Nuclear Destruction

Nuclear Destruction is a play-by-mail (PBM) game. It was published by Rick Loomis of Flying Buffalo Inc. in 1970. It was the first professional PBM game.[1]

Nuclear Destruction
Designer(s)Rick Loomis
Publisher(s)Flying Buffalo Inc.
Publication date1970; 51 years ago (1970)
Players10 to 30
Skill(s) requiredCritical thinking, diplomacy


Nuclear Destruction was the first game offered by Flying Buffalo Inc., and started the professional PBM industry.[2] Flying Buffalo Inc. offered the game through mail initially, but it is a play-by-email (PBEM) game in the 21st century as well.[3]


According to reviewer Charles Mosteller, editor in chief of Suspense and Decision, the modern PBM magazine, Nuclear Destruction is a "Strategic missile game with emphasis on diplomacy".[3] The object is to be the sole survivor at the end of the game, by arranging for the other players to be destroyed with nuclear missiles.[4] Player tools include missiles, "anti-missiles", factories, and money for influencing other players.[4]

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