List of Vanity Fair (British magazine) caricatures (1890–1894)

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The following is from a list of caricatures published 1890–1894 by the British magazine Vanity Fair (1868–1914).

Publication date Subject Caption Caricaturist Notes Pic.
4 Jan 1890 Sir Myles Fenton KB A Railway Knight Spy M 0455 Myles Fenton Vanity Fair 4 January 1890.jpg
11 Jan 1890 Mr Edward Frederick Smyth Pigott MA Examiner of Plays PAL M 0456 Edward Frederick Smyth Pigott, Vanity Fair, 1890-01-11.jpg
18 Jan 1890 Mr Archibald John Stuart-Wortley Sports and Arts Spy M 0457 Archibald John Stuart-Wortley, Vanity Fair, 1890-01-18.jpg
25 Jan 1890 Mr Stewart Pixley JP DL Bullion Spy M 0458 Stewart Pixley Vanity Fair 25 January 1890.jpg
1 Feb 1890 Mr George Rowland Hill Rugby Union Spy M 0459 George Rowland Hill Vanity Fair 1 February 1890.jpg
8 Feb 1890 Lord Justice N Lindley Partnership Spy J 27 Nathaniel Lindley, Vanity Fair, 1890-02-08.jpg
15 Feb 1890 The Earl de Grey The Best game Shot in England Spy M 0460 Frederick Oliver Robinson, Vanity Fair, 1890-02-15.jpg
22 Feb 1890 Mr FC Gould FCG Lib M 0461 Francis Carruthers Gould, Vanity Fair, 1890-02-22.jpg
1 Mar 1890 Mr J Hare Mr John Hare Spy M 0462 John Hare Vanity Fair 1 March 1890.jpg
8 Mar 1890 Sir William Christopher Leng The Sheffield Daily Telegraph Spy M 0463 William Christopher Leng Vanity Fair 8 March 1890.jpg
15 Mar 1890 Sir William Grantham Mr Justice Grantham Spy J 28 William Grantham Vanity Fair 15 March 1890.jpg
22 Mar 1890 Mr Stanley Duff Muttlebury One of the Presidents Spy M 0464 Muttlebury SD Vanity Fair 1890-03-22.jpg
29 Mar 1890 Sir Charles Russell QC MP Cross Examination QUIZ S 570 Charles Russell Vanity Fair 29 March 1890.jpg
5 Apr 1890 Mr Bernard John Angle Jack in the Box FCG M 0465 Angle BJ Vanity Fair 1890-04-05.jpg
12 Apr 1890 The Duke of Orleans Ier Conscrit de France GUTH P 11 Duke of Orléans Vanity Fair 12 April 1890.jpg
19 Apr 1890 Mr John Jaffray JP DL The Birmingham Daily Post Spy M 0466 John Jaffray Vanity Fair 19 April 1890.jpg
26 Apr 1890 Lord M Beresford Starting Lib M 0467 Lord Marcus Beresford, Vanity Fair, 1890-04-26.jpg
3 May 1890 Lord Brooke DL JP MP He sits for Colchester Spy S 571 Francis Greville Vanity Fair 3 May 1890.jpg
10 May 1890 Mr J Sims Reeves The 'English Tenor' Spy M 0468 Sims Reeves Vanity Fair 10 May 1890.JPG
17 May 1890 Mr J Weatherby Mr James Weatherby Lib M 0469 James Weatherby Vanity Fair 1890-05-17.jpg
24 May 1890 The Prince George KG Our Sailor Prince Spy P 12 George V, Vanity Fair, 1890-05-24.jpg
31 May 1890 Mr F Crisp Mr Frank Crisp Spy M 0470 FrankCrisp.JPG
7 Jun 1890 Andrew Barclay Walker Sir Andrew Barclay Walker Lib M 0471 Andrew Barclay Walker, Vanity Fair, 1890-06-07.jpg
14 Jun 1890 Mr James Monro CB Metropolitan Police Spy M 0472 James Monro Vanity Fair 14 June 1890.jpg
21 Jun 1890 Mr J Woodburn James Woodburn Spy M 0473 James Woodburn, Vanity Fair, 1890-06-21.jpg
28 Jun 1890 Mr Albert Deacon Tea Spy M 0474 Albert Deacon Vanity Fair 28 June 1890.jpg
5 Jul 1890 Sir Henry Mitchell JP Bradford Goods Spy M 0475 Henry Mitchell Vanity Fair 5 July 1890.jpg
12 Jul 1890 Mr H Beerbohm Tree Mr Herbert Beerbohm Tree Spy M 0476 Herbert Beerbohm Tree Vanity Fair 1911.jpg
19 Jul 1890 Mr Horace Gordon Hutchinson Mr Horace Hutchinson Spy M 0477 Horace Gordon Hutchinson, Vanity Fair, 1890-07-19.jpg
26 Jul 1890 Baron Hirsch Baron Hirsch Lib M 0478 Maurice de Hirsch Vanity Fair 26 July 1890.jpg
2 Aug 1890 The Duke of Connaught and Strathearn KG KT KP Our Soldier prince Spy P 13 Duke of Connaught and Strathearn Vanity Fair 2 August 1890.jpg
9 Aug 1890 Sir CE Pollock One of the Family Quiz J 29 Charles Edward Pollock, Vanity Fair, 1890-08-09.jpg
16 Aug 1890 Arthur Bower Forwood Mr AB Forwood Lib S 572 Arthur Bower Forwood Vanity Fair 16 August 1890.jpg
23 Aug 1890 Sir Robert Jardine, 1st Baronet|Sir R Jardine Bt DL MP Sir Robert Jardine Spy S 573; head of Jardine Matheson Robert Jardine Vanity Fair 23 August 1890.jpg
30 Aug 1890 Henry Lorton Bourke DL JP MP The Lord Harry FCG M 0480 Henry Lorton Bourke Vanity Fair 1890-08-30.jpg
6 Sep 1890 Sir James Percy Miller, Bt Sir James Miller Lib M 0481 James Percy Miller Vanity Fair 6 September 1890.jpg
13 Sep 1890 E King DD a persecuted Bishop Spy M 0482 Edward King.png
20 Sep 1890 Mr Reuben David Sassoon Mr Reuben Sassoon Spy M 0483 Reuben David Sassoon, Vanity Fair, 1890-09-20.jpg
27 Sep 1890 Mr Jonathan Hutchinson FRS Mr Jonathan Hutchinson Spy M 0484 Jonathan Hutchinson by Spy.jpg
4 Oct 1890 Tom Loates Tom Loates Spy M 0485 Tom Loates Vanity Fair 4 October 1890.jpg
11 Oct 1890 The Earl of Jersey New South Wales Spy S 573 Victor Child Villiers, 7th Earl of Jersey Vanity Fair 11 October 1890.jpg
18 Oct 1890 Mr Marcus Henry Milner Mr Marcus Henry Milner Lib M 0486 Marcus Henry Milner, Vanity Fair, 1890-10-18.jpg
25 Oct 1890 Mr James Vaughan Bow Street Spy M 0487 James Vaughan, Vanity Fair, 1890-10-25.jpg
1 Nov 1890 Mr Alderman Joseph Savory JP DL A new Lord Mayor Spy M 0488 Joseph Savory Vanity Fair 1890-11-01.jpg
8 Nov 1890 Lord Halsbury From the Old Bailey Spy S 574 Lord Halsbury Vanity Fair 8 November 1890.jpg
15 Nov 1890 Sir ERC Bradford KCSI Scotland Yard Spy M 0489 Edward Bradford Vanity Fair 15 November 1890.jpg
22 Nov 1890 Mr Joseph Fletcher Green Shipping Spy M 0490 Joseph Fletcher Green Vanity Fair 22 November 1890.jpg
29 Nov 1890 Prince George, The Duke of Connaught, and others In Vanity Fair Various WS; collage of past prints; double print Collage Vanity Fair 1890-11-29.jpg
6 Dec 1890 Mr Howard John Kennard Beggar General to the Metal Trades Lib M 0491 Howard John Kennard, Vanity Fair, 1890-12-06.jpg
13 Dec 1890 Sir Roland Vaughan Williams The Mandarin Quiz J 30 Roland Vaughan Williams, Vanity Fair, 1890-12-13.jpg
20 Dec 1890 Mr WH Grenfell Taplow Court Spy M 0492 Grenfell WH Vanity Fair 1890-12-20.jpg
27 Dec 1890 Mr Joseph Henry Houldsworth The new Steward Spy M 0493 Joseph Henry Houldsworth, Vanity Fair, 1890-12-27.jpg
3 Jan 1891 Sir P Magnus Technical Education s.Tel M 0493 Philip Magnus Vanity Fair 3 January 1891.jpg
10 Jan 1891 Mr Christopher Wyndham Wilson Mr Christopher W Wilson Spy M 0494 Christopher Wyndham Wilson Vanity Fair 10 January 1891.jpg
17 Jan 1891 Mr Alfred Cock QC He has leathern lungs and a voice of brass STUFF M 0495 Alfred Cock, Vanity Fair, 1891-01-17.jpg
24 Jan 1891 Gen Sir James Charlemagne Dormer KCB Madras BINT M 0496 James Charlemagne Dormer, Vanity Fair, 1891-01-24.jpg
31 Jan 1891 Sir George Grove DCL LLD G Spy M 0497 George Grove, Vanity Fair, 1891-01-31.jpg
7 Feb 1891 Mr Cornelius Marshall Warmington QC MP Directors' liability STUFF S 576 Cornelius Marshall Warmington, Vanity Fair, 1891-02-07.jpg
14 Feb 1891 Mr Richard D'Oyly Carte Royal English Opera Spy M 0498 Carte1891.jpg
21 Feb 1891 Mr William Black Mr William Black Spy M 0499 William Black Vanity Fair 21 February 1891.jpg
28 Feb 1891 Prince Henri D'Orleans The Duc D'Aumale GUTH P 14 Henri Eugène Philippe Louis d'Orléans, Vanity Fair, 1891-02-28.jpg
7 Mar 1891 Mr AW Pinero Lady Bountiful Spy M 0500 Arthur Wing Pinero Vanity Fair 7 March 1891.jpg
14 Mar 1891 Sir Francis Knollys KCMG CB Sir Francis Knollys Spy M 0501 Francis Knollys, Vanity Fair, 1891-03-14.jpg
21 Mar 1891 Lord Ampthill OUBC Spy M 0502 Ampthill Lord Vanity Fair 1891-03-21.jpg
28 Mar 1891 CJ Rhodes The Cape Spy M 0503 Cecil Rhodes, Vanity Fair, 1891-03-28.jpg
4 Apr 1891 Mr Charles Scotter London and South Western Railway Spy M 0504 Charles Scotter Vanity Fair 4 April 1891.jpg
11 Apr 1891 Sir FH Jeune Matrimonial Causes STUFF J 31 Francis Jeune Vanity Fair 11 April 1891.jpg
18 Apr 1891 M C de Freycinet French Warfare GUTH S 577 Charles de Freycinet Vanity Fair 18 April 1891.jpg
25 Apr 1891 Sir John Bridge Chief Magistrate Spy M 0505 Sir John Bridge Vanity Fair 25 April 1891.jpg
2 May 1891 M V Sardou Thermidor GUTH M 0506 Victorien Sardou, Vanity Fair, 1891-05-02.jpg
9 May 1891 Mr Charles Frederick Gill Gill Brass Spy M 0507 Charles Frederick Gill Vanity Fair 9 May 1891.jpg
16 May 1891 Capt Francis Pavy Railway Trusts Spy M 0508 Francis Pavy Vanity Fair 16 May 1891.jpg
23 May 1891 Mr Thomas Beard Under Sheriff Spy M 0509 Thomas Beard Vanity Fair 23 May 1891.jpg
30 May 1891 Sir Edward Fry Specific Performance Spy J 32 Edward Fry, Vanity Fair, 1891-05-30.jpg
6 Jun 1891 Mr JB Maple MP Cheap fares Spy S 578 John Blundell Maple, Vanity Fair, 1891-06-06.jpg
13 Jun 1891 Mr S Bancroft B Spy M 0510 Squire Bancroft, Vanity Fair, 1891-06-13.jpg
20 Jun 1891 Mr J Aird MP North Paddington Spy S 579 John Aird, Vanity Fair, 1891-06-20.jpg
27 Jun 1891 Mr Justice Wright He declined a Knighthood but thought better of it STUFF J 33 Justice Wright, Vanity Fair, 1891-06-27.jpg
4 Jul 1891 The Emperor of Morocco The Emperor of Morocco Pry So 18 Muley Hassan.jpg
11 Jul 1891 Lord Iveagh Guinness Trust Spy M 0511 Lord Iveagh Vanity Fair 11 July 1891.jpg
18 Jun 1891 Rear-Adm Edward Field RN JP MP The Yellow Admiral Spy S 580 Edward Field Vanity Fair 18 July 1891 crop.jpg
25 Jul 1891 Mr M Biddulph MP South Herefordshire Spy S 581 Michael Biddulph, Vanity Fair, 1891-07-25.jpg
1 Aug 1891 Mr HH Asquith QC MP East Fife Spy S 582 Herbert Henry Asquith Vanity Fair 1 August 1891-cropped.jpg
8 Aug 1891 M J de Reszke Polish Tenor Spy M 0512 Reszke ward.jpg
15 Aug 1891 Mr AN Hornby Monkey STUFF M 0513 Albert Hornby.jpg
22 Aug 1891 Maj-Gen Charles Taylor du Plat Senior Equerry Spy M 0514 Charles Taylor du Plat Vanity Fair 1891-08-22.jpg
29 Aug 1891 Sir John Stainer MA MusDoc Oxford Music Spy M 0515 John Stainer Vanity Fair 29 August 1891.jpg
5 Sep 1891 The Archbishop of York From the Army to the Church Spy M 0516 William Dalrymple Maclagan Vanity Fair 5 September 1891.jpg
12 Sep 1891 M Jan Marie Constantin van Beers The Modern Wiertz Spy M 0517 Jan van Beers the Younger Jan Van Beers Vanity Fair 12 September 1891.jpg
19 Sep 1891 The Earl of Harrington Yeoman-like Polo Lib S 583 Earl of Harrington Vanity Fair 19 September 1891.jpg
26 Sep 1891 Mr Harry Seymour Foster A Sheriff Spy M 0518 Harry Seymour Foster Vanity Fair 1891-09-26.jpg
3 Oct 1891 Col Herbert Francis Eaton Brown Spy M 0519 Eaton HF Vanity Fair 1891-10-03.jpg
10 Oct 1891 FW Farrar DD Chaplain to the Commons Spy M 0520 Frederic William Farrar Vanity Fair 10 October 1891.jpg
17 Oct 1891 Tunkoo Abubeker Bin Ibrahim GCMG KCSI Johore KYO So 19 Sultanabubakarcartoon.jpg
24 Oct 1891 Herbert Mornington Cannon Morny Spy M 0521 Herbert Mornington Cannon Vanity Fair 24 October 1891.jpg
31 Oct 1891 Sir Peter Henry Edlin QC JP DL London Sessions Spy J 34 Peter Henry Edlin, Vanity Fair, 1891-10-31.jpg
7 Nov 1891 Mr Hwfa Williams Sandown Park Spy M 0522 Hwfa Williams Vanity Fair 7 November 1891.jpg
14 Nov 1891 Prof JH Gladstone PhD FRS Chemistry and Optics Spy M 0523 John Hall Gladstone Vanity Fair 14 November 1891.jpg
21 Nov 1891 Gen Sir Michael Anthony Shrapnel Biddulph KCB The Regalia Spy M 0524 Anthony Shrapnel Biddulph Vanity Fair 21 November 1891.jpg
28 Nov 1891 Capt Edward Rodney Owen Roddy Spy M 0525 Edward Rodney Owen Vanity Fair 1891-11-28.jpg
5 Dec 1891 Group of jurists Bench and Bar STUFF WS; double print Bench and Bar Vanity Fair 5 December 1891.jpg
12 Dec 1891 Sir Robert Romer Bob STUFF J 35 Sir Robert Romer 12 December 1891.jpg
19 Dec 1891 Mr JW Lowther LLM DL MP Foreign Affairs Spy S 584 James William Lowther, Vanity Fair, 1891-12-19.jpg
26 Dec 1891 Mr GF Watts RA DCL LLD He paints portraits & ideas Spy M 0526 George Frederic Watts Vanity Fair 26 December 1891.JPG
2 Jan 1892 Mr Edward Temple Gurdon Rugby Union STUFF M 0527 Edward Temple Gurdon Vanity Fair 2 January 1892.jpg
9 Jan 1892 Lord Lurgan Billy Spy S 585 Lord Lurgan Vanity Fair 9 January 1892.jpg
16 Jan 1892 Mr EL Sambourne Sammy Spy M 0528 Edward Linley Sambourne Vanity Fair 1892-01-16.jpg
23 Jan 1892 Sir CC Smith KCMG Straits Settlements KYO M 0529 Cecil Clementi Smith Vanity Fair 1892-01-23.jpg
30 Jan 1892 The Rev Edward Hale MA FRGS FGS Badger Spy M 0530 Edward Hale, Vanity Fair, 1892-01-30.jpg
6 Feb 1892 Mr Charles Willie Mathews He can marshal evidence Spy M 0531 Charles Willie Mathews.jpg
13 Feb 1892 Canon Alfred Ainger LLD Temple Reader Spy M 0532 Alfred Ainger Vanity Fair 13 February 1892.jpg
20 Feb 1892 Mr WH Thornycroft MA Bronze Statuary Spy M 0533 Hamo thornycroft00.jpg
27 Feb 1892 Lord WC Gordon-Lennox PC MP Treasurer of the Household Spy S 586 Lord Walter Gordon-Lennox Vanity Fair 1892-02-27.jpg
5 Mar 1892 Mr J Ball Jr Mr John Ball jun Lib M 0534 John Ball Vanity Fair 1892-03-05.jpg
12 Mar 1892 Sir CSC Bowen Judicial Politeness Spy J 36 Charles Bowen Vanity Fair 12 March 1892.jpg
19 Mar 1892 Mr JS Balfour MP Burnley Spy S 587 Jabez Balfour Vanity Fair 1892-03-19.jpg
26 Mar 1892 Lord Elcho MP Derby Day Spy S 588 Lord Elcho Vanity Fair 26 March 1892.jpg
2 Apr 1892 Mr HA Jones Author-Manager Spy M 0535 Henry Arthur Jones, Vanity Fair, 1892-04-02.jpg
9 Apr 1892 Mr Robert Brudenell Carter FRCS a Literary Oculist STUFF M 0536 Robert Brudenell Carter Vanity Fair 1892-04-09.jpg
16 Apr 1892 Mr HS Wiggin MP Wiggin! STUFF S 589 Henry Wiggin Vanity Fair 16 April 1892.jpg
23 Apr 1892 Col Vivian Dering Majendie CB Explosives Spy M 0537 Vivian Dering Majendie Vanity Fair 23 April 1892.jpg
30 Apr 1892 Sir J Fergusson Bt PC GCSI KCMG CIE a Postmaster General Spy S 590 James Fergusson Vanity Fair 1892-04-30.jpg
7 May 1892 HN Sturt MP East Dorsetshire Spy S 591 Humphrey Napier Sturt, Vanity Fair, 1892-05-07.jpg
14 May 1892 Col HWJ Byng JP Byngo STUFF M 0538 Henry Byng Vanity Fair 1892-05-14.jpg
21 May 1892 Mr CH Hawtrey From Eton to the Stage Spy M 0539 Charles Henry Hawtrey, Vanity Fair, 1892-05-21.jpg
28 May 1892 Mr Gainsford Bruce QC DCL MP Holborn Spy S 592 Gainsford Bruce Vanity Fair 28 May 1892.jpg
4 Jun 1892 Mr T Hardy Tess Spy M 0540 Thomas Hardy Vanity Fair 1892-06-04.jpg
11 Jun 1892 Mr RT Hermon-Hodge MA JP MP Accrington Spy S 593 Robert Hermon-Hodge Vanity Fair 1892-06-11.jpg
18 Jun 1892 GN Curzon MP JP DL Persia and India Spy S 594 George Nathaniel Curzon Vanity Fair 18 June 1892.jpg
25 Jun 1892 Mr E Lloyd English tenor Lib M 0541 Libero Prosperi03.jpg
2 Jul 1892 Mr Francis Schnadhorst the Caucus STUFF M 0542 Libero Prosperi03.jpg
9 Jul 1892 Mr AE Stoddart A big hitter STUFF M 0543 Andrew Stoddart Vanity Fair 9 July 1892.jpg
16 Jul 1892 Col WC Cornwallis-West MP Denbighshire Spy S 595 William Cornwallis Cornwallis-West, Vanity Fair, 1892-07-16.jpg
23 Jul 1892 Mr Philip Albert Muntz MP Metal Spy S 596 Philip Muntz Vanity Fair 1892-07-23.jpg
30 Jul 1892 Mr Charles Wallwyn Radcliffe Cooke JP DL The Constitutional Union Spy S 597 Charles Wallwyn Radcliffe Cooke Vanity Fair 1892-07-30.jpg
6 Aug 1892 Mr Samuel Moses James Woods Sammy STUFF M 0544 Sammy Woods by Stuff.jpg
13 Aug 1892 Sir AE West Algy Spy M 0545 Algernon West Vanity Fair 1892-08-13.jpg
20 Aug 1892 Lord Lamington a Traveller Spy S 598 Lord Lamington Vanity Fair 1892-08-20.jpg
27 Aug 1892 Sir FJ Bramwell Bt An Arbitrator Spy M 0546 Frederick bramwell.jpg
3 Sep 1892 Mr Clement Nugent Jackson MA Jacky Spy M 0547 Clement Jackson Vanity Fair 3 September 1892.jpg
10 Sep 1892 Sir C Dalrymple Bt Ipswich senior Spy S 599 Charles Dalrymple, Vanity Fair, 1892-09-10.jpg
17 Sep 1892 Lord Norton PC KCMG Colonial Self-Government Spy S 600 Charles Bowyer Adderley, Vanity Fair, 1892-09-17.jpg
24 Sep 1892 Lord Hawke Yorkshire Cricket Spy S 601 Lord Hawke - Vanity Fair-alt-edit-2-cropped.jpg
1 Oct 1892 Dr Samuel Wilks FRS Philosophical Pathology Spy M 0548 Samuel Wilks Vanity Fair 1 October 1892.jpg
8 Oct 1892 Mr John Seymour Keay MP Prosy facts and figures Spy S 602 MP for Elginshire John Seymour Keay Vanity Fair 1892-10-08.jpg
15 Oct 1892 John Burns MP Battersea Spy S 603 John Burns Vanity Fair 15 October 1892.jpg
22 Oct 1892 Mr John William Maclure JP DL The Whitehead torpedo Spy S 604 John Maclure Vanity Fair 1892-10-22.jpg
29 Oct 1892 Sir George Findlay North Western Spy M 0549 George Findlay, Vanity Fair, 1892-10-29.jpg
5 Nov 1892 Kenneth Howard Dear Boy Spy M 0550 Kenneth Howard Vanity Fair 1892-11-05.jpg
12 Nov 1892 Mr JE Redmond MP Elisha Spy S 605 John Redmond Vanity Fair 12 November 1892.jpg
19 Nov 1892 George Denman He was an ornament on the Bench STUFF J 37 George Denman, Vanity Fair, 1892-11-19.jpg
26 Nov 1892 Mr WE Henley The National Observer Spy M 0551 William Ernest Henley Vanity Fair 1892-11-26.jpg
3 Dec 1892 Mixed Political Wares Methodical & Methodist / Babble & Bluster / Faithful & Faddist Spy WS; Campbell-Bannerman and Fowler (left); Gladstone and Harcourt (centre); Spencer and Ripon (right); triple print Mixed Political Wares Vanity Fair 3 December 1892.jpg
10 Dec 1892 Lord Houghton a young Viceroy Spy S 606 Lord Houghton Vanity Fair 1892-12-10.jpg
17 Dec 1892 Maj-Gen Lord Methuen CB CMG The Home District Spy S 607 Lord Methuen02.jpg
24 Dec 1892 Mr L Fildes RA He painted 'the Doctor' Spy M 0552 Luke Fildes00.jpg
31 Dec 1892 Mr Walter Herries Pollock The Saturday Review Spy M 0553 Walter Herries Pollock.jpg
7 Jan 1893 The Archbishop of Westminster Westminster Spy M 0554 Herbert Vaughan Vanity Fair 7 January 1893.jpg
14 Jan 1893 Sir RH Collins Smith's Leading Cases Quiz J 38 Richard Henn Collins, Vanity Fair, 1893-01-14.jpg
21 Jan 1893 The King of Spain A born King So 20 Alfonso XIII, Vanity Fair, 1893-01-21.jpg
28 Jan 1893 Lord Wenlock Madras BINT S 608 Beilby Lawley, Vanity Fair, 1893-01-28.jpg
4 Feb 1893 M Quesnay de Beaurepaire As Procureur Général GUTH M 0555 Quesnay De Beaurepaire Vanity Fair 4 February 1893.jpg
11 Feb 1893 Mr JWC Carr An Art Critic Spy M 0556 ComynscarrVF.jpg
18 Feb 1893 Sir JG Barnes Admiralty Jurisdiction Spy J 39 Gorell Barnes Vanity Fair 18 February 1893.jpg
25 Feb 1893 J Bryce MP Privy Councillor, Professor and Politician STUFF S 609 James Bryce Vanity Fair 25 February 1893.jpg
4 Mar 1893 Col William Carington MP Bill Spy M 0557 William Henry Peregrine Carington Vanity Fair 4 March 1893.jpg
11 Mar 1893 M A Daudet He wrote 'Sapho' GUTH M 0558 Alphonse Daudet Vanity Fair 11 March 1893.jpg
18 Mar 1893 Mr William Alfred Littledale Fletcher Flea Spy M 0559 Fletcher WAL Vanity Fair 1893-03-18.jpg
25 Mar 1893 Lord Justice Henry Charles Lopes An Old Fashioned Judge Quiz J 40 Henry Charles Lopes Vanity Fair 25 March 1893.jpg
1 Apr 1893 The President of St John's College, Oxford St John's, Oxford Spy M 0560 James Bellamy, Vanity Fair, 1893-04-01.jpg
8 Apr 1893 The President of Magdalen College, Oxford Magdalen College, Oxford Spy M 0561 Thomas Herbert Warren, Vanity Fair, 1893-04-08.jpg
13 Apr 1893 Mr HH Cozens-Hardy QC MP North Norfolk Spy M 0562 Herbert Hardy Cozens-Hardy, Vanity Fair, 1901-01-24.jpg
20 Apr 1893 Mr WH Kendal Mr WH Kendal Spy M 0563 William Hunter Kendal, Vanity Fair, 1893-04-20.jpg
27 Apr 1893 The Duke of Somerset An old fashioned Duke Spy S 610 Algernon Percy Banks St. Maur, Vanity Fair, 1893-04-27.jpg
4 May 1893 The Count of Catena Count Strickland Hay M 0564 Gerald Strickland, Vanity Fair, 1893-05-04.jpg
11 May 1893 Mr Harry Robert Graham MP West St Pancras Spy S 611 Harry Robert Graham, Vanity Fair, 1893-05-11.jpg
18 May 1893 Sir Frederick Seager Hunt Bt MP West Marylebone Spy S 612 SirFrederickSeagerHuntVanityFair1893.JPG
25 May 1893 Prof RLK Virchow Cellular Pathology Spy M 0565 Rudolf Virchow, by Leslie Ward (Spy).jpg
1 Jun 1893 Sir James Sivewright MA LLD KCMG Imperialist Afrikander Spy M 0566 James Sivewright, Vanity Fair, 1893-06-01.jpg
8 Jun 1893 Mr Fred Crisp He Owns 'Chancellor' Spy M 0567 Fred Crisp Vanity Fair 8 June 1893.jpg
15 Jun 1893 Mr Alpheus Cleophas Morton MP Peterborough Spy S 613 Alpheus Cleophas Morton, Vanity Fair, 1893-06-15.jpg
22 Jun 1893 Mr W.S. Penley Charley's Aunt Spy M 0568 William Sydney Penley Vanity Fair 22 June 1893.jpg
29 Jun 1893 Lord Thring He has written on Companies Spy S 614 Henry Thring, Vanity Fair, 1893-06-29.jpg
6 Jul 1893 Princess Victoria Mary of Teck Victoria Mary of Teck Leslie Ward L 12; issued on the occasion of her marriage to the Prince of Wales. Her signature shown in facsimile. One of the few 'Spy cartoons' to bear Ward's real name Victoria Mary of Teck, Vanity Fair, 1893-07-06.jpg
13 Jul 1893 Mr Charles Frederic Hamond MP Newcastle-upon-Tyne Spy S 615 Charles Frederick Hamond, Vanity Fair, 1893-07-13.jpg
20 Jul 1893 Mr Arthur Hepburn Hastie he is a smart fellow and an honest lawyer Spy M 0569 Arthur Hepburn Hastie, Vanity Fair, 1893-07-20.jpg
27 Jul 1893 Sir John Richard Somers Vine CMG The Imperial Institute Spy M 0570 John Richard Somers Vine, Vanity Fair, 1893-07-27.jpg
3 Aug 1893 M BC Coquelin Coquelin Ainé GUTH M 0571 Coquelin in Vanity Fair 1893.jpg
10 Aug 1893 Sir RW Payne-Gallwey Bt Letters to young Shooters Spy M 0572 Ralph Frankland-Payne-Gallwey, Vanity Fair, 1893-08-10.jpg
17 Aug 1893 Mr W Winans The Record Revolver Shot VA M 0573 Walter W. Winans, Vanity Fair, 1893-08-17.jpg
24 Aug 1893 Sig P Mascagni Cavalleria Rusticana Lib M 0574 Pietro Antonio Stefano Mascagni, Vanity Fair, 1893-08-24.jpg
31 Aug 1893 Sir J Rigby QC MP Mr Solicitor STUFF S 616 Lord Justice Rigby.jpg
7 Sep 1893 The Duke of Beaufort KG PC Badminton Spy S 617 Duke of Beaufort Vanity Fair 7 September 1893.jpg
14 Sep 1893 Lord Morris of Spiddal an Irish lawyer Spy S 618 Michael Morris, Vanity Fair, 1893-09-14.jpg
21 Sep 1893 Mr Arthur John Edward Newton The Marlborough Street Solicitor Spy M 0576 Arthur John Edward Newton Vanity Fair 21 September 1893.jpg
28 Sep 1893 Sir HE Maxwell Bt MP Wigtownshire Spy S 619 Herbert Eustace Maxwell Vanity Fair 28 September 1893.jpg
5 Oct 1893 Mr WG Ellison-Macartney MP Fighting Ulster Spy S 620 William Grey Ellison-Macartney, Vanity Fair, 1893-10-05.jpg
12 Oct 1893 Mr Thomas Henry Bolton MP Buonaparte B Spy S 621 Thomas Henry Bolton, Vanity Fair, 1893-10-12.jpg
19 Oct 1893 Mr RA Yerburgh Chester Spy S 622 Robert Armstrong Yerburgh, Vanity Fair, 1893-10-19.jpg
26 Oct 1893 Mr W Allan MP The Gateshead Giant Spy S 623 William Allan, Vanity Fair, 1893-10-26.jpg
2 Nov 1893 Frederic Morgan MP Fred Spy S 624 Frederick Courtenay Morgan Vanity Fair 1893-11-02.jpg
9 Nov 1893 Mr EH Carson Dublin University Lib S 625 Edward Carson Vanity Fair 9 November 1893.jpg
16 Nov 1893 Mr Harry Lawson Webster Lawson MP Cirencester Spy S 626 Harry Levy-Lawson Vanity Fair 1893-11-16.jpg
23 Nov 1893 Sir WH Wills Bt Birdseye Spy M 0575 William Henry Wills, Vanity Fair, 1893-11-23.jpg
30 Nov 1893 On the Terrace A Political Spectacle ("The Ayes have it – the Noes have it") Spy WS; J Chamberlain, A Chamberlain, Gorst, Temple, Balfour, Harcourt, McCarthy, Mundella; double print On the Terrace, Vanity Fair, 1893-11-30.jpg
7 Dec 1893 Sir Lewis William Cave That won't do you know Spy J 42 Lewis Cave Vanity Fair 1893-12-07.jpg
14 Dec 1893 Sir William Rann Kennedy Our weakest Judge Spy J 43 William Rann Kennedy Vanity Fair 14 December 1893.jpg
21 Dec 1893 The Earl of Darnley Cobham Hall Spy S 627 John Stuart Bligh, Vanity Fair, 1893-12-21.jpg
28 Dec 1893 M Pierre Louis Albert Decrais M Decrais GUTH M 0576 Pierre Louis Albert Decrais Vanity Fair 28 December 1893.JPG
4 Jan 1894 The Grand Duke Michael Michailovitch of Russia Michael Michailovitch wag P 15 Michael Michailovitch Vanity Fair 4 January 1894.jpg
11 Jan 1894 Mr Edward Blake MP South Longford Spy S 628 Edward Blake Vanity Fair 11 January 1894.jpg
18 Jan 1894 Mr Frederick Harrison L & NWR Spy M 0577 Frederick Harrison Vanity Fair 18 January 1894.jpg
25 Jan 1894 Lord Monk Bretton MP Lord Monk Bretton Spy S 629 Lord Monk Bretton Vanity Fair 25 January 1894.jpg
1 Feb 1894 Lord Congleton Lord Congleton Spy S 630 Lord Congleton Vanity Fair 1894-02-01.jpg
8 Feb 1894 Mr John Cumming Macdona MP St Bernards Spy S 631 John Cumming Macdona, Vanity Fair, 1894-02-08.jpg
15 Feb 1894 Mr HJ Cockayne-Cust MP The Pall Mall Gazette Spy S 632 Henry Cockayne-Cust.jpg
22 Feb 1894 Mr G Alexander Aubrey Tanqueray Spy M 0578 George Alexander, Vanity Fair, 1894-02-22.jpg
1 Mar 1894 Mr JR Maguire MP West Clare Spy S 633 James Rochfort Maguire Vanity Fair 1 March 1894.jpg
8 Mar 1894 Mr Alderman William Treloar Ludgate Hill Spy M 0579 William Treloar Vanity Fair 1894-03-08.jpg
15 Mar 1894 Mr Hugh Benjamin Cotton Benjie Spy M 0580; son of Lord Justice Cotton Henry Cotton, Vanity Fair, 1888-05-19.jpg
22 Mar 1894 Mr Charles Thurston Fogg-Elliot Fogg Spy M 0581 Charles Thurston Fogg-Elliot Vanity Fair 22 March 1894.jpg
29 Mar 1894 Lord Stanley MP Westhoughton Spy S 634 Edward George Villiers Stanley, Vanity Fair, 1894-03-29.jpg
5 Apr 1894 The Warden of New College, Oxford The Shirt Spy M 0582 James Edwards Sewell, Vanity Fair, 1894-04-05.jpg
12 Apr 1894 Mr Henry David Erskine Sergeant-at-Arms Spy M 0583 Henry David Erskine Vanity Fair 12 April 1894.jpg
19 Apr 1894 Mr CB Fry Oxford Athletics Spy M 0584 Charles Burgess Fry, Vanity Fair, 1894-04-19.jpg
26 Apr 1894 Mr FC Selous Big Game VA M 0585 Frederick Selous Vanity Fair 26 April 1894.JPG
3 May 1894 The Earl of Sefton The Earl of Sefton Lib S 635 William Philip Molyneux, Vanity Fair, 1894-05-03.jpg
10 May 1894 Mr JW Clark MA Cambridge Registrary Spy M 0586 John Willis Clark, Vanity Fair, 1894-05-10.jpg
17 May 1894 Dr JS Burdon-Sanderson Oxford physiology Spy M 0587 John Scott Burdon-Sanderson, Vanity Fair.jpg
24 May 1894 Mr Robinson Ellis Latin Literature Spy M 0588 Robinson Ellis, Vanity Fair, 1894-05-24.jpg
31 May 1894 Mr George Newnes MP East Cambridgeshire Spy S 636 Newnes-Spy-1894.jpg
7 Jun 1894 Mr R Kipling Soldiers Three Spy M 0589 Joseph Rudyard Kipling, Vanity Fair, 1894-06-07.jpg
14 Jun 1894 Mr Charles Grey Mott a Railway Director Spy M 0590 Charles Grey Mott, Vanity Fair, 1894-06-14.jpg
21 Jun 1894 Mr William Montagu Tharp Chippenham Park Spy M 0591 William Montague Tharp Vanity Fair 21 June 1894.JPG
28 Jun 1894 TF Bayard The United States Spy M 0592 Thomas Francis Bayard Vanity Fair 28 June 1894.jpg
5 Jul 1894 Sir HB Loch GCMG GCB The Cape High Commissioner Spy M 0593 Henry Loch Vanity Fair 5 July 1894.jpg
12 Jul 1894 Lord Tweedmouth A Late Whip Spy S 637 Tweedmouth2.JPG
19 Jul 1894 AG Brand MP North Cambridgeshire Spy S 638 Arthur George Brand, Vanity Fair, 1894-07-19.jpg
26 Jul 1894 Sir JD Astley Bt The Literary Mate Spy M 0594 John Dugdale Astley 26 July 1894.jpg
2 Aug 1894 Mr Warren William De La Rue Old Warren Spy M 0595 Warren William De La Rue Vanity Fair 2 August 1894.jpg
9 Aug 1894 Capt Herbert Scarisbrick Naylor Leyland MP Colchester Spy S 639 Herbert Scarisbrick Naylor Leyland, Vanity Fair, 1894-08-09.jpg
16 Aug 1894 The Earl of Portarlington The Dasher Spy S 640 George Lionel Henry Seymour Dawson-Damer, Vanity Fair, 1894-08-16.jpg
23 Aug 1894 The Earl of Denbigh HAC Spy S 641 Earl of Denbigh Vanity Fair 23 August 1894.JPG
30 Aug 1894 M JPP Casimir-Perier The French Republic GUTH M 0596 Jean Casimir-Perier Vanity Fair 1894-08-30.jpg
6 Sep 1894 Col ARM Lockwood MP West Essex Spy S 642 Amelius Lockwood Vanity Fair 1894-09-06.jpg
13 Sep 1894 The Marquis of Breadalbane KG PC The Queen's Lord Steward Spy S 643 Gavin Campbell, Vanity Fair, 1894-09-13.jpg
20 Sep 1894 The Baron AJ de Rothschild Alphonse GUTH M 0597 Alphonse James de Rothschild Vanity Fair 1894-09-20.jpg
27 Sep 1894 Mr GJ Gould Vigilant Spy M 0598 George Jay Gould, Vanity Fair, 1894-09-27.jpg
4 Oct 1894 The Earl of Albemarle Arnold Spy S 644 Earl Of Albemarle Vanity Fair 1894-10-04.jpg
11 Oct 1894 Sir Balthazar Walter Foster MD DCL MP The Ilkeston Division Spy S 645 Balthazar Foster Vanity Fair 11 October 1894.jpg
18 Oct 1894 Schomberg Kerr Mcdonnell CB He was Lord Salisbury's Private Secretary Spy M 0599; son of the Earl of Antrim Schomberg Kerr McDonnell, Vanity Fair, 1894-10-18.jpg
25 Oct 1894 Mr Charles Gibson Millar Saide, RYS Spy M 0600 Charles Gibson Millar Vanity Fair 25 October 1894.jpg
1 Nov 1894 Sir Joseph Barnby Albert Hall Spy M 0601 Joseph Barnby.jpg
8 Nov 1894 Sir GCH Armstrong Bt The Globe Spy M 0602 George Carlyon Hughes Armstrong Vanity Fair 1894-11-08.jpg
15 Nov 1894 Mr TH Ismay White Star Lib M 0603 Thomas Henry Ismay, Vanity Fair, 1894-11-15.jpg
22 Nov 1894 The Very Rev Francis Paget DD The House Spy M 0604 Francis Paget Vanity Fair 1894-11-22.jpg
29 Nov 1894 Vice-Adm Sir Edmund Robert Fremantle KCB CMG on 1 China station PAT M 0605 Edmund Fremantle Vanity Fair 1894-11-29.jpg
6 Dec 1894 Members of the RYS during Cowes Week The RYS (At Cowes) Spy WS; Wilhelm II, Lord Dunraven, Rear-Adm Montagu, the Prince of Wales, Lord Ormonde and Lord Lonsdale Cowes Vanity Fair 6 December 1894.jpg
13 Dec 1894 Mr WL Thomas The Graphics Spy M 0606 William Luson Thomas Vanity Fair 1894-12-13.jpg
20 Dec 1894 Mr Clement King Shorter Three Editors Spy M 0607; editor of the Illustrated London News, Album and Pick-Me-Up Clement King Shorter Vanity Fair 1894-12-20.jpg
27 Dec 1894 Sir R Hart Bt GCMG MA LLD Chinese Customs jmp M 0608 Robert Hart Vanity Fair 27 December 1894.jpg

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