TV series Angel Studios Ongoing $13M (Season 1)

$10M (Season 2)

$28,700,000 TV series based on the life of Jesus Christ. The value comprises $10,200,000 for Season 1[28][29] and $6,544,120 for Season 2 as of 21 July 2020[30]
24 Glowforge Manufacturing hardware WordPress, Elevato[31] Oct 24, 2015 $100,000 $27,907,995[32] Glowforge uses a beam of light the width of a human hair to cut, engrave, and shape designs from a variety of materials. Called a "3D laser printer" by the makers, in actuality it is a laser cutter.
25 BitClave Blockchain Ethereum November 29, 2017 $25,547,000 BitClave is using blockchain to eliminate ad service “middlemen” and create a direct connection between businesses and customers.
26 We Build The Wall Community GoFundMe $1.0B[33] $25,425,600 Construction of the Border barrier at the Mexico–United States border. The idea originated and gained popularity from the political platform of the Donald Trump 2016 presidential campaign.[34] The project raised over $9 million in only 3 days after its launch.
27 Aragon Blockchain Ethereum May 17, 2017 $25,000,000 Aragon is a management platform for decentralized organizations. Aragon implements organizational features such as governance, fundraising, payroll and accounting. Aragon launched a token sale for the Aragon Network, the world's first decentralized jurisdiction. The Aragon Network will provide organizations subscribed to it with services such as a decentralized arbitration system or a code upgradeability mechanism. The token sale closed in about 15 minutes, peaking at a rate of $122,000 per second.[citation needed]
28 Pebble Time Smartwatch Kickstarter Mar 27, 2015 $500K $20,338,986 The Pebble Time is the second generation version of the smartwatch called the Pebble. The Pebble itself was one of the highest backed projects on Kickstarter.
29 Prison Architect Video game Independent, Steam Early Access Oct 6, 2015 $19,000,000[35] Prison construction and management simulation game by Introversion Software. It was made available as a paid alpha pre-order on September 25, 2012 and was one of the initial games in Valve's Steam Early Access program when it was launched.
30 Ethereum Blockchain Independent Sep 2, 2014 $18,300,000[36] Ethereum is a public blockchain-based distributed computing platform, featuring smart contract functionality and a cryptocurrency, Ether.
31 Time for the Planet Climate change Independent Ongoing 1B € [37] $17,020,394
(€15.853.128 )[38]
Time for the Planet is a citizens' movement fighting against global warming. This movement invests in innovations to reduce GHG emissions on a global scale. To have a better chance of being deployed, a successful entrepreneur will be recruited to find the best business plan for this innovation, and money will be invested on this project. Finally, all innovations will be shared in a free license to allow everyone to copy them.
32 Power Ledger Blockchain Ethereum October 6, 2017 $17,000,000
= 34,000,000 AUD[39]
POWR token sale is Australia's first initial coin offering.[40] The company raised half of the total funds in three days during its pre-sale.[citation needed]
33 Sandclock Blockchain Ethereum October 26, 2021 $16,900,000 [41] Quartz is the governance token of the Sandclock ecosystem. Sandclock is a fintech built on the blockchain and offers users the ability to save, invest, donate and spend. [42] [43]
34 Cosmos Blockchain Bitcoin, Ethereum Apr 6, 2017 $10m[44] $16,800,000[citation needed] Cosmos aims to create a network of ledgers to solve long-standing problems in the cryptocurrency and blockchain communities. One of the most prominent use cases is decentralized exchanging from one currency to another. Currently this is largely done on centralized exchanges
35 TokenCard Blockchain Ethereum May 3, 2017 $16,516,286[citation needed] TokenCard is a depositless Ethereum-based mobile banking platform that aims to integrate the Ethereum Economy into the daily life of consumers globally.
36 Waves platform Blockchain Independent May 31, 2016[45] $16,436,095[citation needed] Waves (stylised WAVES) is a non-permissioned, non-privatized blockchain that intends to deal with banks national currencies. It raised 2 million in 24 hours[45] and has a partnership with the Mycelium wallet.[46] It raised 29,636 bitcoins.[citation needed]
37 Qtum Blockchain hybrid blockchain platform March 21, 2017. $15,664,829.30[47] Qtum [pronounced Quantum] is a hybrid blockchain platform that runs the EVM on bitcoins core allowing smart contracts to exist in a mobile environment.
38 Blockchain Ethereum June 7, 2017 56565 ETH ($~14.8M) $14,700,000 A distributed VC ecosystem. is a distributed global platform that connects exceptional startups, experts and investors worldwide. It will first be built by the blockchain community for the blockchain community — and then for the whole world.[citation needed]
39 Coolest Cooler Computing hardware Kickstarter Aug 29, 2014 $50K $13,285,226 Portable 60 quart cooler designed by Ryan Grepper that contains a battery powered rechargeable blender, waterproof Bluetooth speaker, USB charger, cutting board, plates, among other features.[48]
40 Flow Hive Food Indiegogo Apr 19, 2015 $70K $13,289,097 Flow Hive is a new type of domesticated bee hive box with a valve, where the beekeeper can extract honey from the hive without disturbing the bees.
41 Frosthaven Board game Kickstarter May 1, 2020 $500K $12,969,608 Fantasy cooperative board game and the sequel to Gloomhaven.
42 Ubuntu Edge Computing hardware Indiegogo Aug 21, 2013 $32M $12,814,196 The Ubuntu Edge was a proposed "high concept" smartphone announced by Canonical Ltd. on 22 July 2013.
43 Shroud of the Avatar: Forsaken Virtues Video game Kickstarter, Independent, Steam Early Access Ongoing $1M $12,658,636 Richard Garriott returns to the fantasy RPG genre.[49] Of the total amount, $1,919,275 was raised on Kickstarter.
44 Kingdom Death: Monster 1.5 Board game Kickstarter January 7, 2017 $12,393,139 A massive cooperative board game about survival in a nightmare-horror world. Original Kickstarter campaign that raised $2,049,721 was surpassed in 2 hours.[50]
45 Critical Role: The Legend of Vox Machina Animated Special Animated series Kickstarter April 19, 2019 $750K[51] $11,385,449[52] Animated special based on the web series Critical Role which was funded in one hour[51] and then was expanded to a ten episodes animated series after reaching stretch goals.[52] When the campaign closed, it was one of the most quickly funded in Kickstarter history, and was the most funded Kickstarter for TV and film projects.[53][54] In November 2019, Amazon Prime Video announced that they had acquired the streaming rights to The Legend of Vox Machina, and had commissioned 14 additional episodes (two additional episodes for season 1 and a second season of 12 episodes).[55]
46 ICONOMI Digital Assets Management platform Other Ethereum Sep 29, 2016 2000 BTC ($~1.2M) $10,682,516.42 ICONOMI Digital Assets Management platform enables simple access to a variety of digital assets and combined Digital Asset Arrays.[citation needed]
47 BauBax Other Kickstarter, Indiegogo September 2015 $20K $10,271,965[citation needed] The campaign was launched on July 7, 2015.[56] By August 2015, BauBax had raised $3.7 million and was the most funded clothing project in Kickstarter history.[57] By September 11, 2015, it had raised $9.7 million.[58] The Travel Jacket comes with 15 unique features including a built-in Neck Pillow, Eye Mask, Gloves, Earphone Holders, Drink Pocket and Tech Pockets of all sizes. Available in four styles: hoodie/sweatshirt, fleece lined bomber, wrinkle free blazer with removable hoodie, and a windbreaker.
48 Pebble Smartwatch Kickstarter May 18, 2012 $100K $10,266,845 E-Paper smartwatch. Third highest funded project on Kickstarter.Shipping to backers began on 23 Jan 2013.
49 Avatar Legends: The Roleplaying Game Tabletop role-playing game Kickstarter Sep 3, 2021 $50K $9,535,317 A tabletop role-playing game developed by Magpie Games, based on the animated series Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra. The game is built on the Powered by the Apocalypse framework.
50 Modular Gaming Table Furniture Kickstarter Oct 10, 2020 $1M $8,808,136 A customizable table designed for tabletop and role-playing gamers designed by Taunton, Massachusetts-based woodworking company and gaming accessory manufacturer Wyrmwood Gaming. The table is a convertible platform allowing it to be used as either a coffee table or a dining table with removable toppers and magnetic rails along the edge that can hold different table accessories meant for gaming. The project hit its target goal of $1,000,000 in just ten minutes and raised $4,000,000 in its first day.[59][60] It was the second-most funded tabletop gaming project on Kickstarter for the year 2020.[61] As of February 21, 2021, it is the tenth most-successfully funded project on Kickstarter.
51 Exploding Kittens Board game Kickstarter Feb 19, 2015 $10K[62] $8,782,571[63] Card game featuring exploding kittens, designed by Elan Lee, Matthew Inman, and Shane Small.[64] The project hit its primary goal in only 8 minutes, exceeded $100,000 (10x its goal) in less than one hour, $1,000,000 (100x its goal) in less than 8 hours, and $2,000,000 (200x its goal) in just over 24 hours. By January 28, 2015, it passed 107,000 backers, making it the most backed Kickstarter to date.[64]
52 Golem Blockchain Ethereum, Independent Nov 11, 2016 $8.6M $8,600,000[citation needed] Distributed, open sourced, supercomputer built on the Ethereum network. Made up of a global sharing economy network of computers that 'rent' out their computing power. Project hit its goal in 29 minutes.
53 Ouya Video game Kickstarter Aug 9, 2012 $950K $8,596,474[65] Android-based video game console. Industrial design by Yves Béhar. Highest funded video game project entirely funded on Kickstarter. Development units began shipping in March 2013. Officially released in June 2013.
54 Gut Weißenhaus Other Companisto Mar 27, 2015 $2M $8,148,450[66] Real estate
55 Snapmaker 2.0: Modular 3-in-1 3D Printers 3D printing Kickstarter Jun 6, 2019 $10K $7,850,866[67] Snapmaker 2.0 is a modular 3-in-1 3D printer, which has 3D printing, laser engraving, cutting, and CNC carving function. The project reached its funding goal in less than 1 minute. It also became the fastest ever project to raise $1m on Kickstarter, at just 7 minutes. It eventually raised over 7.8M USD, making it the most funded Technology project in Kickstarter history.
56 Shenmue III Video game Kickstarter, Independent Sep 1, 2018 $2M $7,063,329[68] $6,333,295 was raised on Kickstarter, making Shenmue III the highest-funded video game project in Kickstarter history.
57 The Wingfeather Saga TV series Angel Studios, Kickstarter Ongoing $10.1M $6,979,041 TV series based on the children's book series of the same name. The value comprises $265,880 of $110,000 goal for a pilot episode[69], $4,997,000 of $5,000,000 max for Season 1[70][71] and $1,715,738 of $5,000,000 max for Season 2[72].
58 The Way of Kings, Leatherbound Edition Publishing Kickstarter Aug 7, 2020 $250,000 $6,788,517[73] The response to this was significantly higher than Dragonsteel Entertainment anticipated. The "stretch goals" had to be adjusted multiple times, and then more were added after everything was reached in the first 6 hours. It was fully funded in 3 minutes, and reached over a million dollars within 10. At the time the campaign ended, it was the most funded Kickstarter campaign in the Publishing category, and the 14th over all of Kickstarter history.
59 Mystery Science Theater 3000 Series Kickstarter May 7, 2021 $5.5M $6,518,912[74] Raised to fund season 13 of Mystery Science Theater 3000 and the creation of the Gizmoplex, an online platform to show these new episodes as well as to show reruns of past episodes and host live events.
60 FirstBlood Crowdsale Software Ethereum Sep 26, 2016 $5,500,000 $6,267,767.32[75] FirstBlood is the first decentralized app, built on top of Ethereum, that allows eSports enthusiasts to compete in their favorite games through a decentralized, automated platform. The FirstBlood Token ("1SŦ"), sold during its crowdsale, is a utility token that can be used on FirstBlood's decentralized software.

The campaign raised over $5 million in less than five minutes.[76]

61 Pono Music Computing hardware Kickstarter Apr 15, 2014 $800K $6,225,354[77] Digital music player using the FLAC audio file format under development by musician Neil Young and his company Pono Music.
62 Mayday PAC Other Independent Jul 4, 2014 $6M $6,132,554[citation needed] Super PAC founded by Lawrence Lessig with the purpose of pushing for a United States Congress dedicated to reforming campaign finance laws by 2016. The crowdfunding round took place in two cycles. The first $1M goal was started on May 1, and was reached on May 13,[78] and the second, $5M goal was started on June 4 and was reached on July 4, at 9:30 pm EST - 9 hours short of the deadline of 6 am, July 5, EST (or midnight in Hawaii.)[79] After the crowdfunding deadline, Mayday PAC raised an additional $4M from large donors.

As of May 22, 2016, Mayday PAC is the largest crowdfunding campaign for non-profit purposes.[citation needed]

63 Lucyd Blockchain, Wearable technology Ethereum Feb 28, 2019 $6m $6,100,000[80] Community-driven augmented reality project. Has since launched an eshop for advanced eyewear. Developing blockchain apps for augmented reality.
64 Fidget Cube Other Kickstarter Oct 19, 2016[81] $15K[81] $6,038,945[81] A desk toy designed to help users focus.[82]
65 Mystery Science Theater 3000 Series Kickstarter Dec 11, 2015 $2M $5,764,229 $5,764,229 from 48,270 backers, with an additional $600,000 in backer add-ons to film season 11 of Mystery Science Theater 3000
66 Veronica Mars Movie Kickstarter Apr 13, 2013 $2M $5,702,153[83] Feature-length film continuation of the Veronica Mars television series.
67 Lisk Software Bitcoin, Independent Mar 21, 2016 $5,700,000[citation needed] Lisk is a crypto-currency and decentralized application platform. As a crypto-currency it provides a decentralized payment system and digital money network. The Lisk decentralized application platform allows the deployment, distribution and monetisation of decentralized applications and custom blockchains (sidechains) onto the Lisk blockchain.
68 Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night Video game Kickstarter Jun 12, 2015 $500,000 $5,545,991[84] Metroidvania video game, by former Castlevania producer Koji Igarashi. Succeeded Torment: Tides of Numenera as the highest funded Kickstarter video game, was succeeded by Shenmue III in July 2015.[84]
69 DigixDAO Crowdsale[citation needed] Blockchain Ethereum Mar 30, 2016 $500K $5,500,000[third-party source needed] DigixDAO crowdsale offered DGD tokens. The sale concluded in a mere 12 hours as the maximum was reached.
70 The Grid Software Independent Ongoing $70K $5,489,376[citation needed] Website builder that uses Artificial intelligence algorithms to design and build websites based on content.[85]
71 Project Bring Back Reading Rainbow for Every Child, Everywhere Movie Kickstarter Jul 2, 2014 $1M $5,408,916[86] Make the iPad version of Reading Rainbow available on the web, other mobile devices, game consoles, and set-top boxes. In addition, create a classroom version and provide subscriptions for up to 7,500 disadvantaged classrooms for free.
72 Chronicles of Elyria Video game Kickstarter, Independent Mar 24, 2020 $900k $6,192,308 MMORPG survival game.[87]
73 Augur Blockchain Ethereum, Independent October 1, 2015 none $5,133,000[third-party source needed] An open-source, decentralized prediction market built using Blockchain technology.
74 Restore King Chapel Now. Every Day & Dollar Counts Other Indiegogo May 22, 2015 $8M[88] $5,048,213[88] Restore Martin Luther King Jr. International Chapel, the only religious building named after Dr. King located at Morehouse College.
75 An Hour of Code for Every Student Other Indiegogo Dec 15, 2014[89] $5M $5,024,281[89] Every student in every school should have the opportunity to learn computer science at[citation needed]
76 Mastercoin Software Bitcoin, Independent Sep 1, 2013 $5,000,000[90] Mastercoin is a digital currency and communications protocol built on the Bitcoin block chain. It is one of several efforts to enable complex financial functions in a cryptocurrency.

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