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The following are the winners of the 31st annual Origins Award, held in 2005:


Best of Class AwardsEdit

Category Winner Company
Best Play-By-Mail Game Fall of Rome Enlightened Age Entertainment
Best Historical Board Game Sword of Rome GMT Games
Best Historical Miniatures Line WWI: Western Front 28 mm Brigade Games
Best Historical Miniatures Game Dawn of the Rising Sun: The Russo Japanese War 1904-1905 Clash of Arms Games
Best Board Game Ticket to Ride Days of Wonder
Best Miniatures Game Attack Vector: Tactical Ad Astra Games
Best Miniatures Line Elmore Dragons Dark Sword Miniatures, Inc.
Best Collectible Card Game Seven Masters Vs. The Underworld Z-Man Games
Best Traditional Card Game Cthulhu 500 Atlas Games
Best Role Playing Game Ars Magica: 5th Edition Atlas Games
Best Role Playing Game Supplement Eberron Campaign Setting Wizards of the Coast
Best Fiction Publication Path of the Bold Guardians of Order
Best Non Fiction Publication Pyramid Magazine Steve Jackson Games
Best Game Accessory Cardboard Heroes Castles Steve Jackson Games

Vanguard AwardsEdit

Gamers' Choice AwardsEdit

Hall of Fame inducteesEdit

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