Harlequin Games is a business which designs and moderates PBM games by email of which their Legends (PBM) engine is the most recognized. From their "About Us" page - "We fuse wild imagination with good game-play in everything we produce and do so with professionalism and love for the hobby. Established in 1994, Harlequin has quickly grown into one of the largest postal/email gaming firms in the world, and we look forward to maintaining a long and happy relationship with our players."

Harlequin Games
IndustryPlay-by-mail game moderator
Headquarters Cardiff, UK
Key people
Sam Roads
ProductsLegends (PBM)
Saturnalia (PBM)

Harlequin Games was winner of the Gamers' Choice Origins Award in 2004 for the play by email game Legends (PBM).[1]

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