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An electoral ward in the same name exists. This ward stretches north to Kirkby Fleetham with a total population of approximately 1800 (as of 2005) and of 1,966 at the 2011 census.[1]


Leeming Bar's name is derived from the fact that it housed a Toll-House with a barrier that travellers were expected to pay at for onward travel beyond the barrier.[2] Around 1840, the barrier was moved further south towards Leeming village, as a quirk in the local bye-laws meant that people did not have to pay for travelling within 150 yards (140 m) of the crossroads on either Dere Street or the Bedale to Northallerton road.[3]

RAF Leeming

Located just to east of the A1(M) motorway[4] and near RAF Leeming, it is home to the main depot of the Wensleydale Railway at Leeming Bar railway station[5] as well as the Dales & District bus company. It was first bypassed in 1961, again in 2012, and lies on the Roman road Dere Street. It is approximately 0.93 miles (1.5 km) along the old A684 from the village of Aiskew and 7 miles (11 km) along the same road from the town of Northallerton.[6] The A684 bypass was opened up in August 2016.[7]


Methodist Church

It contains a C of E church, a C of E primary School with an average of 100 pupils as well as a Regency Pizza place,[8] which was once the village's local corner shop and post office up until 2006 when it closed down, and two parks. There are three pubs, two of which, the White Rose Hotel on Bedale Road,[9] and the Corner House are also hotels. The other is the Willow Tree Inn on Roman Road. A new Co-op store was opened up at the junction of Roman Road and Bedale Road in the village in July 2017.[10]

The Leeming Bar service station was set up at the junction of the old A1 road and the A684 road on the western edge of the village in 1961. In 2012, it won an appeal to become an official motorway service station and was sold to Moto in 2014.[11] The Services now lie on the adjacent A6055 local access road that has a junction with the A1(M) just to the north of Leeming Bar (junction 51).

Services on the A6055 road at Leeming Bar

A second service station with access to the A684 and the A1(M) at junction 51 was opened at Coneygarth in December 2014. The Coneygarth Truck Stop is run by Exelby Services who closed down their refuelling point in nearby Londonderry to run the new service station.[12][13] The site is just to the north of Leeming Bar village.[14]


The old Brickworks

An industrial agricultural business trades alongside the main road in Leeming Bar. John H Gill & Son have been in the village since 1937 when they bought out the foundry of F Mattison & Co. Run by William Mattison, the company made lots of agricultural machinery at their foundry which was built on railway land at Leeming Bar. However, the company was known mostly for its cast-iron mileposts, of which about 100 survive across North Yorkshire.[15][16]

Leeming Bar is host to an industrial estate that houses, among other things, the headquarters of Richmond Foods, who make Fab and Rowntree's Fruit Pastilles ice lollies.[17] A household waste recycling site is also on the industrial estate.[18][19]

The John Gill works

The Vale of Mowbray food factory is also in the village. The factory has suffered two fires in the 21st century; in 2002 a major fire caused an industrial oven to exploded and led to the company being prosecuted by the Health and Safety Executive.[20] In 2017, another fire led to 10,000 smoke damaged pork pies being destroyed by the company.[21]


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