White Wolf (magazine)

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White Wolf is a game magazine that was published by White Wolf Publishing from 1986 to 1995.


While still in high school, Stewart Wieck and Steve Wieck decided to self-publish their own magazine, and Steve chose the name "White Wolf" after Elric of Melniboné. White Wolf #1 was published by their White Wolf Publishing in August 1986 and distributors began to order the magazine a few issues later as its print runs continue to increase.[1]:8 In 1990, Lion Rampant and White Wolf Publishing decided to merge into a new company that was simply called "White Wolf", and in an editorial in the magazine Stewart Weick explained that the magazine would remain independent despite the company's interest in role-playing production.[1]:9-10 With issue #50 (1995), the magazine's name was changed to White Wolf: Inphobia, but the magazine was cancelled by issue #57.[1]:21-22


White Wolf won the Origins Award for "Best Professional Adventure Gaming Magazine" in 1991,[2] and again in 1992.[3]



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