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Rebecca Hazlewood (born 9 April 1977)[citation needed] is an English actress. She was born in Wales and grew up in Kingswinford in the West Midlands. She is of Anglo-Indian descent.

Acting careerEdit

On British television, Hazlewood has played Beena Shah in Crossroads and Arun Parmar in Bad Girls.[1] In the United States she played Asha in the NBC sitcom Outsourced.[2][3]

Her other roles include Talia Ahmed in the ITV series Second Sight alongside Clive Owen, in the Masters of the Universe BBC1 week-long series in January 2010 as college lecturer Sia and the 2001 British Film 4 feature Dog Eat Dog with David Oyelowo, Gary Kemp and Ricky Gervais. In 2006 she featured as Beth in Meeting Helen with Madeleine Potter and Emily Woof which was filmed by DP Christopher Doyle. She appeared in a lead role in the film Kissing Cousins.

In 2007, Hazlewood played young Parin in The Ode, based on the novel Ode to Lata by Ghalib Shiraz Dhalla. In 2008, Hazlewood appeared in Season 14 of the NBC drama ER, portraying Jaspreet, a cousin of Neela's, who came straight from India in order to avoid an arranged marriage. In 2009, Hazlewood appeared as Nalini, an Ajira Airways ticket agent, in Season 5 of Lost. In 2011, Hazlewood appeared as Meera in Embrace, written, directed and produced by Ghalib Shiraz Dhalla. In 2012, Hazlewood guest starred on Grey's Anatomy, episode 17, "One Step Too Far". In 2013, Hazlewood guest-starred on the White Collar season 5 episode "Digging Deeper". She appeared in the film Equals.

She guest starred in multiple episodes of The Good Place as Kamilah, the sister of Tahani, portrayed by Jameela Jamil.


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