List of Vanity Fair (British magazine) caricatures (1905–1909)

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Publication date Subject Caption Caricaturist Notes Pic.
1905-01-05 5 Jan 1905 JoachimJoseph Joachim The last of the classical school Spy M 0945 Joseph Joachim Vanity Fair 5 January 1905.jpg
1905-01-1212 Jan 1905 LankesterProf E. R. Lankester FRS His religion is the worship of all sorts of winged and finny freaks Spy M 0946 Ray Lankester.png
1905-01-1919 Jan 1905 ThorneycroftSir John Thornycroft Destroyers Spy M 0947 Spy - J I Thornycroft.jpg
1905-01-2626 Jan 1905 Wolfe_Barry-J Sir John Wolfe-Barry He has engineered nothing better than his own fortunes Spy M 0948 John Wolfe-Barry Vanity Fair 26 January 1905.jpg
1905-02-022 Feb 1905 Stanford-Charles Sir Charles Stanford MA DCL MusDoc He found Harmony Spy M 0949 Stanford Charles Villiers.jpg
1905-02-099 Feb 1905 DonoughmoreLord Donoughmore A most discreet under secretary, drawn for the first time Spy M 0940 Richard Walter Hely-Hutchinson, Vanity Fair, 1905-02-09.jpg
1905-02-1616 Feb 1905 LouisPrince Louis of Battenberg He was born a Serene Highness but has lived it down Spy M 0941 Prince Louis of Battenberg Vanity Fair 16 February 1905.jpg
1905-02-2323 Feb 1905 Seely-JMaj John Seely DSO MP Extinction, Distinction – which will it be? Something of both at present, say the spiteful Spy M 0942 John Seely.JPG
1905-03-022 Mar 1905 Bonar_LawBonar Law MP A gentle shepherd who would lead his flock in to the protectionist fold Spy M 0943 Bonar Law Vanity Fair 2 March 1905.jpg
1905-03-099 Mar 1905 Castle-Egerton Egerton Castle He insists that his pen is mightier than his sword Spy M 0944 Egerton Castle, Vanity Fair, 1905-03-09.jpg
1905-03-1616 Mar 1905 Marconi-G Gugliemlo Marconi Wires without wires Spy M 0945 Guglielmo, Marchese Marconi. Colour lithograph by Sir L. War Wellcome V0003849.jpg
1905-03-2323 Mar 1905 TullinbardineThe Marquess of Tullibardine Scottish horse Spy M 0946 John George Stewart-Murray, Vanity Fair, 1905-03-23.jpg
1905-03-3030 Mar 1905 Brough-Lionel Lionel Brough a fellow of infinite jest Spy M 0947 Lionel Brough, Vanity Fair, 1905-03-30.jpg
1905-04-069 Apr 1905 Crooks-WillWill Crooks MP The Labourer is worthy of his hire Spy M 0948 Will Crooks Vanity Fair 6 April 1905.jpg
1905-04-1313 Apr 1905 Ball-RobertSir Robert Ball popular Astronomy Spy M 0949 Robert Stawell Ball, Vanity Fair, 1905-04-13.jpg
1905-04-2020 Apr 1905 OnslowThe Earl of Onslow Chairman of Committees in the Lords Spy M 0960 William Onslow Vanity Fair 1905-04-20.jpg
1905-04-2727 Apr 1905 ElginThe Earl of Elgin He has decided where Churches disagree Spy M 0961 Victor Alexander Bruce, Vanity Fair, 1905-04-27.jpg
1905-05-044 May 1905 Wolfe-Murray-JamesMaj-Gen Sir James Wolfe Murray The Master General Spy M 0962 James Murray Vanity Fair 4 May 1905.jpg
1905-05-1111 May 1905 Evans-GordonMaj William Evans-Gordon MP The Alien Immigrant Spy M 0963 William Evans-Gordon, Vanity Fair, 1905-05-11.jpg
1905-05-1818 May 1905 Critchett-AndersonSir Anderson Critchett Bt The King's Oculist Spy M 0964 Anderson Critchett Vanity Fair 18 May 1905.jpg
1905-05-2525 May 1905 Roberts-John John Roberts, Jr The champion of 1885 Spy Reprint of 1885-04-04 John Roberts, Jr. Vanity Fair 1885-04-04.jpg
1905-05-2525 May 1905 Stevenson-HarryHarry Stevenson He might be champion if there were a Championship Spy M 0965 Harry W Stevenson, Vanity Fair, 1905-05-25.jpg
1905-06-011 Jun 1905 William HRH William, The Crown Prince of Germany Oh, child may'st thou be less talkative than thy father, But in all else like him]] Ajax GUTH M 0966 Friedrich Wilhelm Victor Augustus Ernest, Vanity Fair, 1905-06-01.jpg
1905-06-088 Jun 1905 Walker-Peter Sir Peter Walker Bt Peter Spy M 0967 Peter Carlaw Walker Vanity Fair 8 June 1905.jpg
1905-06-1515 Jun 1905 LawrenceWalter Lawrence The Prince's cicerone Spy M 0968 Walter Lawrence Vanity Fair 15 June 1905.jpg
1905-06-2222 Jun 1905 Poynder-Dickson Sir John Poynder-Dickson MP To abandon Conservative ideals is to destroy the Empire Spy M 0969 John Dickson-Poynder, Vanity Fair, 1905-06-22.jpg
1905-06-2929 Jun 1905 MintoThe Earl of Minto Roley Spy M 0970 Gilbert John Elliot-Murray-Kynynmound, Vanity Fair, 1905-06-29.jpg
1905-07-066 Jul 1905 Rawle-Thomas Thomas Rawle The President of the Law Society Spy M 0971 Thomas Rawle, Vanity Fair, 1905-07-06.jpg
1905-07-1313 Jul 1905 Bagallray-ErnestErnest Baggallay A popular magistrate Spy M 0972 Ernest Baggallay, Vanity Fair, 1905-07-13.jpg
1905-07-2020 Jul 1905 Caillard-LeonceLéonce Albert Caillard [fr] Vice-Admiral Caillard GUTH M 0973 Vice-Admiral Caillard Vanity Fair 20 July 1905.jpg
1905-07-2727 Jul 1905 Dunne-FinlayFinley Peter Dunne Mr Dooley Spy M 0974 Finley Peter Dunne Vanity Fair 27 July 1905.jpg
1905-08-033 Aug 1905 Macdonnell-AntonySir Antony MacDonnell Sir Antony MacDonnell Spy M 0975 Antony Patrick MacDonnell, Vanity Fair, 1905-08-03.jpg
1905-08-1010 Aug 1905 Terry-EdwardEdward Terry A Mason of distinction Spy M 0976 Finley Peter Dunne Vanity Fair 27 July 1905.jpg
1905-08-1717 Aug 1905 Morley-SamuelSamuel Hope Morley Samuel Hope Morley Spy M 0977 Samuel Hope Morley, Vanity Fair, 1905-08-17.jpg
1905-08-2424 Aug 1905 Arnold-FosterThe Rt Hon H. O. Arnold-Forster MP The Heritage of Woe Spy M 0978 Hugh Oakeley Arnold-Forster, Vanity Fair, 1905-08-24, full page.jpg
1905-08-3131 Aug 1905 Lucy-Henry Henry W. Lucy Toby MP Spy M 0979 Henrywlucy.jpg
1905-09-077 Sep 1905 Kuropatkin-Aleksey Gen Kuropatkin I regret to report jmp M 0980 Alexei Nikolayevich Kuropatkin, Vanity Fair, 1905-09-07.jpg
1905-09-1414 Sep 1905 Bass-WilliamWilliam Bass Billy Spy M 0981 William Arthur Hamar Bass Vanity Fair 14 September 1905.jpg
1905-09-2121 Sep 1905 Brock-ThomasThomas Brock RA The Queen's memorial Spy M 0982 Thomas Brock, Vanity Fair, 1905-09-21.jpg
1905-09-28 28 Sep 1905 Rimington-WilsonReginald Rimington-Wilson Driven grouse Spy M 0983 Reginald Henry Rimington-Wilson, Vanity Fair, 1905-09-28.jpg
1905-10-055 Oct 1905 Henry-EdwardEdward Henry CSI Finger Prints Spy M 0984 Edward Richard Henry00.jpg
1905-10-1212 Oct 1905 Marsham-RobertRobert Marsham Bow Street Spy M 0985 Robert Henry Bullock-Marsham Vanity Fair 12 October 1905.jpg
1905-10-1919 Oct 1905 Bowles-T Thomas Bowles MP An Encyclopaedia… Spy M 0986 Thomas Gibson Bowles00.jpg
1905-10-2626 Oct 1905 Hood-AlexanderAlexander Hood The Princess's Private Secretary Spy M 0987 Alexander Nelson Hood, Vanity Fair, 1905-10-26.jpg
1905-11-022 Nov 1905 Trevor-LeoLeo Trevor Leo Spy M 0988 Leo Trevor, Vanity Fair, 1905-11-02.jpg
1905-11-099 Nov 1905 Guinness-RupertRupert Guinness Rupert Spy M 0989 Rupert ECL Guinness, Vanity Fair, 1905-11-09.jpg
1905-11-1616 Nov 1905 Grossmith-WeedonWeedon Grossmith The Duffer Spy M 0990 Walter Weedon Grossmith, Vanity Fair, 1905-11-16.jpg
1905-11-2323 Nov 1905 WilloughbyLord Willoughby de Broke An MFH with a sense of humour Spy M 0991 Richard Greville Verney, Vanity Fair, 1905-11-23.jpg
1905-11-3030 Nov 1905 Foote-BarringtonCol Barrington Foote Military Music Spy M 0992 Colonel Barrington Foote Vanity Fair 30 November 1905.jpg
1905-12-077 Dec 1905 HuntersGroup of hunters A Fox Hunting Constellation BEDE WS; double print Group of hunters, Vanity Fair, 1905-12-07.jpg
1905-12-1414 Dec 1905 Westminster-DeanThe Dean of Westminster An erudite Dean Spy M 0993 Joseph Armitage Robinson Vanity Fair 14 December 1905.jpg
1905-12-2120 Dec 1905 Mensdorff-AlbertCount Albert Mensdorff Austria in England Spy M 0994 Albert von Mensdorff-Pouilly-Dietrichstein, Vanity Fair, 1905-12-21.jpg
1905-12-2828 Cec 1905 Shaw-George-BernardGeorge Bernard Shaw Magnetic, he has the power to infect almost everyone with the delight that he takes in himself Max M 0995 George Bernard Shaw, Vanity Fair, 1905-12-28.jpg
1906-01-044 Jan 1906 Lubbock-Edgar Edgar Lubbock The Master of the Blankney BEDE M 0996 Edgar Lubbock Vanity Fair 4 January 1906.jpg
1906-01-1111 Jan 1906 Galloway-WilliamWilliam Galloway He is very Affluent Ruth M 0997 William Johnson Galloway Vanity Fair 11 January 1906.jpg
1906-01-1818 Jan 1906 Birrell-AugustineThe Rt Hon Augustine Birrell The Passive Resister's last hope Spy M 0998 Augustine Birrell Vanity Fair 18 January 1906.jpg
1906-01-2525 Jan 1906 RobsonSir William Robson KC MP The Solicitor General Spy M 0999 William Robson Vanity Fair 25 January 1906.jpg
1906-02-011 Feb 1906 Pinero-Arthur Arthur Wing Pinero Though it is an arguable point whether he be, as it was once reputed, the most intellectual, he remains, beyond dispute, the dressiest of contemporary British dramatists Bulbo M 1000; GB Shaw in background Arthur Wing Pinero, Vanity Fair, 1906-02-01.jpg
1906-02-088 Feb 1906 Hardie-Kier Keir Hardie MP Queer Hardie Spy M 1001 Keir Hardie Vanity Fair 1906-02-08.jpg
1906-02-1515 Feb 1906 Gough-HughGen Sir H. H. Gough VC GCB Keeper of the Crown Jewels Spy M 1002 Hugh Henry Gough, Vanity Fair, 1906-02-15.jpg
1906-02-2222 Feb 1906 CecilLord E. A. R. Cecil KC MP So voluble an Advocate should become a successful Parliamentarian Spy M 1003 Robert Cecil Vanity Fair 22 February 1906.JPG
1906-03-011 Mar 1906 Fitzwilliam-CharlesGeorge Charles Fitzwilliam Billy Spy M 1004; former mayor of Peterborough George Charles Fitzwilliam Vanity Fair 1 March 1906.jpg
1906-03-088 Mar 1906 RiponThe Bishop of Ripon A man Right Reverend and Well-Beloved Spy M 1005 William Boyd Carpenter, Vanity Fair, 1906-03-08.jpg
1906-03-1515 Mar 1906 Brassey-Albert Albert Brassey The Master of the Heythrop Spy M 1006 Brassey A Vanity Fair 1906-03-15.jpg
1906-03-2222 Mar 1906 Lane-RonaldMaj-Gen Sir Ronald Lane Rowdy Spy M 1007 Ronald Bertram Lane Vanity Fair 22 March 1906.jpg
1906-03-2929 Mar 1906 Bankes-John-EldonJohn Eldon Bankes KC Good Form Spy M 1008 Bankes JE Vanity Fair 1906-03-29.jpg
1906-04-055 April 1906 PlymouthThe Earl of Plymouth Good Works Spy M 1009 Robert George Windsor-Clive, Vanity Fair, 1906-04-05.jpg
1906-04-1212 Apr 1906 Barlow-Thomas Sir Thomas Barlow Bt Physician to His Majesty's Household Spy M 1010 Thomas Barlow Vanity Fair 12 April 1906.jpg
1906-04-1919 Apr 1906 StepneyThe Bishop of Stepney A Bishop of Decision Spy M 1011 Cosmo Gordon Lang, Vanity Fair, 1906-04-19.jpg
1906-04-2626 Apr 1906 Taylor-JohnJohn Henry Taylor John Henry Spy M 1012 John Henry Taylor, Vanity Fair, 1906-04-26.jpg
1906-05-035 May 1906 Anstruther-ThomsonLt-Col Charles Frederick St Clair Anstruther-Thomson Commanding 2nd Life Guards Spy M 1013 Charles Anstruther-Thompson, Vanity Fair, 1906-05-03.jpg
1906-05-1010 May 1906 McAlmont-HughMaj-Gen Sir Hugh McCalmont MP Sir Hugh Spy M 1014 Hugh mccalmont.jpg
1906-05-1717 May 1906 HowardLord Howard de Walden He patronises literature and the turf, but does not waste his money Spy M 1015 Thomas Evelyn Scott-Ellis, Vanity Fair, 1906-05-17.jpg
1906-05-2424 May 1906 Alfonso HM Alfonso XIII of Spain GUTH M 1016 Alfonso XIII Vanity Fair 24 May 1906.JPG
1906-05-3131 May 1906 Victoria-Eugenie H.R.H. Victoria Eugenie of Battenberg sketched at Kensington Palace May 1906 Leslie Ward Victoria Eugenie.jpg
1906-06-076 Jun 1906 Causton-RichardThe Rt. Hon. Richard Causton MP A cheery Paymaster Spy M 1017 Richard Causton Vanity Fair 7 June 1906.jpg
1906-06-1414 Jun 1906 Fitzmaurice-EdmondLord Edmond Fitzmaurice MP He does not under-estimate his own ability Spy M 1018 Lord Fitzmaurice.JPG
1906-06-2121 Jun 1906 Walker-William William Hall Walker MP A Lucky Owner Spy M 1019 Hall Walker MP Vanity Fair 21 June 1906.JPG
1906-06-2828 Jun 1906 Schuster-Felix Felix Schuster Free Trade and Finance Spy M 1020 Felix Schuster, Vanity Fair, 1906-06-28.jpg
1906-07-044 Jul 1906 Rowe-George George Duncan Rowe A Celebrated Oarsman who prefers cricket to rowing and golf to both Spy M 1021 George Duncan Rowe, Vanity Fair, 1906-07-04.jpg
1906-07-1111 Jul 1906 Hayward-TomTom Hayward Tom Spy M 1022 Thomas Walter Hayward, Vanity Fair, 1906-07-11.jpg
1906-07-1818 Jul 1906 SpoonerMr Reginald Spooner Reggie Spy M 1023 Reggie Spooner Vanity Fair 18 July 1906.jpg
1906-07-2525 Jul 1906 WeardaleLord Weardale A Cynical Radical Spy M 1024 Lord Weardale Vanity Fair 25 July 1906.jpg
1906-08-011 Aug 1906 LeedsThe Duke of Leeds Vice-commodore Spy M 1025 The Duke of Leeds 1906.jpg
1906-08-088 Aug 1906 Tyldesley-JohnJohn Tyldesley Forty-six centuries in eleven years Spy M 1026 Johnny Tyldesley Vanity Fair 8 August 1906.jpg
1906-08-1515 Aug 1906 Gillingham-FrankThe Rev Frank Hay Gillingham Cricketing Christianity Spy M 1027 Frank Hay Gillingham, Vanity Fair, 1906-08-15.jpg
1906-08-2222 Aug 1906 Maxwell-Robert Robert Maxwell North Berwick Spy M 1028 Robert Maxwell, Vanity Fair, 1906-08-22.jpg
1906-08-2929 Aug 1906 Mathers-Edward Edward Peter Mathers South Africa Spy M 1029 Edward Peter Mathers, Vanity Fair, 1906-08-29.jpg
1906-09-055 Sep 1906 Loder-EustaceMaj Eustace Loder Spearmint Spy M 1030 Eustace Loder Vanity Fair 5 September 1906.jpg
1906-09-1212 Sep 1906 Dillon-BernardBernard Dillon Bernard Spy M 1031 Bernard Dillon Vanity Fair 12 September 1906.jpg
1906-09-1919 Sep 1906 Lytton-Eart The Earl of Lytton Victor Spy M 1032 2nd Earl of Lytton Vanity Fair 19 September 1906.jpg
1906-09-2626 Sep 1906 St-AlbansThe Bishop of St Albans Tolerance Spy M 1033 Edgar Jacob, Vanity Fair, 1906-09-26.jpg
1906-10-033 Oct 1906 Calley-ThomasCol Thomas Charles Pleydell Calley CB MVO 1st Life Guards Spy M 1034 Thomas Charles Pleydell Calley Vanity Fair 3 October 1906.jpg
1906-10-1010 Oct 1906 DomvileAdm Sir Compton Domvile 40 HP in a dingy Spy M 1035 Compton Edward Domvile.jpg
1906-10-1717 Oct 1906 Bray-Reginald Justice Reginald More Bray A man of Law and Broad Acres Spy M 1036 Reginald More Bray, Vanity Fair, 1906-10-17.jpg
1906-10-2424 Oct 1906 SpeakerThe Rt Hon The Speaker Mr Speaker Spy M 1037 James Lowther Vanity Fair 24 October 1906.jpg
1906-10-3131 Oct 1906 McKenna-Reginald Reginald Mckenna MP In the winning Crew Spy M 1038 McKenna R Vanity Fair 1906-10-31.jpg
1906-11-077 Nov 1906 Templeman-ArthurArthur Templeman A rising Star Spy M 1039 Arthur Templeman Vanity Fair 7 November 1906.jpg
1906-11-1414 Nov 1906 Hocking-Silas Silas Hocking Silas Hocking Spy M 1040 Silas Kitto Hocking, Vanity Fair, 1906-11-14.jpg
1906-11-2121 Nov 1906 Higgs-WilliamWilliam Higgs Top of the List Spy M 1041 William Higgs Vanity Fair 21 November 1906.JPG
1906-11-2828 Nov 1906 Griggs-WilliamWilliam Griggs He rides for Lord Durham Spy M 1042 William Griggs Vanity Fair 28 November 1906.jpg
1906-12-055 Dec 1906 Hanbury-Evan Evan Hanbury Cottesmore Spy M 1043 Evan Hanbury Vanity Fair 5 December 1906.jpg
1906-12-1212 Dec 1906 Corbet-Reginald Reginald Corbet To the manner born Spy M 1044 Reginald Corbet Vanity Fair 12 December 1906.jpg
1906-12-1919 Dec 1906 JoicyLord Joicey Collieries Spy M 1045 James Joicey, Vanity Fair, 1906-12-19.jpg
1906-12-2626 Dec 1906 Jellicoe-John Capt J. R. Jellicoe RN Naval Ordnance Spy M 1046 John Jellicoe Vanity Fair 26 December 1906.jpg
1907-01-022 Jan 1907 Buxton-Sydney The Rt. Hon. Sydney Buxton The Postmaster General Spy M 1047 Sydney Charles Buxton.png
1907-01-099 Jan 1907 Butler-Gen Sir William Butler GCB a Radical General Spy M 1048 William Francis Butler Vanity Fair 9 January 1907.jpg
1907-01-1616 Jan 1907 Smith-FrederickFrederick Smith MP A Successful First Speech ("Moab is my Washpot") Spy M 1049 Birkenhead by Spy0002.jpg
1907-01-2323 Jan 1907 LeeArthur Lee MP Our Army Critic Spy M 1050 Arthur Lee, Vanity Fair, 23 January 1907.jpg
1907-01-3030 Jan 1907 Vaughan-JohnFather Bernard John Vaughan SJ A Modern Savonarola Spy M 1051 Father John Vaughan, Vanity Fair, 30 January 1907.jpg
1907-02-066 Feb 1907 TruroThe Lord Bishop of Truro A Most Select Preacher Spy M 1052 The Rt Rev Charles Stubbs, Vanity Fair, 6 February 1907.jpg
1907-02-1313 Feb 1907 AlthorpLord Althorp MP An Expert In Ceremony Spy M 1053 Charles Robert Spencer, Vanity Fair, 1907-02-13.jpg
1907-02-2020 Feb 1907 Rees-JohnJohn Rees MP Montgomery District Spy M 1054 John David Rees Vanity Fair 1907-02-20.jpg
1907-02-2727 Feb 1907 Gillette-William William Gillette Sherlock Holmes Spy M 1055 William Gillette, Vanity Fair, 1907-02-27.jpg
1907-03-066 Mar 1907 SouthamptonLord Southampton The Sinner Spy M 1056 Charles FitzRoy, Vanity Fair, 1907-03-06.jpg
1907-03-1313 Mar 1907 Stuart-DouglasDouglas Stuart Duggie Spy M 1057 Stuart DCR Vanity Fair 1907-03-13.jpg
1907-03-2020 Mar 1907 De-RosLord de Ros The premier Baron Spy M 1058 24thBarondeRos.jpg
1907-03-2727 Mar 1907 Biron-Henry Henry Biron Worship Street Spy M 1059 Henry Biron, Vanity Fair, 27 March 1907.jpg
1907-04-033 Apr 1907 Bull-WilliamSir William Bull MP Hammersmith Spy M 1060 Sir William Bull, Vanity Fair, 3 April 1907.jpg
1907-04-1010 Apr 1907 Russell-CharlesThe Hon Charles Russell A Son of his Father Spy M 1061 Charles Russell 10 April 1907.jpg
1907-04-1717 Apr 1907 Wood-HenrySir Henry Wood Queen's Hall Spy M 1062 Henry Joseph Wood Vanity Fair 17 April 1907.jpg
1907-04-2424 Apr 1907 Kemble-Harry Henry Kemble Hereditary Actor Spy M 1063 Henry Kemble, Vanity Fair, 24 April 1907.jpg
1907-05-011 May 1907 OConor-NicholasThe Rt Hon Sir Nicholas O'Conor GCMG KCB Diplomacy Spy M 1064 Sir Nicholas Roderick O'Conor, Vanity Fair, 1 May 1907.jpg
1907-05-088 May 1907 Darling-CharlesThe Hon Mr Justice Charles Darling Judicial Light Weight Spy M 1065 Charles Darling Vanity Fair 1897-07-15.jpg
1907-05-1515 May 1907 OBrien-PatPat O'Brien United Ireland Spy M 1066 Pat O'Brien Vanity Fair 15 May 1907.jpg
1907-05-2222 May 1907 Hervey-FrederickRev Canon Frederick Alfred John Hervey CVO MA Domestic Chaplain Ao M 1067 Frederick Alfred John Hervey, Vanity Fair, 1907-05-22.jpg
1907-05-2929 May 1907 Botha-LouisGen Louis Botha Uncle Louis PYG M 1068 Louis Botha Vanity Fair 1907-05-29.jpg
1907-06-055 Jun 1907 Martin-JohnJohn Henry Martin Skeets Ao M 1069 John "Skeets" Martin caricature.jpg
1907-06-1212 Jun 1907 Robertson-EdmondThe Rt Hon Edmund Robertson MP Admiralty Spy M 1070 Edmund Robertson, Vanity Fair, 12 June 1907.jpg
1907-06-1919 Jun 1907 Prentice-GGraham Auldjo Prentice The Portly One Spy M 1071 G. A. Prentice, Vanity Fair, 19 June 1907.jpg
1907-06-2626 Jun 1907 Braid-JamesJames Braid Jimmy Spy M 1072 James Braid Vanity Fair 26 June 1907.jpg
1907-07-033 Jul 1907 Johnstone-Banner Banner Johnstone Bush Spy M 1073 Johnstone BC Vanity Fair 1907-07-03.jpg
1907-07-1010 Jul 1907 Wells-Cyril Cyril Wells Father Spy M 1074 Cyril Wells Vanity Fair 10 July 1907.jpg
1907-07-1717 Jul 1907 SuffieldLord Suffield PC GCVO KCB Suffield Ao M 1075 The Lord Suffield, Vanity Fair, 17 July 1907.jpg
1907-07-2424 Jul 1907 Foster-Harry Harry Foster MP The Fishermen's Friend Spy M 1076 Harry Foster, Vanity Fair, 24 July 1907.jpg
1907-07-3131 Jul 1907 VanderbuiltAlfred Gwynne Vanderbilt Alfred Gwynne Vanderbilt Spy M 1077 Alfred Gwynne Vanderbilt Vanity Fair 1907-07-31.jpg
1907-08-077 Aug 1907 Bulkeley Sir Richard Bulkeley Bt Tiggy Spy M 1078 Richard Williams-Bulkeley, Vanity Fair, 1907-08-07.jpg
1907-08-1414 Aug 1907 Hutchings-Kenneth Kenneth Hutchings A Century Maker Spy M 1079 Kenneth Hutchings Vanity Fair 14 August 1907.jpg
1907-08-2121 Aug 1907 PortsmouthThe Earl of Portsmouth The Demon Spy M 1080 Earl of Portsmouth Vanity Fair 21 August 1907.jpg
1907-08-2828 Aug 1908 Thursbey-JohnSir John Thursby JOS Spy M 1081 John Ormerod Scarlett Thursby Vanity Fair 28 August 1907.jpg
1907-09-044 Sep 1907 Buckmaster-W Walter Buckmaster Buck Spy M 1082 Walter Buckmaster, Vanity Fair, 4 September 1907.jpg
1907-09-1111 Sep 1907 CarringtonLord Carrington Small holdings Spy M 1083 Lord Carrington Vanity Fair 11 September 1907.jpg
1907-09-1818 Sep 1907 Fripp-Alfred Sir Alfred Fripp A Master of the knife Spy M 1084 Sir Alfred Fripp00.jpg
1907-09-2525 Sep 1907 AylesfordThe Earl of Aylesford Charlie Aylesford Ao M 1085 Earl of Aylesford Vanity Fair 25 September 1907.jpg
1907-10-022 Oct 1907 SoverallMarquess de Soveral GCMG GCVO Unlike Wilkes, who was only half-an-hour behind the handsomest man in Europe, M de Soveral is usually a minute or two ahead of him Ruth M 1086 Luís Augusto Pinto de Soveral, Vanity Fair, 1907-10-02.jpg
1907-10-099 Oct 1907 Macnamara-ThomasThomas Macnamara MA LLD MP The School Master Spy M 1087 Thomas Macnamara.JPG
1907-10-1616 Oct 1907 Lawrence-AlfredThe Hon Sir Alfred Lawrence Lorry Spy M 1088
1907-10-2323 Oct 1907 Lea-Hugh Hugh Lea MP East St Pancras Spy M 1089 Hugh Lea, Vanity Fair, 23 October 1907.jpg
1907-10-3030 Oct 1907 Fay-Samuel Samuel Fay Great Central Spy M 1090 Samuel Fay Vanity Fair 30 October 1907.jpg
1907-11-066 Nov 1907 Coleman-frederic Frederic Coleman Steam Spy M 1091 Frederic Abernethy Coleman, Vanity Fair, 1907-11-06.jpg
1907-11-1313 Nov 1907 Lloyd-George-DavidThe Rt Hon David Lloyd George A Nonconformist Genius Spy M 1092
1907-11-2020 Nov 1907 Buchanan-JamesJames Buchanan Whisky and Horses Spy M 1093 James Buchanan, Vanity Fair, 1907-11-20.jpg
1907-11-2727 Nov 1907 Warrington-ThomasThe Hon Mr Justice Warrington very Sound Judge Spy M 1094
1907-12-044 Dec 1907 Luck-GeorgeLt-Gen Sir George Luck KCB A Keeper of the Tower Spy M 1095 George Luck, Vanity Fair, 1907-12-04.jpg
1907-12-1111 Dec 1907 Butler-Frank Frank Hedges Butler The Air Spy M 1096; Frank Hedges Butler, Vanity Fair, 1907-12-11.jpg
1907-12-1818 Dec 1907 Thursby-GeorgeGeorge Thursby Mr George Spy M 1097 George Thursby Vanity Fair 18 December 1907.jpg
1907-12-2525 Dec 1907 duMaurier-Gerald G. H. du Maurier Gerald Spy M 1098 Gerald du Maurier Vanity Fair 25 December 1907.jpg
1908-01-011 Jan 1908 Gilpin-PeterPeter Gilpin Condition Spy M 1099; trainer of Pretty Polly and Spearmint Peter Purcell Gilpin, Vanity Fair, 1908-01-01.jpg
1908-01-088 Jan 1908 RawlinsonJohn Rawlinson KC LLM MP Eton and Cambridge Spy M 1100 John Frederick Peel Rawlinson Vanity Fair 8 January 1908.JPG
1908-01-1515 Jan 1908 Fordham-EdwardEdward Fordham North London Spy M 1101 Edward Snow Fordham, Vanity Fair, 1908-01-15.jpg
1908-01-2222 Jan 1908 MichaelovitchGrand Duke Michael Michaelovitch of Russia Michael Spy M 1102 Michael Michaelovitch, Vanity Fair, 1908-01-22.jpg
1908-01-2929 Jan 1908 Chamberlain-JosephThe Rt Hon Joseph Chamberlain MP FRS DCL LLD JP War-Worn WHO M 1103 Joseph Chamberlain Vanity Fair 1908-01-29.jpg
1908-02-055 Feb 1908 Edgecumbe-Edward Sir Edward Edgcumbe LLD DL JP Small freeholds Spy M 1104 Edward Robert Pearce Edgcumbe, Vanity Fair, 1908-02-05.jpg
1908-02-1212 Feb 1908 EvansSir Samuel Evans KC JP MP Sam Spy M 1105 ST Evans, Vanity Fair, 1908-02-12.jpg
1908-02-1919 Feb 1908 San-GuilianoHE The Marquis di San Giuliano The Italian Ambassador Spy M 1106 Marquis di San Giuliano Vanity Fair 19 February 1908.jpg
1908-02-2626 Feb 1908 Elliot-GeorgeGeorge Elliott George Spy M 1107 George Elliott, Vanity Fair, 1908-02-26.jpg
1908-03-044 Mar 1908 ArmstrongLord Armstrong The Ogre Spy M 1108 William Watson-Armstrong Armstrong, Vanity Fair, 1908-03-04.jpg
1908-03-1111 Mar 1908 Inglis-JamesJames Inglis Great Western Spy M 1109 James Charles Inglis Vanity Fair 11 March 1908.jpg
1908-03-1818 Mar 1908 Huntley-GG P Huntley GP Spy M 1110 G P Huntley, Vanity Fair, 1908-03-18.jpg
1908-03-2525 Mar 1908 Redwood-BovertonSir Boverton Redwood, Bt. DSc FRSE Petroleum Spy M 1111 Boverton Redwood, Vanity Fair, 1908-03-25.jpg
1908-04-011 Apr 1908 Bury-OliverOliver Bury Great Northern Spy M 1112 Oliver Robert Hawke Bury00.jpg
1908-04-088 Apr 1908 Mackie-PeterPeter Mackie Restless Peter Spy M 1113 Peter Mackie, Vanity Fair caricature, 8 April 1908.jpg
1908-04-1515 Apr 1908 SavileLord Savile Rufford Abbey Spy M 1114 John Lumley-Savile, Vanity Fair, 1908-04-15.jpg
1908-04-2222 Apr 1908 Jardine-DavidDavid Jardine Davie Spy M 1115 David Jardine Jardine Vanity Fair 22 April 1908.jpg
1908-04-2929 Apr 1908 Hambourg-MarkMark Hambourg Impromptu Spy M 1116 Marc Hamburg Vanity Fair 29 April 1908.JPG
1908-05-066 May 1908 Wrightson-ThomasSir Thomas Wrightson Bt MP Tariff Reform Spy M 1117 Thomas Wrightson, Vanity Fair, 1908-05-06.jpg
1908-05-1313 May 1908 Twain-MarkMark Twain Below the Mark Spy M 1118; Mark Twain Mark Twain Vanity Fair 1908-05-13.jpeg
1908-05-2020 May 1908 Aynesworth-AllenAllan Aynesworth Tony Spy M 1119
1908-05-2727 May 1908 Clemenceau-Georges Georges Clemenceau The Little Great Premier Vanitas M 1120 GB Clemenceau, Vanity Fair, 1908-05-27.jpg
1908-06-033 Jun 1908 Cooper-DanielSir Daniel Cooper Bt Dan Spy M 1121 Daniel Cooper Vanity Fair 21 January 1882.jpg
1908-06-1010 Jun 1908 Mason-AlfredA. E. W. Mason MP Four Feathers Max M 1122 AEW Mason, Vanity Fair, 1908-06-10.jpg
1908-06-1717 Jun 1908 Salomans Sir David Salomans Electricity Spy M 1123 DL Salomons, Vanity Fair, 1908-06-17.jpg
1908-06-2424 Jun 1908 Curzon-FrankFrank Curzon The Gaffer Spy M 1124 Frank Curzon, Vanity Fair, 1908-06-24.jpg
1908-07-011 Jul 1908 GranardThe Earl of Granard Master of the Horse Spy M 1125 Earl of Granard Vanity Fair 1 July 1908.jpg
1908-07-088 Jul 1908 Hales-Alfred Alfred Hales Peace and War Spy M 1126 AG Hales, Vanity Fair, 1908-07-08.jpg
1908-07-1515 Jul 1908 Paget-ArthurGen Sir Arthur Paget Soudan Spy M 1127
1908-07-2222 Jul 1908 Maeterlinck-Maurice Maurice Maeterlinck The Belgian Poet Max M 1128 Maurice Maeterlinck, Vanity Fair, 1908-07-22.jpg
1908-07-2929 Jul 1908 Tillett-BenjaminBenjamin Tillett and J Ward Labour Men Spy M 1129 Benjamin Tillett and John Ward 29 July 1908.jpg
1908-08-055 Aug 1908 Etherington-SmithRaymond Etherington-Smith Ethel Spy M 1130 Etherington-Smith RB Vanity Fair 1908-08-05.jpg
1908-08-1212 Aug 1908 CrawfordThe Earl of Crawford The Transit of Venus Spy M 1131 The Earl of Crawford, Vanity Fair - 12 August 1908.jpg
1908-08-1919 Aug 1908 MacNaghten-Melville Sir Melville Macnaghten Scotland Yard Spy M 1132 Sir Melville Leslie Macnaghten (Cartoon).jpg
1908-08-2626 Aug 1908 Shaughnessy-Thomas Sir Sir Thomas Shaughnessy The Canadian Pacific Spy M 1133 Thomas Shaughnessy by Leslie Ward.jpg
1908-09-022 Sep 1908 Deakin-AlfredAlfred Deakin Australia Spy M 1134 Alfred Deakin Vanity Fair 2 September 1908.jpg
1908-09-099 Sep 1908 Bailey-AbeThe Hon Abe Bailey Rhodes the Second Spy M 1135 Abe Bailey, Vanity Fair, 1908-09-09.jpg
1908-09-1616 Sep 1908 WintertonEarl Winterton MP A Stickler Spy M 1136 Edward Turnour, Vanity Fair, 1908-09-16.jpg
1908-09-2323 Sep 1908 Bright-CharlesCharles Bright Submarine Telegraphs Spy M 1137
1908-09-3030 Sep 1908 BirdAlfred Bird A Midland Imperialist Spy M 1138 Alfred Bird Vanity Fair 30 Sep 1908.jpg
1908-10-077 Oct 1908 Jaures-Jean Jean Jaurés A Great French Orator GUTH M 1139
1908-10-1414 Oct 1908 NewtonLord Newton An Imperialist without Guile Spy M 1140
1908-10-2121 Oct 1908 FurnessBaron Furness MP DL JP The Furness Line Spy M 1141 Christopher Furness Vanity Fair 1908-10-21.jpg
1908-10-2828 Oct 1908 Richardson-LeoLeo Richardson LLD The Official Assignee WHO M 1142
1908-11-04 4 Nov 1908 Truscott-George Sir George Truscott The Lord Mayor Spy M 1143 George Wyatt Truscott Vanity Fair 4 November 1908.JPG
1908-11-088 Nov 1908 Bourges-ElemirElemir Bourges An Artist in Words GUTH M 1144 Elemir Bourges, Vanity Fair, 1908-11-08.jpg
1908-11-1111 Nov 1908 Granet-GuyGuy Granet The Midland Spy M 1145 Guy Granet Vanity Fair 11 November 1908.jpg
1908-11-1818 Nov 1908 Neville-DorothyLady Dorothy Nevill Lady Dorothy Nevill WHO M 1146 Lady Dorothy Nevill03.jpg
1908-11-2511 Nov 1908 BurtonLord Burton Burton Spy M 1147 Lord Burton Vanity Fair 25 November 1908.jpg
1908-12-022 Dec 1908 Ramsay-William Sir William Ramsay Chemistry Spy M 1148 Ramsay william h1.jpg
1908-12-099 Dec 1908 Alexander-TeckPrince Alexander of Teck HSH Prince Alexander of Teck Spy M 1149 Prince Alexander of Teck Vanity Fair 9 December 1908.jpg
1908-12-1616 Dec 1908 Plowden-AlfredAlfred Chichele Plowden Wit and Wisdom Spy M 1150 Alfred Chichele Plowden Vanity Fair 16 December 1908.jpg
1908-12-2323 Dec 1908 deLara-IsadoreIsadore de Lara A Great English Composer M 1151 Isidore de Lara.jpg
1908-12-3030 Dec 1908 Nelka-PaulPaul Nelka Options ELF M 1152
1909-01-066 Jan 1909 Wilberforce-AlbertArchdeacon Wilberforce The Chaplain Spy M 1153; Chaplain to the House of Commons
1909-01-1313 Jan 1909 ColeridgeLord Coleridge The Silver Voiced Spy M 1154 BJS Coleridge, Vanity Fair, 1909-01-13.jpg
1909-01-2020 Jan 1909 Alexander-GeorgeGeorge Alexander The St James's Max M 1155 George Alexander Vanity Fair 20 January 1909.JPG
1909-01-2727 Jan 1909 ChesterfieldThe Earl of Chesterfield A Dandy Spy M 1156 11-earl-chesterfield.jpg
1909-02-033 Feb 1909 Robinson-CliftonSir Clifton Robinson Electric Traction Spy M 1157
1909-02-1010 Feb 1909 Shuttleworth-FrankCol Frank Shuttleworth Charlie Spy M 1158
1909-02-1717 Feb 1909 Regnart-HoraceSir Horace Regnart JP Sir Horace JP Spy M 1159
1909-02-2424 Feb 1909 Sargent-JohnJohn Singer Sargent RA A Great Realist Max M 1160 John Singer Sargent, Vanity Fair, 1909-02-24.jpg
1909-03-033 Mar 1909 Keppel- Sir Colin Keppel Commodore HM's Yachts Spy M 1161 Colin Richard Keppel Vanity Fair 3 March 1909.JPG
1909-03-1010 Mar 1909 Horlick-JamesJames Horlick JP DL Malted Milk Spy M 1162
1909-03-1717 Mar 1909 Meyer-CarlCarl Meyer CM Spy M 1163 Carl Ferdinand Meyer, Vanity Fair, 1909-03-17.jpg
1909-03-2424 Mar 1909 Benson-FrederickFrederick Benson Swansea Harbour WHO M 1164 Frederick J Benson, Vanity Fair, 1909-03-24.jpg
1909-03-3131 Mar 1909 Fry-TheodoreSir Theodore Fry MP Not a Small Fry Spy M 1165
1909-04-077 Apr 1909 Mallaby-DeeleyHarry Mallaby-Deeley The Prince of Prince's Spy M 1166
1909-04-1414 Apr 1909 Scott-John Sir John Scott Bt The Wallace Collection WHO M 1167 John Scott, Vanity Fair, 1909-04-14.jpg
1909-04-2121 Apr 1909 InverclydeLord Inverclyde Jim Spy M 1168 Lord Inverclyde Vanity Fair 21 April 1909.jpg
1909-04-2828 Apr 1909 BarringtonLord Barrington Lord Barrington Spy M 1169 Lord Barrington Vanity Fair 28 Apr 1909.jpg
1909-05-055 May 1909 NewlandsLord Newlands Jim Spy M 1170 James Hozier Vanity Fair 1909-05-05.jpg
1909-05-1212 May 1909 Walker-John John Reid Walker John Spy M 1171 John Reid Walker Vanity Fair 12 May 1909.jpg
1909-05-1919 May 1909 Hemmerde-EdwardEdward Hemmerde KC The New Recorder Spy M 1172 Hemmerde EG Vanity Fair 1909-05-19.jpg
1909-05-2626 May 1909 Fitzgerald-Maurice Sir Maurice Fitzgerald Knight of Kerry Spy M 1173
1909-06-022 Jun 1909 Lucas-Arthur Sir Arthur Lucas Bt Arthur ELF M 1174 Arthur Lucas, Vanity Fair, 1909-06-02.jpg
1909-06-099 Jun 1909 Winans-WalterWalter Winans Tracks and Triggers WHO M 1175 Walter W. Winans, Vanity Fair, 1909-06-09.jpg
1909-06-1616 Jun 1909 Taitlow-RobertThe Rt Hon Robert Garnett Tatlow Finance and Fruit Spy M 1176 Robert Garnett Tatlow Vanity Fair 16 June 1909.jpg
1909-06-2323 Jun 1909 Parker-GilbertSir Gilbert Parker MP The member for Great Britain Spy M 1177
1909-06-3030 Jun 1909 Curnick-AlfredAlfred Curnick Alfred Spy M 1178 Alfred James Curnick, Vanity Fair, 1909-06-30.jpg
1909-07-077 Jul 1909 deReuterBaron George de Reuter The Wicked Baron Spy M 1179 Baron George de Reuter Vanity Fair 1909-07-07.jpg
1909-07-1414 Jul 1909 Courtney-John Sir John Courteney A City Liberal Spy M 1180; Chairman, City Liberal Association
1909-07-2121 Jul 1909 SinclairW Gardner Sinclair Beer, Budget and Brains Spy M 1181 W Gardner Sinclair, Vanity Fair, 1909-07-21.jpg
1909-07-2828 Jul 1909 Palmer Ernest Palmer Patron's Fund ELF M 1182 Samuel Ernest Palmer, Vanity Fair, 1909-07-28.jpg
1909-08-044 Aug 1909 LeithLord Leith of Fyvie Fyvie Spy M 1183
1909-08-1111 Aug 1909 France-Anatole Anatole France The Greatest Living Frenchman GUTH M 1184 Anatole France, Vanity Fair, 1909-08-11.jpg
1909-08-188 Aug 1909 Kincaid-SmithCapt Thomas Malcolm Harvey Kincaid-Smith MP National Military Training Spy M 1185 Thomas Malcolm Harvey Kincaid-Smith, Vanity Fair, 1909-08-18.jpg
1909-08-2525 Aug 1909 CampbellThe Rt Hon James Campbell The Rt Hon James Spy M 1186
1909-09-011 Sep 1909 Cox-Harding Harding Cox Cockie KITE M 1187
1909-09-088 Sep 1909 Wooton-FrankFrank Wootton Frank Wootton Spy M 1188 Frank Wootton, Vanity Fair, 1909-09-08.jpg
1909-09-08</span8 Sep 1909> MinoruMinoru Minoru Percy Earl H 01 Minoru Vanity Fair 1909-09-08.jpg
1909-09-1515 Sep 1909 Watson-CathcartRt. Hon. Cathcart Wason MP Orkney and Shetland WHO M 1189 John Wason Vanity Fair 15 Sep 1909.jpg
1909-09-1515 Sep 1909 BayardoBayardo Bayardo Percy Earl H 02 Bayardo, vanity fair, 1909-09-15.jpg
1909-09-2222 Sep 1909 Blathwayt-RaymondRaymond Blathwayt A Good Listener Spy M 1190 Raymond Blathwayt, Vanity Fair, 1909-09-22.jpg
1909-09-2222 Sep 1909 CylleneCyllene Cyllene Percy Earl H 03 Cyllene, Vanity Fair, 1909-09-22.jpg
1909-09-2929 Sep 1909 Jackson-JohnSir John Jackson Docks and Harbours Spy M 1191 John Jackson, Vanity Fair, 1909-09-29.jpg
1909-09-2929 Sep 1909 Swift-deanDean Swift Dean Swift Percy Earl H 04 Dean Swift, Vanity Fair, 1909-09-29.jpg
1909-10-066 Oct 1909 Shackleton-EarnestErnest Shackleton The South Pole KITE M 1192 Ernest Shackleton Vanity Fair 1909-10-06.jpg
1909-10-066 Oct 1909 LunnDr Henry Lunn The King of Clubs ELF M 1193 Henry Simpson Lunn Vanity Fair 6 October 1909.jpg
1909-10-1313 Oct 1909 Walker-Edward Sir Edward Walker ED Quip M 1194; Mayor of Darlington and owner of the Northern Echo
1909-10-1313 Oct 1909 LutteurLutteur III Lutteur III Emil Adam H 05; winner of the 1909 Grand National
1909-10-2020 Oct 1909 Buchanan-Jardine-Robert Sir Robert Buchanan-Jardine Bt Willie ELF M 1195; Head of Jardine Matheson
1909-10-2020 Oct 1909 SceptreSceptre and Maid of Corinth Sceptre and Maid of Corinth Percy Earl H 06 Sceptre and Maid of Corinth Vanity Fair 1909-10-20.jpg
1909-10-2727 Oct 1909 Monk-BrettonLord Monk Bretton JP The Private Secretary Spy M 1196 John William Dodson, Vanity Fair, 1909-10-27.jpg
1909-10-2727 Oct 1909 Pretty-PollyPretty Polly Pretty Polly Percy Earl H 07 Pretty Polly Vanity Fair 1909-10-27.jpg
1909-11-033 Nov 1909 FieldingThe Hon W. S. Fielding MP Canadian Finance WHO M 1197 William Stevens Fielding, Vanity Fair, 1909-11-03.jpg
1909-11-033 Nov 1909 Saint-SimonSt Simon St Simon Percy Earl H 08 St. Simon, Vanity Fair, 1909-11-03.jpg
1909-11-1010 Nov 1909 ManuelKing Manuel II of Portugal Europe's Youngest Monarch Nibs M 1198 Manuel II of Portugal, Vanity Fair, 1909-11-10.jpg
1909-11-1717 Nov 1909 Bosworth-WCol W. J. Bosworth The Colonel ELF M 1199; Chairman, The Automobile Association
1909-11-1711 Nov 1909 RocksandRock Sand Rock Sand Percy Earl H 09 Rock Sand, Vanity Fair, 1909-11-17.jpg
1909-11-2424 Nov 1090 Friswell-CharlesSir Charles Friswell Frizzy HCO M 1200; Chairman, Standard Motor Company
1909-11-2424 Nov 1090 PersimmonPersimmon Persimmon Percy Earl H 10 Persimmon Vanity Fair 1909-11-24.jpg
1909-12-011 Dec 1909 Williams-OsmondSir Osmond Williams Bt MP The Champion of the Ladies HCO M 1201 Sir Osmond Williams Vanity Fair 1 Dec 1909.jpg
1909-12-011 Dec 1909 Flying-FoxFlying Fox Flying Fox Percy Earl H 11 Flying Fox, Vanity Fair, 1909-12-01.jpg
1909-12-08 8 Dec 1909 Barker-HerbertH. A. Barker Bones ELF M 1202 Herbert Atkinson Barker Vanity Fair 8 December 1909.jpg
1909-12-1616 Dec 1909 Williamson-ArchibaldSir Archibald Williamson MP Moray and Nairn HCO M 1203
1909-12-2323 Dec 1909 Tennant-HaroldThe Rt. Hon. Harold Tennant MP Dangerous Trades Spy M 1204 Sir Harold John Tennant. Colour lithograph by Sir L. Ward (S Wellcome V0005756.jpg
1909-12-2323 Dec 1909 Carlile-HildredCol. Hildred Carlile MP Mid Herts ELF M 1205
1909-12-3030 Dec 1909 Harris-LevertonThe Rt Hon Frederick Leverton Harris MP MP for Stepney Spy M 1206 Frederick Leverton Harris, Vanity Fair, 1909-12-30.jpg
1909-12-3030 Dec 1909 Vickers-DouglasDouglas Vickers Brightside DV Spy M 1207 Douglas Vickers Vanity Fair 30 December 1909.jpg

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