Adventures by Mail

Adventures by Mail is a company that published play-by-mail (PBM) games. The company was founded in 1981. It published various PBM games including Beyond the Stellar Empire, It's a Crime, and Monster Island.

Adventures by Mail
FateNot active
Key people
Robert Cooke, Michael Popolizio
ProductsBeyond the Stellar Empire, It's a Crime, Monster Island


The company—based in Cohoes, NY—began publishing PBM games in 1981.[1] In 1982, the company hired another gamemaster, Michael Popolizio.[2] In the January–February 1985 issue of Paper Mayhem magazine, the company announced a significant expansion of one of their main PBM games, Beyond the Stellar Empire (BSE) had occurred the prior December.[3] They asserted in 1993 that they were the largest PBM company in the United States.[1] At the time, their game offerings included BSE, It's a Crime, Monster Island, and Quest.[1]

In 1983, readers of The Space Gamer voted Adventures by Mail the top PBM publisher of the year, due to the popularity of Warboid World and Beyond the Stellar Empire.[4]

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