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The following is a full list of actors / actresses featured in all eight series of Bad Girls. The character Shell Dockley was voted #8 on Virgin Media's "Top 10 TV Criminals".[1] Listed by the series they were first introduced.


Series 1Edit

Helen StewartEdit

Helen Stewart was Wing Governor of G-Wing, whose authority was seldom adhered to, by the prisoners or the screws. Following a personal struggle with her sexuality, the battle to stand as an authority figure in Larkhall and the breakup from her fiancé Sean, she went on holiday to clear her head. After a delay in her flight, Helen is replaced by Jim Fenner. She returns shortly after but leaves. She then returns and began working with the lifers, was sexually assaulted by Jim Fenner (Jack Ellis), and struggled with coming to terms with her sexuality, she fell in love with prisoner Nikki Wade (Mandana Jones). When Simon is fired following the escape of Shell Dockley, Denny blood and Shaz Wylie, Helen becomes the new Acting governing governor of Larkhall. Her feud with Fenner comes to a head and she resigns from Larkhall before he manages to have her sacked.

Nikki WadeEdit

Nikki Wade is serving a life sentence for killing a policeman who tried to rape her then-girlfriend Trisha. An out lesbian, Nikki is an outspoken strong-minded inmate who clashes with new wing governor Helen Stewart (Simone Lahbib) at the start of the series. Hated by Jim Fenner (Jack Ellis), Nikki is respected by most of the other inmates apart from Shell Dockley (Debra Stephenson). The pair frequently clash over Shell's relationship with Fenner and the fact that Nikki is not at all impressed or intimidated by Shell. After being dumped by Trisha, Nikki falls for Helen, but their relationship has many ups and downs. Nikki escapes from Larkhall in the Series 2 finale and the pair finally make love. However, Helen refuses to run away with Nikki and returns her to prison and ends their relationship. Nikki organises a peaceful protest when some of the officers brutally restrain Femi Bada, a non-English speaking inmate that is separated from her kids. This soon escalates into a riot and Helen ends their relationship once again but continues to help her with her appeal. In the final episode of Series 3, Dr. Waugh breaks up with Helen after realising she is still in love with Nikki and Helen reunites with Nikki on the outside after she wins her appeal.

Shell DockleyEdit

Shell Dockley is serving life for the kidnap, torture and eventually murder of the woman who stole her boyfriend. She was the Top Dog on G-Wing in Larkhall prison. Shell appeared from the first episode in Series 1 until Series 3 when Shell, Denny Blood (Alicya Eyo) and Shaz Wiley (Lindsey Fawcett) all escaped. During her reign as top dog she joined inmate Rachel Hicks which resulted in her suicide, she also had an affair with Jim Fenner, this ended violently when she phone called his wife and allowed her to hear them having sex in her cell. When Yvonne Atkins arrived, she took over a top dog as the women respected her and she was not afraid of Shell. Shell suffered a breakdown during series two which was brought on by the sexual abuse she suffered as a child, at the hands of her parents. Shell took revenge on Fenner by luring him into her cell and then stabbing him. Although she attempted to claim self-defence, she was charged with assault and attempted murder but before the charges could go any further, Jim helped her to escape. Shell and Denny then made cameo/recurring appearances throughout the remainder of Series 3. It was believed that Shell had died while on the run but she later returned for the first four episodes of Series 5, for which was her final series. She was found by Jim, Collin Hedges and Ken Pearce at an erotic dance club where she was performing, the officers then apprehended her and she was extradited back to Larkhall. She was pregnant at the time and struck up a partnership with Fenner again. This ended tragically as Shell was transferred to a psychiatric hospital shortly after giving birth. She was in fact set up by Fenner when she threatened to expose him as a pimp.

Jim FennerEdit

Jim Fenner is the principal officer of G Wing, later wing governor and then Acting governing governor, he is one of the main antagonists of the series. In 1999, Ellis accepted the role of Fenner without needing to look at the scripts. The actor told Yvonne Swann of the Daily Mirror that he had been in debt and welcomed the role. He added that "it certainly put my name on the map" as an actor.[2] Jim Fenner is a prison officer who bends and breaks rules, in the early series he was portrayed as only slightly corrupt as he still cared for his family but by series seven, he was much darker, he no longer cared about contact with his family and by then he had already killed a few people. He is killed in Series seven by Julie Johnston (Kika Mirylees).

Denny BloodEdit

Denny Blood is the enforcer and sometimes lover of Shell Dockley (Debra Stephenson), she is initially portrayed as thuggish and cruel but later develops to be somewhat caring and kind, especially to her girlfriend Shaz Wiley (Lindsey Fawcett). When Shaz is accidentally killed in a fire, Denny becomes vengeful and seeks to get revenge on Snowball Merriman (Nicole Faraday), an inmate who caused the fire by trying to escape. Denny later bonds with Yvonne Atkins (Linda Henry) and later is sent to Whitecross an open prison. Denny is released from Whitecross in 2008.

Rachel HicksEdit

Rachel Hicks only appeared in the first four episodes in the first series, even though she was a central character until near the first half of the series. Rachel was a 19-year-old girl who was serving over a year in prison for possession of drugs. She had a baby daughter, named Maddie to man who died of an overdose just before she was born[3] and after Rachel ended up in prison, her mother took Maddie in. Not long after, Rachel's mother put Maddie into foster care as she was unable to look after her and wanted her life back, with this and other problems Rachel had to face, she eventually took her own life.

Lorna RoseEdit

Lorna Rose was a young prison officer who was blackmailed by Zandra Plackett (Lara Cazalet) and Shell Dockley (Debra Stephenson) to smuggle in drugs for them, which later saw her get sacked.

Dominic McAllisterEdit

Dominic McAllister was a young prison officer, who was less corrupt than most of the officers.

Julie Saunders & Julie JohnstonEdit

The Two Julies appeared in all 8 series. They are ex-prostitutes who are often given jobs in the prison. They received an extra 8-year sentence for scalding Julie J's teenage daughter's pimp. Julie S survived breast cancer while Julie J murdered Jim Fenner (Jack Ellis) as revenge for their good friend Yvonne Atkins (Linda Henry). While Julie Saunders uses her real name, Julie Johnston's real name is Sonya Dawson.

Sylvia HollambyEdit

Sylvia Hollamby (aka BodyBag) appeared from the first episode in 1999 until the last in 2006. Sylvia was the longest serving prison officer on the show with convicts Julie Johnston (Kika Mirylees) and Julie Saunders (Victoria Alcock) being the only other characters to last all eight series. Sylvia has become one of the most popular characters on the show, and despite the characters bigoted views she has become somewhat of a gay icon. [2] The last ever episode centres around the character in which she suffers a Scrooge-like dream.

Zandra PlackettEdit

Zandra Plackett made her first appearance on the second episode of Series 1, until her departure the ninth episode of Series 2. Zandra is a drug addict, serving ten months in prison for credit card fraud.[4] She cares for no one or nothing when she is doing drugs, but underneath, she is a good friend. Intent on marrying the man she loves, Robin Dunstan, an upper-class rich man, who was also a drug addict, who eventually got clean and is the reason why Zandra is inside, as she took the rap for him.[4] Zandra suffered a lot of heartbreak in prison, it was discovered that her boyfriend was set to marry someone else, her baby boy was taken away from her, she couldn't stay off the drugs and finally the diagnosis of a malignant brain tumour, which eventually ended her life. Although, two good things came from her time in prison, great friends and officer Dominic McAllister (Joe Shaw). Zandra's final episode, "The Leaving" attracted 9,490,000 million viewers, which was the highest rated episode of the entire run of the series.

Monica LindseyEdit

Monica Lindsey is an elderly woman who is worried over son Spencer, who has Down's Syndrome, he dies while she is fighting for her appeal. Monica is released at the end of Series 1, but returns for one episode in Series 3, she now runs a house for paroled prisoners.

Crystal GordonEdit

Crystal Gordan is religious to the point of self-righteousness. Morally judgmental and critical of what she sees as a lax drugs policy. This is often used by other prisoners to their advantage: using Crystal's moral instincts to push their own agendas. Despite this, she is kind and caring, especially towards Zandra Plackett (Lara Cazalet). While in G-Wing, she meets and falls in love with prison technician Josh Mitchell (Nathan Constance). Upon release, she moves in with Josh.

Crystal returns to prison after harbouring Shell Dockley (Debra Stephenson) and Denny Blood (Alicya Eyo) while they were on the run. While in prison the second time, she becomes pregnant but claims that she was still a virgin and that the pregnance was the result of a miracle. When the child is born, she names it Zandra and moves into the Mother and Baby Unit. After another baby dies on the MBU, she loses her faith and starts running "anti-Bible classes". Due to a sample mix-up by Di Barker (Tracey Wilkinson), Crystal is accused of being on drugs until Charlotte Myddleton organises a second test - the mix-up was a scam by Di to break up Crystal and Josh's relationship.

Yvonne AtkinsEdit

Yvonne Atkins first appeared in the penultimate episode of the first series, she played a prominent role in Series 2, 3, 4 and 5 as Top Dog of G-Wing, until she was murdered by Jim Fenner (Jack Ellis) in the last episode of Series 5. Yvonne was popular with the inmates and despite her ruthless nature, she was very caring and protective of some inmates.

Series 2Edit

Di BarkerEdit

Di Barker is a sympathetic prison officer who often portrays a nasty side. She lives at home with her elderly mother and is caring towards the prisoners, although has a strained relationship with her mother, which sometimes turns abusive. She tries to seduce various male officers without much success: starting with Dominic McAllister (Joe Shaw), then moving on to Josh Mitchell (Nathan Constance), marrying Neil Grayling (James Gaddas) despite him being gay, Mark Waddle (Paul Opacic), Barry Pearce (Andrew Lancel) and finally marrying Jim Fenner (Jack Ellis). While Di is more sympathetic and moral than Fenner, she has a dark side to her personality, especially when it comes to the men she wants. When Fenner is murdered in Series 7, Di is prime suspect following their messy divorce.

Malcolm NicholsonEdit

Dr Malcolm Nicholson is Larkhall's Senior Medical Officer in series two and three before being fired as a result of Helen Stewart's (Simone Lahbib) serious concerns about his ineptitude in not diagnosing the mental illness of "Podger" Pam Jolly (Wendi Peters). He is replaced by Dr Thomas Waugh.

In series five, Nicholson returns. He proves to be as incompetent as ever; in Series 6 he lazily assumes an outbreak of vomiting, caused by hooch is just a viral infection. In Series 7, he helps Jim Fenner (Jack Ellis) get a vasectomy and when Sylvia Hollamby (Helen Fraser) comes into a large inheritance, Nicholson is conveniently there to help. The two marry and go off on their honeymoon, safe in the knowledge they now have millions. A provision in Sylvia's lesbian aunt's will makes it so that the estate is not to be given to her but to several charities of choice if she remarries. When Sylvia explains this to Malcolm, he becomes enraged and ties Sylvia down to a chair and fills a syringe with Air which he plans to inject her with in order to bring on an embolism thus killing her and making it look natural. Just before Nicholson puts the needle in, the "Costa Cons" Phyl Oswyn (Stephanie Beacham) and Bev Tull (Amanda Barrie) appear on the balcony, having been staying in a suite next door belonging to a Russian gangster (who had moments earlier returned to the hotel), where they find a bag of diamonds and a gun. Phyl shoots Nicholson, and frees Sylvia. Phyl goes on the run, but after dropping the diamonds in the hotel lobby (a direct reaction to Sylvia screaming from the balcony), Bev is captured by the Spanish police and is returned to Larkhall. Sylvia returns the favour to Bev and Phyl by providing them both with alcohol back in prison.

Following this, the position of Senior Medical Officer is taken over by Rowan Dunlop (Colin Salmon).

Babs HuntEdit

Barbara "Babs" Hunt is a middle-aged, middle-class woman. Babs was sent to prison for three years on a manslaughter charge for mercy-killing her terminally ill second husband. She is devoutly religious, attends chapel frequently and the prison officers give her significant responsibilities, which she sometimes abuses. Her fellow inmates often offend her traditional sensibilities: she is uncomfortable with sharing a cell with the lesbian inmate Nikki Wade (Mandana Jones). She stores all her thoughts in a diary, which gets stolen by Shell Dockley (Debra Stephenson). Babs eventually plucks up the courage to confront Shell, takes the diary back and breaks Shell's arm in the process.

She loathes her stepchildren, who testified against her in court and reveal that she didn't get properly divorced from her first husband, so wasn't legally married to Peter, and then contest her inheritance. Some of the inmates on G-Wing start a campaign of bullying her stepchildren over the phone, until the prison officers get wind of it.

At the end of season five, she marries Rev. Henry Mills (Michael Elwyn), the prison chaplain.

Upon first arrival, Babs is screaming with a bitter, fearful rage at her imprisonment. "Mad" Tessa Spall (Helen Schlesinger) logically damaged prisoner takes advantage of this and pretends to be Babs. Babs is put into segregation, while Tessa is inducted onto the wing - she manages to then threaten Karen Betts (Claire King) with a syringe of HIV positive blood.

Karen BettsEdit

Karen Betts became the new Governor of G-Wing after Helen Stewart (Simone Lahbib) resigned. She was tough but fair with the prisoners and was in an on-off relationship with Jim Fenner (Jack Ellis). Fenner later framed her for a hit and run causing her to lose her job. She returned briefly in Series 6, when she discovered CCTV footage of him the night he framed her.

Shaz WileyEdit

Shaz Wiley[5] is the girlfriend of Denny Blood (Alicya Eyo). They both escape with Shell Dockley (Debra Stephenson) in Series 3, but Shaz has an accident and is left behind and brought back to prison, where she is bullied by Al McKenzie (Pauline Campbell) and Maxi Purvis (Kerry Norton). With the help of Yvonne Atkins (Linda Henry) she toughens up and beats Maxi up. She is transferred to another prison as Sylvia Hollamby disapproves of her same-sex relationship with Denny Blood, and forces them to separate so that they cannot contact each other. Her letters to Denny as also intercepted by Hollamby in an attempt to prevent their communication. She returns at the end of Series 4 with magic mushrooms for her and Denny. Unfortunately Snowball Merriman (Nicole Faraday) sets off a bomb as part of her escape plan and Shaz dies in the fire.

Series 3Edit

Tina O'KaneEdit

Tina O'Kane (originally known as Tina Purvis, and also known as Julie O'Kane) is a friendly yet naive young girl who entered prison along with her sister Maxi Purvis (Kerry Norton) and Al McKenzie (Pauline Campbell) as part of the "Peckham Boot Gang". She is initially put in the four-bed dorm. She becomes the understudy of the glamorous, wheelchair-bound brothel-keeper Virginia O'Kane (Kate O'Mara). Maxi and Al bully and physically assault Tina for her friendship with Virginia, before killing Virginia when that failed to deter them. After her sister Maxi's death, Tina dyes her hair blonde and becomes the third of the Julies (Victoria Alcock & Kika Mirylees) named Julie O'Kane. She eventually dropped the Julie name after feeling excluded from the other 2 Julies, and went back to her original first name, renaming herself as Tina O'Kane. Tina eventually becomes institutionalized during her stay at Larkhall and every time she is released, she commits a crime to be arrested again. She later refers to the prison as 'home' and her cell as her 'room'.

Maxi PurvisEdit

Maxine "Maxi" Purvis is the head of the "Peckham Boot Gang" and tries to become Top Dog of G-Wing. She has her subordinate kill Virginia O'Kane (Kate O'Mara) and attempts to kill Yvonne Atkins (Linda Henry). Despite her cruel nature, she does care for her sister. Maxi committed suicide after losing a fight against Shaz Wiley (Lindsey Fawcett).

Al McKenzieEdit

  • Portrayed by Pauline Campbell
  • Duration: 3-6

Alison "Al" McKenzie is a member of the "Peckham Boot Gang", known for her strong Scottish accent. She initially bullies Shaz Wiley (Lindsey Fawcett), kills Virginia O'Kane (Kate O'Mara) and eventually assists her best friend Maxi Purvis (Kerry Norton) in suicide. Al is poisoned and dies in Series 6.

Buki LesterEdit

Buki Lester is a drug addict who seeks her child whom she abandoned, she develops a bond with baby Baxter, who dies. She is reunited with her son Lennox, and they go to live with Christopher Biggins.

Virginia O'KaneEdit

Virginia O'Kane is an elderly brothel owner who is murdered by Al McKenzie (Pauline Campbell) and Maxi Purvis (Kerry Norton).

Series 4Edit

Neil GraylingEdit

Neil Grayling is the Governor of G-Wing. He is gay although not out of the closet for most of the show. He had an open feud with Jim Fenner (Jack Ellis), married Di Barker (Tracey Wilkinson) and had a sexual relationship with Sylvia Hollamby's (Helen Fraser) son, Bobby Darren. He is idealistic and keen on prison reform, which doesn't sit well with the more conservative prison officers. He later died due to the outbreak of legionnaire's disease in Series 8, Lou Stoke finds him in his office.

Cassie TylerEdit

Cassie Tyler arrived at Larkhall with her girlfriend Roisin. Cassie is easily adaptable to prison life and comfortable with her sexuality unlike Roisin. They are both pardoned after saving Neil Grayling from the fire started by Snowball Merriman.

Roisin ConnorEdit

Roisin Connor is an Irish woman who is married with two children and also in a relationship with Cassie Tyler, which sours her husband who refuses to allow their children to see her in prison. Roisin complains regularly in prison, appears to be losing her mind and even takes drugs as a way to cope. They are both pardoned after saving Neil Grayling from the fire started by Snowball Merriman.

Snowball MerrimanEdit

Snowball Merriman is a beautiful young woman who enters the prison with an American accent, she convinces the prisoners, she is a Hollywood actress, however Yvonne Atkins (Linda Henry) discovers she is in fact a pornstar. She is dating Yvonne's son Ritchie, and plants a bomb in the prison in order to escape. She is caught at the gate by Karen Betts (Claire King). The bomb has devastating effects; Barbara "Babs" Hunt (Isabelle Amyes) goes deaf and Shaz Wiley (Lindsey Fawcett) dies. As a result of the bomb, Snowball becomes the most hated prisoner ever, with even the normally kind-hearted Julies (Victoria Alcock & Kika Mirylees) and Tina O'Kane (Victoria Bush) giving her a raw chicken for dinner. Snowball has her hair set on fire by Denny Blood (Alicya Eyo) and Shell Dockley (Debra Stephenson). She attempts to escape again, holding Karen at gunpoint. She attempts to shoot Karen outside, but accidentally shoots Ritchie, paralysing him. She is sent back to prison and eats her raw food as an attempt to be sent to hospital, it works and she tries to flee once more but is caught. She is granted a visit from Ritchie, and the both have a suicide pact to overdose on pills, Snowball cannot swallow the pills, Ritchie does, and ends up dying. Snowball eventually commits suicide by hanging herself in front of all the other prisoners.

Series 5Edit

Kris YatesEdit

Kristen "Kris" Yates is sent to prison for murdering her father, it is later revealed that her younger sister, Milly, killed their father but Kris protected her. She is last seen on top of Wellington Arch protesting her innocence with her girlfriend Selena Geeson (Charlotte Lucas).

Selena GeesonEdit

Selena Geeson becomes a guard to be close to her lover, Kris Yates (Jennifer Ness). Despite being there just for Kris, she is noted by others to be a competent prison officer. She is last seen on top of Wellington Arch with her girlfriend and despite her and Kris being major characters, nothing is mentioned about them in the next series.

Colin HedgesEdit

  • Portrayed by Tristan Sturrock
  • Duration: 5-7

Colin Hedges is a prison officer who had a relationship with Yvonne Atkins (Linda Henry). He was last seen attacking Father Kelly after he was exposed as a rapist and child abuser. Hedges also had a sexual relationship with new Wing Governor Frances Myers (Eva Pope), which last throughout Series 6. He also became close to inmate Laura Canning, who eventually committed suicide. Julie Johnston (Kika Mirylees) also had a soft spot for Colin, but she was crushed when her best friend Julie Saunders (Victoria Alcock) caught him and Frances sharing an intimate kiss by seeing them through the prison bars. In Series 5, he also tried to force Shell Dockley (Debra Stephenson) to have sex with him, but she refused.

Bev TullEdit

Beverly "Bev" Tull first appeared Series 5, mainly that of comic relief in the usually dark storylines. She and Phyl Oswyn (Stephanie Beacham) were together known as the "Costa Cons". Bev and Phyl were successful con artists and managed to con many inmates, a notable example is when Bev and Phyl make Denny Blood (Alicya Eyo) believe that Bev is a medium. After conning Sylvia Hollamby (Helen Fraser), they are transferred to an open prison but return shortly after and face the hardships of Larkhall once again. When Phyl becomes Top Dog, Bev winds up with a heroin addiction, which almost kills her. They continue to trick most inmates and officers on G-Wing. Bev undergoes a major makeover during Series 7. She and Phyl later escape to Marbella but Bev is caught and sent back to Larkhall. The two remain until the final episode of the series in which they help Janine Nebeski (Nicola Stapleton) to give birth.

Phyl OswynEdit

Phyllida "Phyl" Oswyn first appeared Series 5 mainly for the role of comic relief in the usually dark storylines. She and Bev Tull (Amanda Barrie) were together known as the "Costa Cons". After conning Sylvia Hollamby (Helen Fraser) they are transferred to an open prison, but abuse the advantages and are soon returned to Larkhall. They resurrect their schemes and home brewing. Phyl becomes Top Dog following Yvonne Atkins' (Linda Henry) "escape" but this ends when a power struggle with Wing Governor Frances Myers (Eva Pope) turns sour. Phyl and Bev succeeded in conning many inmates but after a deal went horribly wrong, they escaped from Larkhall to Marbella and after committing murder and theft, Bev is sent back to Larkhall while Phyl remains in Spain for a few more days. She is later returned and the two continue to manipulate and take advantage of the inmates and staff of G-Wing until the final episode in 2006, in which Phyl and Bev aid Janine Nebeski (Nicola Stapleton) in giving birth.

Series 6Edit

Natalie BuxtonEdit

Natalie Buxton was sent to Larkhall for income tax fraud in the first episode of series six but was transferred when her real crime was exposed by Frances Myers (Eva Pope). She returned four episodes later and she mainly featured in an antagonistic role while in a power struggle with Wing Governor Frances and manipulating and being violent towards inmates. Natalie later became Top Dog of G-Wing but her reign was cut short when Pat Kerrigan (Liz May Brice) took over. Natalie continued to bully and harm others until she was killed off in the eighth and final series. After a few days of hoarding her body, Pat and the Julies (Victoria Alcock & Kika Mirylees) disposed of her corpse by putting it in the sewers. She subsequently returned as a ghost in the 2006 Christmas Special, which was also the last ever episode. The role was originally offered to Danniella Westbrook.[6]

Darlene CakeEdit

Darlene Cake is a bad tempered Yardie gang member, sent to Larkhall after being convicted of grievous bodily harm. If anyone "disses" her, she immediately accuses them of racism, even though Sylvia Hollamby (Helen Fraser) is the only person who makes racist remarks towards her. Darlene is feeling ill when her cellmate, Al McKenzie (Pauline Campbell) is murdered after being poisoned. There is further trouble for Darlene when Tanya Turner (Zöe Lucker) arrives at Larkhall and reveals that she has relations with a man named Rick Revoir (Geoff Francis). Darlene stole from Rick and he discovers that he has her younger brother, Terence, held hostage. With the help of Tanya and Frances Myers (Eva Pope), she manages to get Rick arrested and Terence freed. Bev Tull (Amanda Barrie) and Phyl Oswyn (Stephanie Beacham) manipulate Darlene into thinking that it was Natalie Buxton (Dannielle Brent) who poisoned Al, when it was actually Bev and Phyl who poisoned her accidentally with rhubarb leaves. Natalie and Darlene share a huge catfight in the middle of G-Wing over Al's death, but Natalie wins the fight. She later becomes Natalie's right arm woman, along with Janine Nebeski (Nicola Stapleton). When Natalie has her hair cut with the Julies, Darlene makes a horrible comment about Julie Saunders' (Victoria Alcock) breast cancer. This leads to the Julies taking revenge by bleaching Darlene's hair, leading it to fall out. Darlene and Janine later turn against Natalie after discovering that she is a nonce. Darlene and Janine remain good friends, and begin to write a novel together. Eventually, they plot to murder evil Wing Governor Jim Fenner (Jack Ellis), writing their plans down in their novel. Darlene shoots Fenner with a poison thorne while he is sleeping, and when he is murdered, Janine believes that it was she and Darlene who killed him. Although, it was actually Julie Johnston (Kika Mirylees) who murdered Fenner. The police get hold of the novel after Sheena Williams (Laura Rogers) hands it in. They are both questioned, but it is Di Barker (Tracey Wilkinson) who is charged with Fenner's murder. In Series 8, Darlene notices chemistry between Janine and new prison officer Donny Kimber (Sid Owen). So, when she discovers that Janine is writing love letters to Donny, she hides them so that Janine cannot find them. When this is uncovered, Janine slaps Darlene in the middle of G-Wing, which leads to a minor fight. They are both subsequently taken down the block. She is last seen attempting suicide by setting fire to herself after taking Janine hostage and murdering Catherine Earlham's (Jan Francis) husband.

Frances MyersEdit

Frances Myers appeared in the first episode of Series 6, arriving as a prisoner with Natalie Buxton (Dannielle Brent), she protects Natalie who is bullied when the prisoners discover she is a "nonce". Frances is in fact an undercover detective, set out to catch Natalie. She soon goes on to be the new Governor of G-Wing. She is tough talking and takes no nonsense. Outside of her work life, she is shown to be promiscuous and has a sexual relationship with Colin Hedges (Tristan Surrock). She does not appear in Series 7, but is mentioned in a magazine article as becoming new number 1 at HMP Whitehouse.

This role was originally offered to Denise Welch.

Series 7Edit

Pat KerriganEdit

Patricia "Pat" Kerrigan is an inmate who is imprisoned for stabbing her ex-boyfriend, she comes to Larkhall on her own request, her motives are revealed when she takes a nun (Sister Thomas Moore) hostage and reveals the abuse she suffered by the nun and another priest (Father Kelly). Pat becomes enemies with Natalie Buxton (Dannielle Brent) and later fights her and wins. Pat becomes the new Top Dog and also becomes infatuated with another inmate who is in for taking drugs, Sheena Williams (Laura Rogers).

Janine NebeskiEdit

Janine Nebeski received five years for credit card fraud. She arrived at Larkhall with her friend Arun Parmar (Rebecca Hazlewood), and blamed her for them being in prison. She immediately got on the wrong side of Top Dog Natalie Buxton (Dannielle Brent) who stabbed her in the eye with a pin, she tried to win over Natalie by squealing on Arun, who told her to report Natalie, Janine took Arun to the prison library only for Natalie to grab her and tell Janine to hit her in the ribs with bricks inside a pair of tights. Janine, along with Darlene Cake (Antonia Okonma) became Natalie's cronies, after discovering Arun was a male-to-female transsexual they began bullying her worse and demanded that she be sent to a men's prison. Pat Kerrigan stuck up for Arun, and later outed Natalie as a nonce, Janine and Darlene immediately turned against Natalie. When her father visited her in prison he told her mother had died and that she had broken her mother's heart by being in prison, as she was given release from prison to attend her mother's funeral, Natalie forced her to bring drugs back to the prison, but Janine was caught. She began a relationship with prison officer Donny Kimber (played by Stapleton's EastEnders co-star Sid Owen), when she received day release from the prison, she told Donny she couldn't go back and ran away, but he chased after her and handcuffed her for her own good. Janine became pregnant by Donny, which saw his career in jeopardy, however when Darlene threatened to set herself on fire after she had been wrongfully accused of murder, she took Janine hostage, but after Donny calmed her down she eventually let her go but shortly after she pour turps over herself and set herself on fire only Donny's quick thinking stopped her receiving major injuries with him throwing a sheet over her and dousing the flames out to which Joy Masterton commented he would make a better fireman than he is a police officer, as a result Donny was allowed to keep his job and Janine eventually gave birth to their daughter Beverly-Janine.

Arun ParmarEdit

Arun Parmar received three years for credit card fraud. She arrived at Larkhall with her friend Janine Nebeski (Nicola Stapleton), who blamed Arun for them being in prison. Arun did not like Larkhall's then Top Dog Natalie Buxton (Dannielle Brent), who ordered Janine to lure her into the library. When in the library, Natalie holds Arun, and gets Janine to hit her in the ribs with bricks inside a pair of tights. Arun confides in caring prison officer Di Barker (Tracey Wilkinson), who speaks to her husband Jim Fenner (Jack Ellis) about giving Arun an induction. Arun is later delighted when Sister Thomas Moore (Colette O'Neil) arrives at Larkhall, after being imprisoned for stealing from a child's orphanage. Arun later becomes desperate for mystery medication, and refuses to tell the prison officers about it. The truth is later discovered when Arun reveals to Sister Thomas Moore that she was actually a male-to-female transsexual, and the medication was actually hormone pills. After discovering that Sister Thomas was a child abuser, she reverts to being a Muslim, covering her face. Natalie does not take kindly to this and reveals her face to the entire prison, revealing a beard. The girls got mental and order for Arun to be taken to a men's prison, which is later decided by Neil Grayling (James Gaddas). Arun is later touched when new prisoner Pat Kerrigan (Liz May Brice) fights Natalie for the right for her to stay at Larkhall. Pat wins the fight so Arun is allowed to stay at Larkhall. Arun later finds herself falling in love with Pat, but isn't happy when new prisoner Sheena Williams (Laura Rogers) becomes good friends with Pat and later begins a relationship with her. Arun is last seen playing Prince Charming in Larkhall's "Snow Black" Panto featuring Darlene as Snow Black during the 2005 Christmas episode during which she finally gets Natalie back when Natalie suggests that Darline be sacked from the role of Snow Black and she be cast as Snow White to which Arun tells her she has a role for her and she can play "Dwarf Nonsey", this leaves Natalie seething and dejected.

Sheena WilliamsEdit

Sheena Williams is serving time in Larkhall for getting involved in drugs. She is first seen on the mother/baby unit with her young son, Dylan. She talks to Di Barker (Tracey Wilkinson) about her looking after Dylan when she has to go back to G-Wing. She later agrees to let Di take care of Dylan, but Di's husband Jim Fenner (Jack Ellis) doesn't take kindly to the idea of there being a baby in the house. Di later tells Sheena that she cannot take care of Dylan, so new Top Dog Pat Kerrigan (Liz May Brice) tells Sheena that she knows a friend who could look after Dylan while she is still serving time. Despite Di's scheming to try to have Dylan in her life, Pat's child minder friend gets custody of Dylan. Sheena says an emotional farewell to Dylan and is then taken back to G-Wing. Sheena later finds herself falling in love with Pat, and they later start a sexual relationship. They reach a minor obstacle in their relationship, Arun Parmar (Rebecca Hazlewood). She too has feelings for Pat and does not leave the pair alone. Eventually, Arun becomes good friends with Darlene Cake (Antonia Okonma), Janine Nebeski (Nicola Stapleton) and Tina O'Kane (Victoria Bush), so Sheena and Pat get some alone time. When Fenner is murdered, Pat becomes a suspect after the police find a sharpened piece of wood in her sleeve. This troubles Sheena, so when she finds Darlene and Janine's novel holding their plans to kill Fenner, she hands it in to the police. Janine and Darlene are questioned, but are not charged. When Janine and Darlene find out that it was Sheena who grassed them up, they go to attack her, but Sheena then threatens to tell Pat about it, so they leave her alone. Arun later moves back to the Four Bed Dorm with Tina, Darlene and Janine, so Sheena moves into Pat's cell. On her final night in Larkhall, Pat and Sheena have sex to show their love for one another. When Sheena is released, she moves in with Pat's child minder friend, and is delighted to see Dylan. She contacts Dylan's father, Brendan, who is a drug dealer. He begs Sheena to look after drugs for him, so when she says no, he hides them in the cupboard. The child minder sees this so calls the police, and Sheena is arrested and sent back to Larkhall again. She is back in a cell with Pat, so the pair have sex again. She is last seen enjoying watching the play "Snow Black", starring Janine, Darlene, Tina and Arun. Sheena was released from Larkhall a second time off-screen.

Joy MastertonEdit

Joy Masterton becomes the new Governing Governor of Larkhall after the Costa Cons, Phyl Oswyn (Stephanie Beacham) and Bev Tull (Amanda Barrie) escape. She scolds Neil Grayling (James Gaddas) about the state of Larkhall, and she becomes unpopular with the inmates. Joy is from the army, and takes no-nonsense from anyone. She immediately clashes with Pat Kerrigan (Liz May Brice), yet gets along well with nonce Natalie Buxton (Dannielle Brent), as she is trying to impress Joy so she can have a weekend out. Joy allows Natalie on the weekend out with prison officer Kevin Spiers (Andrew Scarborough). Joy changes all of cells and cellmates, angering the inmates. When Phyl is returned to Larkhall, she suffers at the hands of Joy who orders her to run around the prison a certain number of times. Joy gets along well with Chaplain. Christy Mackay (Gaynor Howe), and it soon becomes apparent that she adores Christmas. Her love of Christmas is short-lived, however, when mental new inmate Miranda Miles (Nicola Redmond) murders Christy and Julie Johnston (Kika Mirylees) suffers a mental breakdown. After witnessing Christy's body, Joy and Kevin send Miranda to a psychiatric hospital. In the next series, Joy is helped to run Larkhall by new Deputy Governor Lou Stoke (Amanda Donohoe). She bad-mouths Neil to Lou, unaware that Lou and Neil already know each other. When Neil has enough of Joy's orders, he threatens to walk out of his job and, when nobody can find him, they all believe he has resigned. There is a shock, however, when Lou finds him dead on the floor of his office after catching Legionnaires' disease. When the other prison officers learn of the disease in Larkhall, they madly race out of the building, knocking Joy unconscious and trampling on her. Joy later regains consciousness, and is stunned when she witnesses all of G-Wing's prisoners escaping. They are all ordered back inside the prison, but Phyl is shot when she attempts to run away.

Later on in the series, new inmate Stella Gough (Helen Modern) pleases Joy when she tells her she wants to join the army, and she sustains a nasty fall when she tries to show Joy just how much she wants to be in the army. While she is in the hospital, Stella reveals that she knows Joy is her mother, and Joy is stunned to know that she has been reunited with her daughter. Stella reveals that she knows why Joy gave her up for adoption, she had told Social Services that she was raped, when it was actually a drunken one-night stand. Stella confides in Joy saying that she too was also raped. When Joy sees Stella being attacked by Darlene Cake (Antonia Okonma) and Tina O'Kane (Victoria Bush), she steps in and is punched in the stomach by Darlene. Joy then reveals the awful truth to Stella that she was not raped, and that she just drunkenly had sex while she was in the army. Stella then attacks Joy with a smashed glasses lens attached to a toothbrush, and new prison officer Mandy Goodhue (Angela Bruce) saves her. Joy then takes optional leave when she turns to alcohol for comfort. When she returns, she has to deal with the fact that Janine Nebeski (Nicola Stapleton) has now fallen pregnant. Janine tells Joy that her boyfriend, "Michael", is responsible, but the biological father is in fact prison officer, Donny Kimber (Sid Owen). Joy discovers this and threatens to fire him. When Darlene sets fire to herself on the landing of G-Wing, Donny puts her out and Joy congratulates Donny for his quick-thinking, and she says that he is allowed to keep his job. Joy is not seen after this.

Kevin SpiersEdit

Kevin Spiers was introduced as a replacement for Colin Hedges (Tristan Surrock). Kevin shows many aspects of Jim Fenner (Jack Ellis) in him; having sexual relationships with some of the inmates and turning violent when they take advantage of him. When Fenner is murdered, Kevin becomes a suspect after their friendship became frosty towards the end of his life. The real culprit was in fact Julie Johnston (Kika Mirylees). Kevin begins having sex with nonce Natalie Buxton (Dannielle Brent), but she is only using him for her "weekend out". Kevin is about to escort Natalie on the weekend out, but when the alarms go off following Bev Tull (Amanda Barrie) and Phyl Oswyn's (Stephanie Beacham) escapes, it is postponed. When the weekend out eventually arrives, Natalie and Kevin have sex yet again, but things turn sour when she sprays Kevin in the eyes with a can of mace, and she plans to make her great escape. Unfortunately for Natalie, new G-Wing Top Dog Pat Kerrigan (Liz May Brice) has organised a mob to be waiting outside her hotel to attack her, and she is slapped across the face. Kevin then saves Natalie and their relationship begins yet again. When in the chapal, Kevin and Natalie are caught having anal sex by Chaplain. Christy Mackay (Gaynor Howe). Kevin orders for Natalie to stop Christy from telling Larkhall Governor Joy Masterton (Ellie Haddington), so she manipulates mentally ill inmate Miranda Miles (Nicola Redmond) into murdering Christy with a sharpened cross. When Kevin and Joy find Christy's corpse in the shower, they immediately send Miranda to a psychiatric hospital. Kevin is last seen looking worried after Natalie tells him that she manipulated Miranda into killing Christy.

Series 8Edit

Lou StokeEdit

Louise "Lou" Stoke is hired as G Wing Governor of Larkhall to help out Joy Masterton (Ellie Haddington). She instantly makes herself noticed by the inmates, and has a kind and sensitive side to her. Joy bad-mouths Wing Governor Neil Grayling (James Gaddas) to Lou, unaware that Neil and Lou already know each other. Lou is later stunned when she finds Neil dead on the floor of his office following the sudden outbreak of Legionnaires' disease. Following the prisoners' escape after the sudden outbreak of Legionnaires' disease, Lou and Dr. Rowan Dunlop (Colin Salmon) help Tina O'Kane (Victoria Bush) as she is seriously ill after catching the disease. In the next episode, Lou and Rowan get much closer and end up having sex in the bathroom. New disturbing inmate Angela Robbins (Annette Badland) shows signs of dissociative identity disorder, and when Lou is escorting her to Rowan's office for a health check-up, Angela attacks Lou violently. After Lou punches Angela across the face, she begins to show a more caring and frightened side to her. Rowan diagnoses Angela with dissociative identity disorder and the pair have her shipped out of Larkhall. Lou then meets a young woman at the gates of Larkhall and they talk about somebody who Lou is close with. It later transpires to be her younger sister, Vicky (Melanie Cameron). Lou finds Vicky at a strip club, where they exchange insults and a catfight erupts between the two. Lou feels embarrassed when she realises that Rowan has witnessed the fight. Later on, Lou invites Rowan to her flat for dinner, to which he gladly accepts. During their meal, Vicky turns up and collapses, and it is soon revealed that she has attempted to commit suicide. When Vicky regains consciousness, she clashes with Lou about the situation and she warns her about Rowan. When Lou discovers that a young girl, Vanessa Andrews, is being used to smuggle drugs into prisons using her vagina, she confronts nonce Natalie Buxton (Dannielle Brent) about it, after Pat Kerrigan (Liz May Brice) grasses her up. Natalie acts as if she knows nothing about Vanessa, so Lou cannot charge her.

Dr. Rowan DunlopEdit

Dr. Rowan Dunlop makes his first appearance in the first episode of Series 8, as a replacement doctor for the late Dr. Malcolm Nicholson (Philip McGough). When Wing Governor Neil Grayling (James Gaddas) and prisoner Ashley Wilcox (Sandra De Sousa) die mysteriously, and Tina O'Kane (Victoria Bush) falls seriously ill, Rowan diagnoses the outbreak of Legionnaires' disease. All of the prison officers escape, along with some of the prisoners, and only Rowan, Tina, Lou Stoke (Amanda Donohoe) and Pat Kerrigan (Liz May Brice) are left in the building. Outside, Phyl Oswyn (Stephanie Beacham) is shot when she attempts to run away, and Rowan informs her that if the bullet would have gone any deeper into her stomach, she would've died. Phyl pretends to show signs of paranoia, and tells her partner-in-crime Bev Tull (Amanda Barrie) that she is faking her symptoms. They later discover that Rowan is secretly working for a television series called Women Inside, so Phyl and Bev blackmail Rowan into allowing Phyl into going to a professional hospital, otherwise they'll tell Governing Governor Joy Masterton (Ellie Haddington) about his schemes. Rowan gives in and sends Phyl to hospital. Rowan and Lou later get intimate and they have sex in the bathroom of G-Wing. Swiftly after, Rowan witnesses Lou's catfight with her younger sister, Vicky (Melanie Cameron), in a strip club, leaving Lou embarrassed. When Lou invites Rowan to her flat for dinner, he delightedly accepts, and reveals that he is married. During their meal, Vicky arrives and collapses after attempting to commit suicide. Dr Dunlop gets his comeuppance when Lou finds out that he has been feeding her sister Vicky drugs, and lured her into taking another overdose. He was planning on letting her die, but is forced to act when discovered at the last minute. Vicky confesses all to Lou on the way to hospital, and she returns to Larkhall long enough to smacks him in the head with a paperweight. She is forced to leave Larkhall by Joy Masters.

Mandy GoodhueEdit

Mandy Goodhue is first seen patrolling around G-Wing as a new prison officer. In the first episode of Series 8, it is clear that she has a good friendship with Sylvia Hollamby (Helen Fraser), and is kind and thoughtful. When the sudden outbreak of Legionnaires' disease rocks Larkhall, it is up to Mandy to unlock all of the doors so that the prison officers are able to escape. Mandy is unaware, however, that she has left all of the doors unlocked and the prisoners make their escape. While fleeing from the building, the prison officers knock Governing Governor Joy Masterton (Ellie Haddington) unconscious and trample on her. When Joy regains consciousness, she is shocked to see that most of the prisoners have escaped. The inmates are soon taken back inside, but Phyl Oswyn (Stephanie Beacham) decides to run away so she is shot. Mandy is next seen saving Joy from being attacked by troubled inmate Stella Gough (Helen Modern). Soon after, Mandy is searching all of the visitors so that they can visit their prisoners. When Mandy searches young girl Vanessa Andrews, she cannot find anything abnormal on her, but it is later revealed that she was hiding drugs in her vagina to give to Natalie Buxton (Dannielle Brent). Soon after, Julie Saunders (Victoria Alcock) tells Joy that her son, David, is getting married to his heavily pregnant fiancée, and she agrees to allow the pair to get married on G-Wing, although Mandy will be supervising. Mandy allows Natalie to take out the rubbish bags, unaware that she is actually planning on escaping. Her rival, Pat Kerrigan (Liz May Brice) pretends to be sick to follow Natalie and stop her.

Donny KimberEdit

Donny Kimber is transferred from D-Wing to help out at G-Wing following Kevin Spiers' (Andrew Scarborough) departure. He gets on well with the inmates, and Janine Nebeski (Nicola Stapleton) and Darlene Cake (Antonia Okonma) soon take shines towards him. Donny and Deputy Governor Lou Stoke (Amanda Donohoe) escort Janine to her mother's funeral, where it is revealed that she was hiding drugs in her shoes, organised by Natalie Buxton (Dannielle Brent). The entire prison believe that Janine is addicted to drugs, and Donny tells Janine that he is pleased with her for taking up rehab. Soon after, Donny kisses Janine, leaving her stunned. He soon tells Janine that he loves her and they have sex numerous times, although Darlene is getting a vibe that something is going on. When Janine begins writing love letters to Donny, they eventually go missing, and Darlene is the culprit. In complete anger, Janine slaps Darlene in the middle of G-Wing and a minor fight erupts. Donny witnesses the assault and sends both Janine and Darlene down the block. Janine eventually falls pregnant with Donny's baby, so she has to convince Governing Governor Joy Masterton (Ellie Haddington) that her boyfriend, "Michael", is responsible. Soon, Joy realises that it is Donny's child and threatens to have him fired. After Darlene sets herself on fire, Donny puts her out, so Joy congratulates him and tells him that he can keep his job. A while later, Phyl Oswyn (Stephanie Beacham) and Bev Tull (Amanda Barrie) help deliver Janine's baby, who she names Beverly Janine. Donny is last seen celebrating the birth of Beverly with his now fiancée, Janine.

Stella GoughEdit

S8 E4: Stella (Helen Modern) Entered Larkhall in an attempt to meet her birth mother, Joy Masterton. Athletic and confident she makes a good impression on the staff after showing interest in the joining the army. This is partly in attempt to spend more time with Joy, knowing that she was in the army. She falls from a rope which she had climbed, and was then showing off. She got off lucky with a concussion, and when Joy visited her in the hospital wing she told her that she was her daughter. Joy did not take it well, denied it and told her she would be shipping back out.

S8 E5: After talking with Joy again, and hearing that she had lied about being becoming pregnant through rape, she became furious. She made a weapon using a toothbrush and a piece of glass and took Joy hostage. Joy tried to explain why, but Stella didn't want to hear it. Joy was saved by Mandy Goodhue (Angela Bruce) after the staff became aware of her absence. After this she was sent back to her previous prison, claiming she didn't care about Joy anymore.

Tabular breakdown by series of introductionEdit

Series 1Edit


Character Actor/Actress Duration Last Seen
Yvonne Atkins Linda Henry Series 1-5 Pleading for her life after being in the hanging cell and left to die by Jim Fenner. Her body was discovered six weeks later.
Denny Blood Alicya Eyo Series 1-5 Being transferred to an open prison.
Shell Dockley Debra Stephenson Series 1-3, 5 Being transferred to a psychiatric facility after being falsely accused by Jim Fenner of trying to murder her new born baby.
Crystal Gordon Sharon Duncan Brewster Series 1-4 Released and ready to start a new life with Josh Mitchell and baby Zandra.
Rachel Hicks Joanne Froggatt Series 1 Dead in the four-bed dorm after committing suicide by hanging herself following taunting by Shell Dockley and Denny Blood.
Julie Johnston (originally Sonia Dawson) Kika Mirylees Series 1-8 Celebrating Christmas with her fellow inmates.
Monica Lindsey Jane Lowe Series 1, 3 Walking free from the court after winning her appeal. She returned briefly when Julie Saunders was released on electronic tag. She was last seen watching in shock as Julie fled David's school play to save Julie Johnston.
Zandra Plackett Lara Cazalet Series 1-2 Dead on the floor of the Four Bed Dorm, caused by an inoperable brain tumour. (Falsely diagnosed by Dr. Malcolm Nicholson as short sight).
Julie Saunders Victoria Alcock Series 1-8 Celebrating Christmas with her fellow inmates, son David, daughter in law, Fidelity, and granddaughter, Ashanti.
Nikki Wade Mandana Jones Series 1-3 Snogging Helen Stewart in the street, after winning her appeal and being released.


Character Actor/Actress Series Last Seen
Jim Fenner Jack Ellis[7] Series 1-7 Dead in the hanging cell after being murdered by Julie Johnston. Later appeared as a "ghost" hallucinated by Julie J. Last seen haunting G-Wing.
Sylvia Hollamby Helen Fraser Series 1-8 Giving the G-Wing inmates a Christmas to remember after suffering a "scrooge"-like dream.
Dominic McAllister Joe Shaw Series 1-2 Leaving Di Barker at her house to go home and pack for his holiday. He later resigned after meeting a new partner in Greece.
Lorna Rose Luisa Bradshaw-White Series 1 Being escorted out of Larkhall after being arrested smuggling drugs into Larkhall.
Helen Stewart Simone Lahbib Series 1-3 Snogging Nikki Wade in the street, ready to start her new life.
Simon Stubberfield Roland Oliver Series 1-3 Giving harsh words of advice to his successor Helen Stewart, after handing in his forced resignation from Area Management to take responsibility for Shell Dockley, Denny Blood and Shaz Wiley's escape.

Minor CharactersEdit

Character Actor/Actress Series Last Seen
Jessie Devlin Denise Black Series 1, 2 Being given an ultimatum by daughter, Denny Blood. She later died (off-screen) from years of alcohol abuse.
Sean Parr Oliver Fox Series 1 Walking away from Helen Stewart in the prison yard after she ended their relationship.

Series 2Edit


Character Actor/Actress Series Last Seen
Barbara "Babs" Hunt Isabelle Amyes Series 2-5 Celebrating her marriage to Rev. Henry Mills. She was later released off-screen.
Shaz Wiley Lindsey Fawcett Series 2-4 Begging for her life and for Denny Blood to come back and save her when she was trapped in the burning visiting room. She later burned to death.


Character Actor/Actress Series Last Seen
Karen Betts Claire King Series 2-5,6 Being arrested on G-Wing after being framed by Jim Fenner for death by dangerous driving. She later returned and was last seen with Neil Grayling as they presented Fenner and his wedding guests evidence that he had framed her.
Di Barker Tracey Wilkinson Series 2-7 On G-Wing as a prisoner watching as the other inmates celebrated Christmas. Her ultimate fate was never revealed.
Josh Mitchell Nathan Constance Series 2-4 Starting a new life with Crystal Gordon and their baby girl, Zandra, when he collected Crystal from Larkhall.
Dr. Malcolm Nicholson Philip McGough Series 2-3, 5-7 Dead after being shot by Phyl Oswyn after attempting to murder his new wife, Sylvia Hollamby, on their honeymoon on the Costa Del Sol.

Minor CharactersEdit

Character Actor/Actress Series Last Seen
Bobby Hollamby Geoffrey Hutchings Series 2, 3, 5 Dead after committing suicide by gassing himself in his company hearse after being unable to pay off his debts.
"Mad" Tessa Spall Helen Schlesinger Series 2-3 Upset on the mental health wing after Shell Dockley was attacked in the shower by "Podger" Pam Jolly.
Renee Williams Alison Newman Series 2 Lying dead on the floor of G-Wing after suffering an allergic reaction to nuts, brought on by Yvonne Atkins.

Series 3Edit


Character Actor/Actress Series Last Seen
Buki Lester Kim Oliver Series 3-5 Looking forward to a new life with her son Lennox. She was released off-screen.
Al McKenzie Pauline Campbell Series 3-6 Lying dead on the floor of the four-bed dorm after suffering oxalic poisoning accidentally caused by Phyl Oswyn and Bev Tull.
Virginia O'Kane Kate O'Mara Series 3-4 Dead in the bath after being drowned by Maxi Purvis and Al McKenzie.
Maxi Purvis Kerry Norton Series 3-4 Dead in the chapel, where her corpse was stored by Sylvia Hollamby and the Julies, after committing suicide by choking herself to death on toilet paper, aided by Al McKenzie.
Tina O'Kane
(also known as Tina Purvis and Julie O'Kane)
Victoria Bush Series 3-8 Celebrating Christmas with her fellow inmates.


Character Actor/Actress Series Last Seen
Gina Rossi Lisa Turner Series 3 Being taken away by paramedics after suffering a miscarriage caused by a fight with Di Barker. She later resigned and got a transfer to a men's prison off screen.
Mark Waddle Paul Opacic Series 3-4 Being transferred to another prison after a disagreement with Neil Grayling.
Dr. Thomas Waugh Michael Higgs Series 3 Walking away from a relationship with Helen Stewart after discovering her feelings for Nikki Wade.

Minor CharactersEdit

Character Actor/Actress Series Last Seen
Femi Bada Athonia Lanre-Ajose Series 3 Being transferred to E-Wing with another Nigerian inmate.
"Podger" Pam Jolly Wendi Peters Series 3 Being accepted by the women of G-Wing when they finally saw she was not a "nutter". Later transferred off screen.
Caroline Lewis Helen Grace Series 3 Panicking in her cell with Josh Mitchell after being revealed as a sex offender by Maxi Purvis. She was later transferred.
Charlotte Myddleton Kate Steavenson-Payne Series 3 Transferred to an open prison.
David Saunders Steven Webb Series 3, 8 Celebrating Christmas with mum Julie Saunders, wife Fidelity and their daughter Ashanti on G-Wing.

Series 4Edit


Character Actor/Actress Series Last Seen
Roisin Connor Siobhan McCarthy Series 4 Last seen being taken to the hospital wing for treatment of her burns. She was later transferred and pardoned along with girlfriend, Cassie Tyler after saving Neil Grayling's life during the fire.
Snowball Merriman Nicole Faraday Series 4-5 Dead after committing suicide by hanging herself from the G-Wing landings - in front of the other inmates.
Cassie Tyler Kellie Bright Series 4 Last seen being taken to the hospital wing for treatment of her burns. She was later transferred and pardoned along with girlfriend, Roisin Connor after saving Neil Grayling's life during the fire.
Rhiannon Dawson Jade Williams Series 2, 4 Promising her mother, Julie Johnston, and "aunt" Julie Saunders that she would go to college and make something of her life.


Character Actor/Actress Series Last Seen
Neil Grayling James Gaddas Series 4-8 Lying dead on his office floor after the outbreak of Legionnaires' Disease.
Rev. Henry Mills Michael Elwyn Series 4-5 Marrying inmate Barbara Hunt.
Barry Pearce Andrew Lancel Series 4 Last seen being restrained from attacking Babs Hunt and Shaz Wiley. He was later sacked off-screen.

Minor CharactersEdit

Character Actor/Actress Series Last Seen
Ritchie Atkins Alex King Series 4-5 Dead after committing suicide from an overdose.
Noreen Biggs Maria Charles Series 4, 5 Losing her battle with lung Cancer in the prison hospital.
Spike Harding Sarah Hadland Series 4 Mourning the death of her baby, Baxter.

Series 5Edit


Character Actor/Actress Series Last Seen
Phyl Oswyn Stephanie Beacham Series 5-8 Celebrating Christmas with her fellow inmates.
Bev Tull Amanda Barrie Series 5-8 Celebrating Christmas with her fellow inmates.
Kris Yates Jennifer Ness Series 5-6 Staging a protest of Innocence on top of the Wellington Arch Monument with Selena Geeson.


Character Actor/Actress Series Last Seen
Selena Geeson Charlotte Lucas Series 5-6 Joining Kris Yates in her protest on top of the Wellington Arch Monument. She was later sacked off-screen.
Colin Hedges Tristan Sturrock Series 5-7 Last seen attacking Father Kelly who, along with Sister Thomas Moore, were revealed as child abusers by Pat Kerrigan. He was suspended off-screen but never returned to work.

Minor CharactersEdit

Character Actor/Actress Series Last Seen
as himself Christopher Biggins Series 5 Informing Buki Lester he has adopted her son Lennox.
Eric Bostock Paul Brennen Series 5 Pulling the plug on his bid to privatize Larkhall.
Paula Miles Nikki Amuka-Bird Series 5, 6 Last seen dealing with the oxalic acid poisoning case on G-Wing.
Tony Verrall Jamie King Series 5 He was last seen walking out on Neil Grayling, ending their relationship.
Milly Yates Holly Palmer Series 5, 6 She was last seen feeling sorry for herself after wanting to back out of admitting to killing her father. Her body was pulled from a river by police divers after committing suicide.

Series 6Edit


Character Actor/Actress Series Last Seen
Natalie Buxton Dannielle Brent Series 6-8 Being dumped down a drain after being murdered by Pat Kerrigan. She also appeared in ghost form to Sylvia Hollamby at Christmas.
Darlene Cake Antonia Okonma Series 6-8 Setting herself on fire after being manipulated to commit murder at the hands of evil Catherine Earlham. Though she survived her suicide bid, she was not seen again, leaving her fate unknown.


Character Actor/Actress Series Last Seen
Frances Myers Eva Pope Series 6 Last seen dealing with a near-riot on G-Wing following the revelation of Kris Yates and Selena Geeson's relationship. She was later transferred off-screen and became the new Governor of HMP Whitehouse.

Minor CharactersEdit

Character Actor/Actress Series Last Seen
Janan Hamad Meera Syal Series 6 Last seen talking to her mother in law who was willing to help her. She was later released off-screen following her roof-top protest.
Rick Revoir Geoff Francis Series 6 Last seen negotiating with Frances Myers to take the wrap for Tanya Turner's convictions. He was later arrested and sent to prison off screen.
Tanya Turner Zöe Lucker Series 6 Being chauffeur driven out of Larkhall after Rick Revoir took the blame for the drug charges she had been locked up for.
Ben Hennessy Richard Mylan Series 6,7 Being escorted away by the police, he was later charged for the hit-and-run murder caused by Jim Fenner, after Di Barker planted evidence in order to free Fenner.

Series 7Edit


Character Actor/Actress Series Last Seen
Pat Kerrigan Liz May Brice Series 7-8 Celebrating Christmas with her fellow inmates.
Janine Nebeski Nicola Stapleton Series 7-8 Celebrating the birth of her daughter, Beverly-Janine with fiancé, Donny Kimber at Christmas.
Arun Parmar Rebecca Hazlewood Series 7 Playing the role of Prince Charming in the 2005 Christmas Episode.
Sheena Williams Laura Rogers Series 7 Celebrating Christmas with her fellow inmates watching the pantomime of "Snow Black". She was released off-screen.


Character Actor/Actress Series Last Seen
Vicky Floyd Orlessa Altas Series 7 She was last seen celebrating Christmas with inmates and colleagues watching the performance of "Snow Black".
Joy Masterton Ellie Haddington Series 7-8 Praising Donny Kimber for his quick-thinking that saved Darlene Cake's life.
Kevin Spiers Andrew Scarborough Series 7 Looking worried after Natalie Buxton had manipulated inmate Miranda Miles into killing Chaplain. Christy Mackay.

Minor CharactersEdit

Character Actor/Actress Series Last Seen
Laura Canning Francesca Fowler Series 7 Dead after committing suicide by jumping from a high ledge.
Chaplain. Christy Mackay Gaynor Howe Series 7 Dead in the shower after being murdered by Miranda Miles.
Miranda Miles Nicola Redmond Series 7 Transferred after murdering Chaplain. Christy Mackay.
Sister Thomas More Colette O'Neil Series 7 Transferred after being revealed as a child abuser by Pat Kerrigan.

Series 8Edit


Character Actor/Actress Series Last Seen
Emira Al Jahani Laura Dos Santos Series 8 Last seen warning Janine Nebeski about Donny Kimber being an undercover police officer. She was later released from Larkhall off-screen after her husband was arrested on terrorism charges.
Stella Gough Helen Modern Series 8 Transferred back to her original prison after rejecting Joy Masterton's apology.


Character Actor/Actress Series Last Seen
Dr. Rowan Dunlop Colin Salmon Series 8 Lying in hospital after Lou Stoke attacked him for trying to kill her sister Vicky with a drugs overdose.
Mandy Goodhue Angela Bruce Series 8 Celebrating Christmas with the fellow staff and inmates of G-Wing.
Donny Kimber Sid Owen Series 8 Celebrating the birth of his daughter Beverly-Janine with fiancée, Janine Nebeski, at Christmas.
Lou Stoke Amanda Donohoe Series 8 Was last seen phoning Rowan Dunlop's wife, Hannah, to reveal to her his adultery and attempted murder.

Minor CharactersEdit

Character Actor/Actress Series Last Seen
Hassan Al Jahani Conor Alexander Series 8 Being arrested for terrorism crimes.
Catherine Earlham Jan Francis Series 8 Being chauffeur driven from Larkhall with her new lover in tow after Darlene Cake killed her husband, the only prosecution witness to her crimes.
Angela Robbins Annette Badland Series 8 Transferred after her dissociative identity disorder was uncovered by Dr. Rowan Dunlop.
Fidelity Saunders Gugu Mbatha-Raw Series 8 Celebrating Christmas with her husband David Saunders and their daughter Ashanti on G-Wing.
Vicky Stoke Melanie Cameron Series 8 Recovering in hospital after Dr. Rowan Dunlop tried to kill her by causing her to overdose on drugs.
Ashley Wilcox Sandra De Sousa Series 8 Dead in the four-bed dorm after falling victim to the outbreak of Legionnaires' disease.

See alsoEdit


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