List of Vanity Fair (British magazine) caricatures (1900–1904)

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Publication Date Subject Caption Caricaturist Notes Pic.
1900-01-04 4 Jan 1900 Maharaja-Patiala The Maharaja of Patiala Patiala MR P 21 Rajinder Singh Vanity Fair 4 January 1900.jpg
1900-01-1111 Jan 1900 Yates-ArthurArthur Yates Arthur Cloister M 0770 Arthur Yates Vanity Fair 1900-01-11.jpg
1900-01-1810 Jan 1900 Buller-RedversGen. Sir Redvers Buller Redrag Spy M 0771 Redvers Buller Vanity Fair 1900-01-18.jpg
1900-01-25 25 Jan 1900 Neeld-AudleyCol. Audley Dallas Neeld Composite Regiment Cloister M 0772 Audley Dallas Neeld Vanity Fair 25 January 1900.JPG
1900-02-012 Feb 1900 Sassoon-EdwardSir Edward Sassoon, Bt Hythe Spy S 717 Edward Sassoon Vanity Fair 1900-02-01.jpg
1900-02-08 8 Feb 1900 Faber-George Denison Faber ex Opera STUFF M 0773 George Denison Faber, Vanity Fair, 1900-02-08.jpg
1900-02-1515 Feb 1900 Pyne-ThomasSir Thomas Pyne CSI Afghan engineering Spy M 0774 Thomas Salter Pyne Vanity Fair 15 February 1900.jpg
1900-02-2222 Jan 1900 Forbes-JamesJames Forbes LCDR Spy M 0775 James Staats Forbes Vanity Fair 22 February 1900.jpg
1900-03-011 Mar 1900 Lowther-JamesJames Lowther MP Thanet Spy S 718 James Lowther, Vanity Fair, 1900-03-01.jpg
1900-03-088 Mar 1900 KrugerPresident P Kruger Oom Paul Drawl M 0776 Paul kruger00a.jpg
1900-03-1515 Mar 1900 CheshamLord Chesham Imperial Yeomanry Spy S 719 Lord Chesham Vanity Fair 1900-03-15.jpg
1900-03-2222 Mar 1900 Thornton-PercyPercy Thornton MP Clapham Spy S 720 Percy Melville Thornton, Vanity Fair, 1900-03-22.jpg
1900-03-2929 Mar 1900 Ward-WilliamWilliam Ward CUBC Spy M 0777 William Dudley Ward, Vanity Fair, 1900-03-29.jpg
1900-04-055 Apr 1900 BuckleyMr Justice Buckley Company Law Spy J 55 Henry Burton Buckley, Vanity Fair, 1900-04-05.jpg
1900-04-1212 Apr 1900 Yorke-Davies-NathanielDr Nathaniel Edward Yorke-Davies Dietetics Spy M 0778 Nathaniel Edward Yorke-Davies Vanity Fair 1900-04-12.jpg
1900-04-1919 Apr 1900 StrathconaLord Strathcona and Mount Royal Canada in London Spy S 721 Lord Strathcona Vanity Fair 1900-04-19.jpg
1900-04-2626 Apr 1900 Cavendish-RichardRichard Cavendish MP North Lancashire Spy S 722 Richard Frederick Cavendish Vanity Fair 1900-04-26.jpg
1900-05-0330 May 1900 Fisher-William William Fisher MP Fulham Spy S 723 William Hayes Fisher Vanity Fair 1900-05-03.jpg
1900-05-1010 May 1900 Bucknill-Townend">KrugerMr Justice Thomas Bucknill Tommy Spy J 56 Mr-justice-bucknill.jpg
1900-05-1717 May 1900 HopetounrLord Hopetoun The Lord Chamberlain Spy S 724 Earl of Hopetoun Vanity Fair 17 May 1900.jpg
1900-05-2424 May 1900 ClanriquadeMarquis of Clanricarde Old Wares Spy S 725 Marquess of Clanricarde 24 May 1900.JPG
1900-05-3131 May 1900 Greville-SidneySidney Robert Greville CB A Private Secretary Spy M 0779 Sidney Robert Greville, Vanity Fair, 1900-05-31.jpg
1900-06-077 Jun 1900 Albert-Monaco Albert I, Prince of Monaco Prince of Monaco Spy P 22 Albert I of Monaco, Vanity Fair, 1900-06-07.jpg
1900-06-1414 Jun 1900 White-George-StuartGen. Sir George Stuart White Ladysmith Spy M 0780 George Stuart White Vanity Fair 14 June 1900.jpg
1900-06-2121 Jun 1900 Roberts Lord Roberts Bobs Spy S 726 Lord Roberts Vanity Fair 21 June 1900.JPG
1900-06-2828 Jun 1900 Lambton-HedworthCapt. Hedworth Lambton HMS Powerful Spy M 0781 Captain Hedworth Lambton.jpg
1900-07-055 Jul 1900 Badel-PowellGen. Robert Baden-Powell Mafeking Drawl M 0782 Baden Powell by Drawl.jpg
1900-07-1212 Jul 1900 French-John Gen. John French The Cavalry Division GDG M 0783 John French Vanity Fair 12 July 1900.JPG
1900-07-1919 Jul 1900 Treves-FrederickSir Frederick Treves Freddie Spy M 0784 Vanity Fair - Spy - Freddie - M 0784 - 1900-07-19.jpg
1900-07-2626 Jul 1900 Maddem-OttoOtto Madden Otto Madden GDG M 0785 Otto Madden, Vanity Fair, 1900-07-26.jpg
1900-08-022 Aug 1900 Rothschild-Arthur Arthur de Rothschild Eros Spy M 0786 Arthur de Rothschild Vanity Fair 2 August 1900.jpg
1900-08-099 Aug 1900 Steyn-MartinusMartinus Steyn ex President Steyn wag M 0787 Martinus Theunis Steyn, Vanity Fair, 1900-08-09.jpg
1900-08-1616 Aug 1900 Rutzen-Albert Albert de Rutzen A Model Magistrate Wag M 0788 De Rutzen A Vanity Fair 1900-08-16.jpg
1900-08-2323 Aug 1900 Reiff-JohnJohn Reiff Johnny Spy M 0789 John Reiff, Vanity Fair, 1900-08-23.jpg
1900-08-3030 Aug 1900 Reiff-LesterLester Reiff Lester Spy M 0790 Lester Reiff Vanity Fair.jpg
1900-09-066 Sep 1900 Bigge-ArthurSir Arthur Bigge Her Majesty's private secretary Spy M 0791 Arthur John Bigge, Vanity Fair, 1900-09-06.jpg
1900-09-1313 Sep 1900 Rothschild-WalterWalter. Rothschild MP The Aylesbury Division Spy S 727 Walter Rothschild Vanity Fair 1900-09-13.jpg
1900-09-2020 Sep 1900 Wyndham-GeorgeGeorge Wyndham Dover and War Spy S 728 George Wyndham Vanity Fair 1900-09-20.jpg
1900-09-2727 Sep 1900 Churchill-WinstonWinston Churchill Winston Spy M 0792 Winston Churchill Vanity Fair 1900-09-27.jpg
1900-10-044 Oct 1900 MoultonLord Moulton Patents Spy M 0793 John Fletcher Moulton, Vanity Fair, 1900-10-04.jpg
1900-10-1111 Oct 1900 Dillwyn-Llewellyn Sir John Dillwyn-Llewellyn, Bt. Swansea Spy M 0794 John Dillwyn-Llewelyn Vanity Fair 11 October 1900.jpg
1900-10-1818 Oct 1900 Cecil-LordLord Cecil Greenwich Spy S 729 Hugh Cecil Vanity Fair 1900-10-18.jpg
1900-10-2525 Oct 1900 Burns-Hartopp-Tommy Tommy Burns-Hartopp Long Burns CB M 0795 Master of the Quorn Hunt Tommy Burns-Hartopp Vanity Fair 25 October 1900.jpg
1900-11-011 Nov 1900 AlverstoneLord Alverstone Dick Spy J 57 Richard Everard Webster, Vanity Fair, 1900-11-01.jpg
1900-11-088 Nov 1900 KerrAdm. Lord Walter Kerr A Sea Lord Spy M 0796 Lord Walter Kerr Vanity Fair 1900-11-08.jpg
1900-11-1515 Nov 1900 Farwell-GeorgeMr Justice George Farwell Powers FTD J 58 George Farwell Vanity Fair 15 November 1900.jpg
1900-11-2222 Nov 1900 Kerr-MalcolmMr Commissioner Robert Malcolm Kerr The City of London Court Spy J 59 Robert Malcolm Kerr, Vanity Fair, 1900-11-22.jpg
1900-11-2929 Nov 1900 Roberts-commandersLord Roberts and his commanders A General Group Spy WS; Standing are [L-R], Plumer, Hunter, Macdonald, Buller, Baden-Powell, Dundonald, Kitchener, Pole-Carew and Carrington. Seated at right are White and French. Roberts' foot rests on the March 8 print of Kruger; double print Lord Roberts and his commanders Vanity Fair 29 November 1900.jpg
1900-12-066 Dec 1900 Bruce-Gainsford Justice Gainsford Bruce Slow and Steady Spy J 60 Gainsford Bruce, Vanity Fair, 1900-12-06.jpg
1900-12-1313 Dec 1900 Dawson-VeseyCol. V. Dawson Irish Guards Spy M 0797 Vesey Dawson Vanity Fair 13 December 1900.jpg
1900-12-2020 Dec 1900 Salisbury The Marquess of Salisbury The Prime Minister Spy S 730 Robert Arthur Talbot Gascoyne-Cecil, Vanity Fair, 1900-12-20.jpg
1900-12-2727 Dec 1900 Welby-JohnJohn Earle Welby A Father of the Belvoir CB M 0798 John Earle Welby, Vanity Fair, 1900-12-27.jpg
1901-01-033 Jan 1901 Gaekwar-Baroda The Gaekwar of Baroda The Gaekwar MR P 23 Sayajirao Gaekwad III, Vanity Fair, 1901-01-03.jpg
1901-01-1010 Jan 1901 Clarendon The Earl of Clarendon MP JP The Lord Chamberlain Spy S 730 Edward Hyde Villiers, Vanity Fair, 1901-01-10.jpg
1901-01-1717 Jan 1901 Heneage-Algernon Adm. Sir Algernon Heneage KCB Pompo Spy M 0799 Algernon Charles Fieschi Heneage, Vanity Fair, 1901-01-17.jpg
1901-01-2424 Jan 1901 Cozens-HardyMr Justice H. H. Cozens-Hardy Fair, if not beautiful Spy J 61 Herbert Hardy Cozens-Hardy, Vanity Fair, 1901-01-24.jpg
1901-01-3131 Jan 1901 Hornby-JamesJ. J. Hornby The Head Spy M 0800 Hornby JJ Vanity Fair 1901-01-31.jpg
1901-01-3131 Jan 1901 VictoriaQueen Victoria Queen Victoria GUTH Monochrome reprint of 1897-06-17 Queen Victoria Vanity Fair 1901-01-31.jpg
1901-02-077 Feb 1901 Mackinnon-WilliamMaj. Henry Mackinnon CIV Spy M 0801 Williammackinnon.jpg
1901-02-1414 Feb 1901 RaglanLord Raglan Under Secretary for War Spy S 731 George FitzRoy Henry Somerset, Vanity Fair, 1901-02-14.jpg
1901-02-2121 Feb 1901 Pole-CarewGen. Reginald Pole-Carew Polly Spy M 0802 Reginald Pole-Carew Vanity Fair 21 February 1901.jpg
1901-02-2828 Feb 1901 Ainger-Arthur Arthur Ainger M’tutor Spy M 0803 Arthur Campbell Ainger, Vanity Fair, 1901-02-28.jpg
1901-03-077 Mar 1901 Chamberlain-JosephJ. Chamberlain The Colonies Spy S 732 Joseph Chamberlain, Vanity Fair, 1901-03-07.jpg
1901-03-1414 Mar 1901 RoseburyThe Earl of Rosebery Little Bo-Peep Spy S 733 Earl of Rosebery Vanity Fair 14 March 1901.jpg
1901-03-2121 Mar 1901 Baker-WilliamThe Rev William Baker DD MTS wag M 0804 William Baker, Vanity Fair, 1901-03-21.jpg
1901-03-2828 Mar 1901 Rigby-JohnLord Justice Rigby A blunt Lord Justice Spy J 62 John Rigby Vanity Fair 1901-03-28.jpeg
1901-04-044 Apr 1901 Hardwicke The Earl of Hardwicke Tommy Dodd Spy S 734 6th Earl of Hardwicke by Leslie Ward.jpg
1901-04-1111 Apr 1901 Plowden-Alfred Alfred Plowden Marylebone wag M 0805 Alfred Chichele Plowden Vanity Fair 11 April 1901.jpg
1901-04-1818 Apr 1901 Middleton-RichardMr Richard Middleton The Conservative Party Spy M 0806 Richard William Evelyn Middleton Vanity Fair 18 April 1901.jpg
1901-04-2525 Apr 1901 Rawson-HarryVice-Adm. Sir H. H. Rawson KCB Fresh from the Channel Fleet Spy M 0807 Harry Holdsworth Rawson Vanity Fair 25 April 1901.jpg
1901-05-022 May 1901 HamiltonGen. Sir Ian Hamilton CB DSO Mixed Forces Spy M 0808 Ian Standish Monteith Hamilton, Vanity Fair, 1901-05-02.jpg
1901-05-099 May 1901 Lyttleton-EdwardThe Rev Hon Canon Edward Lyttelton MA Haileybury Spy M 0809 Edward Lyttelton Vanity Fair 9 May 1901.jpg
1901-05-1616 May 1901 Whitmore-Charles Charles Whitmore MP Chelsea Spy S 735 Charles Algernon Whitmore, Vanity Fair, 1901-05-16.jpg
1901-05-2323 May 1901 Winnington-IngramArthur Winnington-Ingram London Spy S 736 Arthur Winnington-Ingram Vanity Fair 23 May 1901.jpg
1901-05-3030 May 1901 Ward-Edward Col. Sir Edward Ward A Permanent Warrior Spy M 0810 Edward Willis Duncan Ward, Vanity Fair, 1901-05-30.jpg
1901-06-066 Jun 1901 Austen-Leigh Edward Austen-Leigh MA The Flea Spy M 0811 Edward Compton Austen-Leigh, Vanity Fair, 1901-06-06.jpg
1901-06-1313 Jun 1901 Anson-William Sir William Anson Bt MP All Souls Spy S 737 William Reynell Anson, Vanity Fair, 1901-06-13.jpg
1901-06-2020 Jun 1901 Rostand-EEdmond Rostand Cyrano GUTH M 0812 Edmond Rostand Vanity Fair 1901-06-20.jpg
1901-06-2727 Jun 27 Walker-Frederick Frederick Walker The High Master of St Paul's School Spy M 0813 Frederick William Walker, Vanity Fair, 1901-06-27.jpg
1901-07-044 Jul 1901 DeHavilland-ReginaldReginald Saumarez de Havilland Havvy Spy M 0814 DeHavilland RS Vanity Fair 1901-07-04.jpg
1901-07-1111 Jul 1901 Legard-CecilRev Cecil Legard A Judge CB M 0815 Cecil Legard, Vanity Fair, 1901-07-11.jpg
1901-07-1818 Jul 1901 Broderick-StJohnSt. John Broderick War Spy S 738 St John Brodrick Vanity Fair 18 July 1901.jpg
1901-07-2527 Jul 1901 JessopMr Gilbert Jessop The Croucher Spy M 0816 Gilbert Jessop Vanity Fair 25 July 1901.jpg
1901-08-011 Aug 1901 Jameson-JamesSurgeon-General James Jameson MD CB QH LLD Army Medical Spy M 0817 James Jameson, Vanity Fair, 1901-08-01.jpg
1901-08-088 Aug 1901 Fitzgerald-MorrisSir Morris Fitzgerald Knight of Kerry Spy M 0818 Maurice FitzGerald, Vanity Fair, 1901-08-08.jpg
1901-08-1515 Aug 1901 Ridding-George George Ridding Southwell Spy M 0819 George Ridding.png
1901-08-2222 Aug 1901 Lagden-Godfrey Sir Godfrey Lagden KCMG Basutoland Spy M 0820 Godfrey Yeatman Lagden, Vanity Fair, 1901-08-22.jpg
1901-08-2929 Aug 1901 Kelly-KennyGen. T. Kelly-Kenny CB 6th Division Spy M 0821 Thomas Kelly-Kenny, Vanity Fair, 1901-08-29.jpg
1901-09-055 Sep 1901 Lyttleton-NevilleGen. Neville Gerald Lyttelton 4th Division Spy M 0822 Neville Gerald Lyttelton, Vanity Fair, 1901-09-05.jpg
1901-09-1212 Sep 1901 Rickaby-FredFred Rickaby Rick Spy M 0823 Fred Rickaby Vanity Fair 12 September 1901.jpg
1901-09-1919 Sep 1901 LondonLondonSir Thomas Lipton KCVO Shamrock Spy M 0824 Sir Thomas Johnstone Lipton00.jpg
1901-09-2626 Sep 1901 Warre-CornishFrancis Warre-Cornish The Vice-Provost Spy M 0825 Francis Warre Warre-Cornish Vanity Fair 26 September 1901.jpg
1901-10-033 Oct 1901 Selborne The Earl of Selborne PC Admiralty Spy S 741 Caricature of William Palmer, 2nd Earl of Selborne (1859-1942).jpg
1901-10-1010 Oct 1901 Macdonald-Claude Sir Claude Macdonald KCB Tokio Spy M 0825 Claude Maxwell MacDonald Vanity Fair 10 October 1901.jpg
1901-10-1717 Oct 1901 Weatherby-Edward Edward Weatherby The Match-Book Spy M 0826 Edward Weatherby, Vanity Fair, 1901-10-17.jpg
1901-10-2424 Oct 1901 Tolstoi-LeoCount Leo Tolstoy War and Peace SNAPP M 0827 Tolstoy 1899.jpg
1901-10-3131 Oct 1901 Seymour Sir Edward Seymour GCB KCB China Spy M 0828 Edward Hobart Seymour, Vanity Fair, 1901-10-31.jpg
1901-11-077 Nov 1901 Butcher-John John Butcher KC MP York City Spy M 0829 John George Butcher Vanity Fair 7 November 1901.jpg
1901-11-1414 Nov 1901 Santos-Dumont Alberto Santos-Dumont The Deutsch Prize GEO HUN M 0829 Alberto Santos-Dumont, Vanity Fair, 1901-11-14.jpg
1901-11-2121 Nov 1901 Bosanquet-Frederick Frederick Bosanquet Bosey Spy J 63 Frederick Albert Bosanquet Vanity Fair 21 November 1901.jpg
1901-11-2828 Nov 1901 QuornGroup of fox-hunters, including the 9th Duke of Marlborough and Lady Angela Forbes Kirby Gate CB WS; a meet of the Quorn in Leicestershire; double print Group of hunters, Vanity Fair, 1901-11-28.jpg
1901-12-055 Dec 1901 Smith-DorrienGen. H. L. Smith-Dorrien DSO Doreen Spy M 0830 Horace Smith-Dorrien Vanity Fair 1901-12-05.jpg
1901-12-1212 Dec 1901 Ibsen-Henrik Henrik Ibsen The Master Builder SNAPP M 0831 Henrik Ibsen Vanity Fair 1901-12-12.jpg
1901-12-1919 Dec 1901 WinchesterThe Bishop of Winchester Prelate of the garter Spy S 743 Randall Thomas Davidson.png
1901-12-2626 Dec 1901 Cuch-Behar The Maharajah Of Cuch Behar Cuch Behar P 24 Nripendra Narayan, Vanity Fair, 1901-12-26.jpg
1902-01-022 Jan 1902 CromerThe Earl of Cromer The maker of modern 'Egypt' Spy S 744 1st Earl of Cromer.png
1902-01-099 Jan 1902 Trotter-HenryMaj-Gen. Sir Henry Trotter KCVO Home District Spy M 0832 Henry Trotter, Vanity Fair, 1902-01-09.jpg
1902-01-1616 Jan 1902 DesartThe Earl of Desart Public Prosecutions Spy M 0833 Earl of Desart Vanity Fair 16 January 1902.jpg
1902-01-2323 Jan 1902 Joyce-MatthewSir Matthew Joyce steady-going Spy J 64 Sir Matthew Ingle Joyce Vanity Fair 23 January 1902.jpg
1902-01-3030 Jan 1902 Paget-JohnMr John Otho Paget Otho CB M 0834 John Otho Paget 30 January 1902.jpg
1902-02-066 Feb 1902 Aberdeen-EarlThe Earl of Aberdeen Aberdeenshire Spy S 745 John Hamilton-Gordon, Vanity Fair, 1902-02-06.jpg
1902-02-1313 Feb 1902 Eady-CharlesMr Justice C. F. Eady Plausible Spy J 65 Charles Swinfen Eady, Vanity Fair, 1902-02-13.jpg
1902-02-2020 Feb 1902 Stone-John Sir John Stone MP East Birmingham Spy S 746 John Benjamin Stone.jpg
1902-02-2727 Feb 1902 Santley-Charles C. Santley Student and Singer Spy M 0835 Charles Santley Vanity Fair 27 February 1902.jpg
1902-03-066 Mar 1902 Walton-John John Walton KC MP A Radical lawyer Spy S 747 John Lawson Walton, Vanity Fair, 1902-03-06.jpg
1902-03-1313 Mar 1902 Swift-Macneill John MacNeill KC MP South Donegal Spy S 748 John Gordon Swift MacNeill, Vanity Fair, 1902-03-13.jpg
1902-03-2020 Mar 1902 Spicer-RobertDr Robert Spicer Rhinology Spy M 0836 Robert Spicer Vanity Fair 20 March 1902.jpg
1902-03-2727 Mar 1902 Lascelles-FrankSir Frank Lascelles PC GCB GCMG Berlin Spy M 0837 Frank Cavendish Lascelle, Vanity Fair, 1902-03-27.jpg
1902-04-033 Apr 1902 Compton-AlwyneLord Alwyne Compton DL MP North Bedfordshire Spy S 749 Alwyne Frederick Compton Vanity Fair 3 April 1902.jpg
1902-04-1010 Apr 1902 CrippsCharles Cripps KC MP Vicar General Spy S 750 Charles Alfred Cripps, Vanity Fair, 1902-04-10.jpg
1902-04-1717 Apr 1902 Seddon-RichardRichard Seddon King Dick How M 0838 Richard John Seddon, Vanity Fair, 1902-04-17.jpg
1902-04-2424 Apr 1902 HayashuViscount Tadasu Hayashi Japan Spy M 0839 Hayashi Tadasu Vanity Fair 24 April 1902.jpg
1902-05-011 May 1902 Semon-FelixSir Felix Semon MD FRCP Laryngology Spy M 0840 Felix Semon Vanity Fair 1 May 1902.jpg
1902-05-088 May 1902 Dundonald-EarlEarl Dundonald A Cavalry reformer Spy S 751 Earl of Dundonald Vanity Fair 1902-05-08.jpg
1902-05-1515 May 1902 Devonshire-DukeDuke of Devonshire Education and Defence Spy S 752 Duke of Devonshire Vanity Fair 1902-05-15.jpg
1902-05-2222 May 1902 Jephson-DigbyD. L. A. Jephson The Lobster Spy M 0841 Digby Jephson Vanity Fair 22 May 1902.jpg
1902-05-2929 May 1902 Teck-Duke-Adolphus The Duke of Teck GCVO The Duke of Teck Spy P 25 Adolphus, Duke of Teck, Vanity Fair, 1902-05-29.jpg
1902-06-055 Jun 1902 Abel-RobertRobert Abel Bobby Spy M 0842 Robert Abel Vanity Fair 5 June 1902.jpg
1902-06-1212 Jun 1902 Charles-DenmarkPrince Charles of Denmark A Prince of Denmark Spy P 26 Haakon VII of Norway, Vanity Fair, 1902-06-12.jpg
1902-06-1919 Jun 1902 EdwardHM King Edward VII His Majesty the King Spy So 25 King Edward VII Vanity Fair 19 June 1902.jpg
1902-06-2626 Jun 1902 Victor-ImmannuelVictor Emanuel III Italia Lib So 26 Victor Emmanuel III.jpg
1902-07-033 Jul 1902 Douglas-Archibald Adm. Sir Archibald Douglas Douglas North America and West Indies Spy M 0843 Archibald Lucius Douglas Vanity Fair 3 July 1902.jpg
1902-07-1010 Jul 1902 Bell-GeorgekThe Rev George Charles Bell Marlborough College Spy M 0844 George Charles Bell, Vanity Fair, 1902-07-10.jpg
1902-07-1717 Jul 1902 Teck-Francis-PrinceMaj Prince Francis of Teck Frank Spy P 27 Prince Francis of Teck, Vanity Fair, 1902-07-17.jpg
1902-07-2424 Jul 1902 Walteon-JosephSir Joseph Walton A lawyer on the Bench Spy J 66 Sir Joseph Walton Vanity Fair 24 July 1902.JPG
1902-07-3131 Jul 1902 Wet-ChristiaanGen C. de Wet De Wet EBN M 0845 Christiaan de Wet Vanity Fair 1902-07-31.jpg
1902-08-077 Aug 1902 Gervais-RaymondAdm Raymond-Émile Gervais [fr] l'Amiral GUTH M 0846 Raymond-Émile Gervais Vanity Fair 7 August 1902.jpg
1902-08-1414 Aug 1902 Balfour-BurleighLord Balfour of Burleigh Secretary for Scotland Spy S 753 Alexander Hugh Bruce, Vanity Fair, 1902-08-14.jpg
1902-08-2121 Aug 1902 Villiers-HenryThe Rev H. M. Villiers MA St Paul's Knightsbridge Spy M 0847 Henry Montagu Villiers Vanity Fair 21 August 1902.jpg
1902-08-2828 Aug 1902 Jackson-StanleyStanley Jackson A Flannelled Fighter Spy M 0848 Frank Stanley Jackson Vanity Fair 28 August 1902.jpg
1902-09-044 Sep 1902 Roosevelt-TheodorePresident Theodore Roosevelt USA Flagg M 0849 Theodore Roosevelt Vanity Fair 4 September 1902.jpg
1902-09-1111 Sep 1902 CanterburyThe Archbishop of Canterbury Just Spy S 754 Frederick Temple, Vanity Fair, 1902-09-11.jpg
1902-09-1818 Sep 1902 Markham-EdwinGen. Sir Edwin Markham RMC Spy M 0850 Sir Edwin Markham Vanity Fair 1902-09-18.jpg
1902-09-2525 Sep 1902 Reid-Whitelaw Whitelaw Reid New York Tribune Spy M 0851 Whitelaw Reid Vanity Fair 25 September 1902.jpg
1902-10-022 Oct 1902 Diosy-Arthur Arthur Diosy The Japan Society Spy M 0852 Arthur Diosy.jpg
1902-10-099 Oct 1902 Pollock-BertramRev Bertram Pollock Wellington College Spy M 0853 Bertram Pollock Vanity Fair 9 October 1902.jpg
1902-10-1616 Oct 1902 Barton-Edmund Sir Edmund Barton Australia Spy M 0854 Edmund Barton Vanity Fair 16 October 1902.jpg
1902-10-2323 Oct 1902 Dimsdale-JosephSir Joseph Dimsdale Bt MP JP The Lord Mayor Spy S 755 Joseph Cockfield Dimsdale Vanity Fair 23 October 1902.jpg
1902-10-3030 Oct 1902 Broadbent-William Sir William Broadbent KCVO MD FRCP LLD FRS Orthodoxy Spy M 0855 William Broadbent Vanity Fair 30 October 1902.jpg
1902-11-066 Nov 1902 Fisher-JohnAdm. John Fisher Jacky Spy M 0856 Fisherspycartoon1902.jpg
1902-11-1313 Nov 1902 Plumer-HerbertGen. Herbert Plumer Self reliant Spy M 0857 Herbert Charles Onslow Plumer, Vanity Fair, 1902-11-13.jpg
1902-11-2020 Nov 1902 Wilkinson-Joseph Sir Joseph Wilkinson GWR Spy M 0858 Joseph Loftus Wilkinson Vanity Fair 20 November 1902.jpg
1902-11-2727 Nov 1902 Heads-LawThe Lord Chief Justice and other senior lawyers Heads of the Law Spy WS; Lord Justice Sterling, Mr Justice Barnes, The Master of the Rolls, Lord Justice Cozens-Hardy, Mr Justice Bigham, The Lord Chief Justice, Mr Justice Wright, Lord Justice Romer, Lord Justice Williams and Lord Justice Mathew; double print Heads of the Law Vanity Fair 27 November 1902.jpg
1902-12-044 Dec 1902 Durnfor-Walter Walter Durnford Walter D Spy M 0859 Walter Durnford, Vanity Fair, 1902-12-04.jpg
1902-12-1111 Dec 1902 McEwen-William William McEwan McEwan & Co. Spy M 0860 William McEwan, Vanity Fair, 1902-12-11.jpg
1902-12-1818 Dec 1902 Stephen-Alexander Sir Alexander Stephen KCMG MCVO CB Russian, Persian and Turkish Spy M 0861 Alexander Condie Stephen Vanity Fair 18 December 1902.jpg
1902-12-2525 Dec 1902 Forestier-Walker-Frederick Gen. Sir Frederick Forestier-Walker Shookey Spy M 0862 Forestierwalker.jpg
1903-01-011 Jan 1903 Dawson-DouglasCol. Douglas Dawson CMG A Military Secretary Spy M 0863 Douglas Frederick Rawdon Dawson, Vanity Fair, 1903-01-01.jpg
1903-01-088 Jan 1903 Pirrie-WilliamWilliam Pirrie PC LLD Harland and Wolff Spy M 0864 William James Pirrie, Vanity Fair, 1903-01-08.jpg
1903-01-1515 Jan 1903 Herbert-Michael Sir Michael Herbert Washington Spy M 0865 Sir Michael Henry Herbert Spy.jpg
1903-01-2222 Jan 1903 ClanwilliamAdm. Earl Clanwilliam An Admiral of the Fleet Spy S 755 Richard Meade, 4th Earl of Clanwilliam Vanity Fair 22 January 1903.jpg
1903-01-2929 Jan 1903 DinShah-MozaffarMozaffar al-Din Shah Qajar Persia Spy So 27 Mozaffar ad-Din Shah Qajar, Vanity Fair, 1903-01-29.jpg
1903-02-055 Feb 1903 Grey-Edward Sir Edward Grey MP A Liberal Imperialist Spy S 756 Edward Grey 5 February 1903.jpg
1903-02-1212 Feb 1903 Makunan-ras Ras Makunan An Abyssinian General Spy M 0866; father of Haile Selassie I Ras Makonnen, Vanity Fair, 1903-02-12.jpg
1903-02-1919 Feb 1903 Laking-FrancisSir Francis Laking MD GCVO The King's Physician Spy M 0867 Francis Laking Vanity Fair 19 February 1903.jpg
1903-02-2626 Feb 1903 Ridgeway-FrederickFrederick Ridgeway Kensington Spy M 0868 Frederick Edward Ridgeway, Vanity Fair, 1903-02-26.jpg
1903-03-055 Mar 1903 Wellington-DukeThe Duke of Wellington Stratfield Saye Spy S 757 Arthur Charles Wellesley, Vanity Fair, 1903-03-05.jpg
1903-03-1212 Mar 1903 Ta-Jen-ChangChang Ta-Jen China in London Spy M 0869 Chang Ta-Jen Vanity Fair 12 March 1903.jpg
1903-03-1919 Mar 1903 Owens-CharlesSir Charles John Owens South Western transport Spy M 0870 Charles John Owens, Vanity Fair, 1903-03-19.jpg
1903-03-2626 Mar 1903 May-WilliamRear-Adm. William May MVO Navy Control Spy M 0871 William Henry May, Vanity Fair, 1903-03-26.jpg
1903-04-022 Apr 1903 Chapman-WilfredCapt. Wilfrid Hubert Chapman CUBC Spy M 0872 Chapman WH Vanity Fair 1903-04-02.jpg
1903-04-099 Apr 1903 Huggins-WilliamSir William Huggins Spectroscopic astronomy Spy M 0873 William Huggins, Vanity Fair, 1903-04-09.jpg
1903-04-1616 Apr 1903 Coventry-Aubrey Aubrey Coventry Orleans Cloister M 0874 Henry Aubrey Coventry, Vanity Fair, 1903-04-16.jpg
1903-04-2323 Apr 1903 Satow-ErnestSir Ernest Satow Peking Spy M 0875 Ernest Mason Satow Vanity Fair 23 April 1903.jpg
1903-04-3030 Apr 1903 Portman-Seymour Seymour Berkeley Portman-Dalton Kempton Cloister M 0876 Seymour Berkeley Portman-Dalton, Vanity Fair, 1903-04-30.jpg
1903-05-077 May 1903 Kubelik-JanJan Kubelík Kubelik Spy M 0877 Jan Kubelík Vanity Fair 1903-05-07.jpg
1903-05-1414 May 1903 Deichman-AdolphBaron Adolph Deichmann Four-in-hand Spy M 0878 Adolph Wilhelm Deichmann Vanity Fair 14 May 1903.JPG
1903-05-2121 May 1903 Crookes-WilliamSir William Crookes FRS Ubi Crookes ibi lux Spy M 0879 William Crookes, Vanity Fair, 1903-05-21.jpg
1903-05-2828 May 1903 Butler-MontagueRev Henry Montagu Butler Trinity Spy M 0880 Henry Montagu Butler, Vanity Fair, 1903-05-28.jpg
1903-06-044 Jun 1903 Benson-Arthur Arthur Benson MA Fasti Etonenses Spy M 0881 Arthur Christopher Benson, Vanity Fair, 1903-06-04.jpg
1903-06-1111 Jun 1903 Clarke-EdwardSir Edward Clarke Sir Edward Spy M 0882 Edward George Clarke Vanity Fair 11 June 1903.jpg
1903-06-1818 Jun 1903 Fergusson-Samuel Samuel Mure Fergusson Muir Spy M 0883 Samuel Mure Fergusson, Vanity Fair, 1903-06-18.jpg
1903-06-2525 Jun 1903 Norman-HenryFM Sir Henry Norman Chelsea Hospital Spy M 0884 Henry Wylie Norman, Vanity Fair, 1903-06-25.jpg
1903-07-022 Jul 1903 Burge-HubertHubert Murray Burge Winchester Spy M 0885 Hubert Burge by Spy.jpg
1903-07-099 Jul 1903 Fulton-ForrestForrest Fulton The Recorder Spy J 60 Forrest Fulton Vanity Fair 9 July 1903.jpg
1903-07-1616 Jul 1903 Hi;ton-Harold Harold Hilton Hoylake Spy M 0886 Harold Horsfall Hilton, Vanity Fair, 1903-07-16.jpg
1903-07-2323 Jul 1903 Shand-BaronThe Baron Shand A Scots lawyer Spy J 61 Alexander Burns Shand Vanity Fair 23 July 1903.JPG
1903-07-3030 Jul 1903 Shrewsbury-TalbotThe Earl of Shrewsbury and Talbot Cabs Spy S 758 Charles Henry John Chetwynd-Talbot, Vanity Fair, 1903-07-30.jpg
1903-08-066 Aug 1903 PalairetLionel Palairet Repton, Oxford and Somerset Spy M 0887 Lionel Palairet by Leslie Ward.jpg
1903-08-1313 Aug 1903 Hutton-AlfredCapt Alfred Hutton FSA Cold Steel Jest M 0888 Alfred Hutton Vanity Fair 13 August 1903.jpg
1903-08-2020 Aug 1903 Hirst-GeorgeG. H. Hirst Yorkshire Spy M 0889 George Hirst.jpg
1903-08-2727 Aug 1903 Broadwood-RobertCol R. G. Broadwood Natal Spy M 0890 Robert George Broadwood, Vanity Fair, 1903-08-27.jpg
1903-09-033 Sep 1903 Warner-Pelham P. F. Warner Plum Spy M 0891 Pelham Warner Vanity Fair 3 September 1903.jpg
1903-09-1010 Sep 1903 Maher-Daniel Daniel Maher Danny Ao M 0892 Danny Maher Vanity Fair 1903-09-10.jpg
1903-09-1717 Sep 1903 Scott-PercyCapt Percy Scott RN ADC CB LLD Gunnery Spy M 0893 Percy Scott Vanity Fair 17 September 1903.jpg
1903-09-2424 Sep 1903 Marshall-Hall-EMr E. Marshall-Hall KC MP Southport Division Spy S 759 Edward Marshall-Hall, Vanity Fair, 1903-09-24.jpg
1903-10-011 Oct 1903 Watts-JohnJohn Evelyn Watts JE Watts Ao M 0894 John Watts Vanity Fair 1903-10-01.jpg
1903-10-0810 Oct 1903 Bille-Ernst Frants Ernst de Bille Denmark in England Spy M 0895 Frants Ernst de Bille, Vanity Fair, 1903-10-08.JPG
1903-10-1515 Oct 1903 Keppel-HenryAdm. of the Fleet Sir Henry Keppel GCB OM DCL 94 Ao M 0896 Henry Keppel, Vanity Fair, 1903-10-15.jpg
1903-10-2222 Oct 1903 Letchworth-EdwardSir Edward Letchworth FSA The Grand Secretary Spy M 0897 Edward Letchworth Vanity Fair 22 October 1903.jpg
1903-10-2929 Oct 1903 Carnegie-AndrewMr A Carnegie Free Libraries Spy M 0898 Andrew Carnegie, Vanity Fair, 1903-10-29.jpg
1903-11-0511 Oct 1903 Wilmot-RobertSir Robert Wilmot Bt Berks and Bucks Ao M 0899 Robert Rodney Wilmot 5 November 1903.jpg
1903-11-1212 Nov 1903 AcostaHRH The Duke of Aosta KG The Duke of Aosta Lib P 28 Duke of Aosta Vanity Fair 1903-11-12.jpg
1903-11-1919 Nov 1903 McCall-Robert Robert McCall KC Ulsterman KC Spy M 0900 QC Court robes.jpg
1903-11-2626 Nov 1903 Fuller-Acland-AlexanderSir Alexander Fuller-Acland-Hood Bt MP 1st Conservative Whip Spy S 760 Fuller-Acland-Hood A Vanity Fair 1903-11-26.jpg
1903-12-033 Dec 1903 Bedford-FrederickAdm. Sir Frederick Bedford Western Australia Spy M 0901 Frederick Bedford Vanity Fair 3 December 1903.jpg
1903-12-1010 Dec 1903 PiusPope Pius X His Holiness Pius X Lib So 28 Pope Pius X, Vanity Fair, 1903-12-10.jpg
1903-12-1717 Dec 1903 Peel-FrederickSir Frederick Peel Bt PC A Railway Commissioner Spy M 0902 Frederick Peel, Vanity Fair, 1903-12-17.jpg
1903-12-2424 Dec 1903 BenckendorffAlexander, Count Benckendorff Russia in England Spy M 0903 Count Benckendorff Vanity Fair 24 December 1903.jpg
1903-12-3131 Dec 1903 Beatty-CharlesCapt. Charles Beatty DSO Charlie GDG M 0904 Charles Harold Longfield Beatty, Vanity Fair, 1903-12-31.jpg
1904-01-077 Jan 1904 BeckettE. W. Beckett MP Whitby Spy S 761 Ernest Beckett Vanity Fair 7 January 1904.jpg
1904-01-1414 Jan 1904 Mackenzie-AlexanderSir Alexander Mackenzie MusDoc LLD DCL RAM Spy M 0905 Alexander mackenzie by spy.jpg
1904-01-2121 Jan 1904 Churchill-ViscountViscount Churchill Conservative Whip Spy S 762 1st Viscount Churchill.png
1904-01-2828 Jan 1904 Goldman-CharlesMr Charles Sydney Goldmann A self-made African Spy M 0906 Charles Sydney Goldmann Vanity Fair 28 January 1904.jpg
1904-02-044 Feb 1904 LodgeSir Oliver Lodge FRS DSc LLD Birmingham University Spy M 0907 Oliver Joseph Lodge.jpg
1904-02-1111 Feb 1904 Northampton-MarquisThe Marquis of Northampton The lordship of Compton Spy S 763 Marquess of Northampton Vanity Fair 1904-02-11.jpg
1904-02-1818 Feb 1904 IsaacsRufus Isaacs KC MP Rufus Spy M 0908 Rufus Isaacs, Vanity Fair, 1904-02-18.jpg
1904-02-2525 Feb 1904 Maclean-Harry-AubreyGen. Sir H. A. deV. Maclean The Kaid Spy M 0909 Harry Aubrey de Maclean.jpg
1904-03-033 Mar 1904 Northcote-LordLord Northcote The Australia Commonwealth Spy S 764 Lord Northcote Vanity Fair 3 March 1904.jpg
1904-03-1010 Mar 1904 Amherst-EarlThe Earl of Amherst The Pro Grand Master Spy S 765 3rd Earl Amherst.png
1904-03-1717 Mar 1904 Lamton-GeorgeGeorge Lambton Stanley House Spy M 0910 George Lambton Vanity Fair 1904-03-17.jpg
1904-03-2424 Mar 1904 Sheppard-EdgarThe Rev Edgar Sheppard DD CVO a great Marrier Spy M 0911 Edgar Sheppard Vanity Fair 24 March 1904.jpg
1904-03-3131 Mar 1904 AdlerThe Very Rev H. Adler DD LLD PhD The Chief Rabbi Spy M 0912 Hermann Adler.png
1904-04-077 Apr 1904 Darnley-EarlThe Earl of Darnley Ivo Spy S 766 Ivo Bligh Vanity Fair 7 April 1904.jpg
1904-04-1414 Apr 1904 BridgeSir Frederick Bridge MVO MusDoc (Oxon) Westminster Bridge Spy M 0913 John Frederick Bridge Vanity Fair 14 April 1904.jpg
1904-04-2121 Apr 1904 Talbot-EdwardThe Edward Stuart Talbot Rochester Spy M 0914 Edward Stuart Talbot, Vanity Fair, 1904-04-21.jpg
1904-04-2828 Apt 1904 Powell-RichardSir Richard Douglas Powell KCVO MD FRCP MRCS Chests Spy M 0915 Richard Douglas Powell Vanity Fair 28 April 1904.jpg
1904-05-055 May 1904 CobhamViscount Cobham Cricket, Railways and Agriculture Spy S 767 Viscount Cobham Vanity Fair 5 May 1904.jpg
1904-05-1212 May 1904 Durand-MortimerSir Mortimer Durand Washington Post Spy M 0916 Sir Mortimer Durand Vanity Fair 1904-05-12.jpg
1904-05-1919 May 1904 Jelf-Arthur Sir Arthur Jelf K.C. KC Ermined urbanity Spy J 62 Arthur Richard Jelf, Vanity Fair, 1904-05-19.jpg
1904-05-2626 May 1904 James-Arthur Arthur James a hard rider Spy M 0917 Arthur James, Vanity Fair, 1904-05-26.jpg
1904-06-022 Jun 1904 AvoryHorace Avory K.C. slim Spy M 0918 Horace Avory Vanity Fair 2 June 1904.jpg
1904-06-099 Jun 1904 Cayzer-ChrlesSir Charles Cayzer Chief of the 'Clans' Spy M 0919 Charles Cayzer Vanity Fair 9 June 1904.jpg
1904-06-1616 Jun 1904 RedesdaleLord Redesdale The Nobleman of the Garden Spy M 0920 Algernon Bertram Freeman-Mitford, Vanity Fair, 1904-06-16.jpg
1904-06-2323 Jun 1904 Stirling-Stuart-WilliamStewart Stirling the Hatter Spy M 0921 William Crawfurd Stirling-Stuart Vanity Fair 23 June 1904.jpg
1904-06-3030 Jun 1904 Rose-Charles Charles Day Rose MP Newmarket Spy M 0922 Charles Day Rose, Vanity Fair, 1904-06-30.jpg
1904-07-077 Jul 1904 Redmond-JohnJohn Redmond the Irish petrel Spy S 768 John Redmond Vanity Fair 7 July 1904.jpg
1904-07-1414 Jul 1904 Asquith-HerbertH. H. Asquith KC MP brains Spy S 769 Herbert Henry Asquith Vanity Fair 1 August 1891-cropped.jpg
1904-07-2121 Jul 1904 LalaingCount Charles Maximilien de Lalaing The Belgian Minister Spy M 0923 Count Charles de Lalaing Vanity Fair 21 July 1904.jpg
1904-07-2828 Jul 1904 InverclydeLord Inverclyde A Cunarder Spy M 0924 George Arbuthnot Burns, Vanity Fair, 1904-07-28.jpg
1904-08-044 Aug 1904 Smith-SamuelSamuel Smith MP Sammy Spy M 0925 Samuel Smith Vanity Fair 4 August 1904.JPG
1904-08-1111 Aug 1904 Hemphill-CharlesC. H. Hemphill KC MP The Irish Serjeant Spy M 0926 Charles Hare Hemphill.jpg
1904-08-1818 Aug 1904 ShuttleworthLord Shuttleworth Shuttleworth Spy S 770 Ughtred James Kay-Shuttleworth Vanity Fair 18 August 1904.jpg
1904-08-2525 Aug 1904 Holland-SydneyS. G. Holland How Much? Spy M 0927 Sydney Holland Vanity Fair 25 August 1904.jpg
1904-09-011 Sep 1904 DohertyLaurence Doherty Thrice Champion Spy M 0928 Hugh Lawrence Doherty Vanity Fair 1 September 1904.jpg
1904-09-088 Sep 1904 Hutchinson-HenryMaj-Gen. Henry Hutchinson CSI Patronage Spy M 0929 Henry Doveton Hutchinson Vanity Fair 8 September 1904.jpg
1904-09-1515 Sep 1904 Bosanquet B. J. T. Bosanquet an artful bowler Spy M 0930 Bernard Bosanquet Vanity Fair 15 September 1904.jpg
1904-09-2222 Sep 1904 DalmenyLord Dalmeny In his father's steps Spy M 0931 Lord Dalmeny Vanity Fair 1904-09-22.jpeg
1904-09-2929 Sep 1904 Jones-HerbertHerbert Jones A King's jockey Ao M 0932 Herbert Ebsworth Jones, Vanity Fair, 1904-09-29.jpg
1904-10-066 Oct 1904 DucannonLord Duncannon Duncannon Spy M 0933 Duncannon.jpg
1904-10-1313 Oct 1904 Waller-Lewis Lewis Waller Romantic Drama jmp M 0934 William Waller Lewis, Vanity Fair, 1904-10-13.jpg
1904-10-2020 Oct 1904 Jebb-Richard Sir Richard Jebb Ajax MP Spy M 0935 Richard Claverhouse Jebb, Vanity Fair, 1904-10-20.jpg
1904-10-2727 Oct 1904 Eustace-Jameson-JohnMaj. John Eustace-Jameson MP The Major from Clare Spy M 0936 John Eustace Jameson, Vanity Fair, 1904-10-27.jpg
1904-11-033 Nov 1904 WinchesterThe Marquess of Winchester The Premier Marquess Spy M 0937 Premier Marquess 1904.jpg
1904-11-1010 Nov 1904 AgaKhanThe Aga Khan The Aga Khan Spy M 0938 Aga Khan III, Vanity Fair, 1904-11-10.jpg
1904-11-1717 Nov 1904 Pierson-ArthurArthur Pearson Joe's Stage Manager Spy M 0939 Arthur Pearson Vanity Fair 17 November 1904.jpg
1904-11-2424 Nov 1904 Campbell-C Rev R. J. Campbell Fearless but Intemperate Spy M 0940 Reginald John Campbell, Vanity Fair, 1904-11-24.jpg
1904-12-011 Dec 1904 Scott-GattySir Alfred Scott-Gatty The Minstrel Boy Spy M 0941 King of arms Gatty.jpg
1904-12-088 Dec 1904 Smith-FrederickFrederick Smith MP head of the greatest publishing house in Christendom Spy M 0942 Smith WFD Vanity Fair 1904-12-08.jpg
1904-12-1515 Dec 1904 Maxim-HiramSir Hiram Maxim In the clouds Spy M 0943 Sir Hiram Stevens Maxim00.jpg
1904-12-22 22 Dec 1904 CuriePierre and Marie Curie Radium jmp Pe 1 Pierre and Marie Curie Vanity Fair 1904-12-22.jpg
1904-12-2929 Dec 1904 RodinAuguste Rodin He thinks in marble jmp M 0944 Auguste Rodin Vanity Fair 1904-12-29.jpg

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