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Legends is an award-winning[1][2] computer moderated play-by-mail fantasy strategy game. Legends was created in 1986 by Jim Landes from his previous game, Epic. The original system had three paper manuals and operated by print-based turn-sheets via snail mail. In 1995, two years after Midnight Games had been acquired by a new owner, the game system underwent a major update with many major rule changes and new elements some of which were based on the suggestions of players.[citation needed] This new version was called Legends II and could be played via email, initially via a DOS utility called the Legends Turn Editor, and currently via the deluxe Legends Position Editor. Legends is currently owned by Sam Roads of Harlequin Games, who took over in 2002, and it is distributed in German by SSV Graz.[3]

Although many modules were produced for the system, the 2009 release of The One Ring marked a high point. An officially licensed version of Legends based on Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings, it went on to win Best PBM at the 37th Game Manufacturers Association Origins Awards.[4]

The modules, or game worlds, which have been designed to run under the Legends game system include:

  • Crown of Avalon (1988).
  • Realm of the Immortals (1990), later revamped as Immortals' Realm in 2002.
  • North Island Campaign (1992), later revamped as North Island Campaign II in 2001, winner of a Game Manufacturers Association award for Best PBM.
  • Dark Domain (1994), later revamped as Dark Domain II in 2002 for a special international champions game.
  • Swords of Pelarn (1995).
  • Crown of Chaos (1997).
  • Twilight Crusade (2003).
  • Hannibal's War (2003).
  • Adventures in Avalon (2004), later revamped as Avalon Revisited in 2007.
  • The One Ring, (2009) a game based on The Lord of the Rings.

Up to 200 players can participate in a single game, which can last between 18 months and 5 years.[5]


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