Lady Daemyeong

Lady Daemyeong of the Jeongju Yu clan (Korean대명궁부인 유씨; Hanja大明宮夫人 柳氏; lit.'Lady Yu of the Daemyeong Palace') was a Goryeo Royal family member as both of paternal and maternal granddaughter of King Taejo[2] who became the fifth wife of King Gyeongjong.[3][4] Since married her first cousin, she then followed her grandmother's clan the Jeongju Yu. She had a brother whom didn't records too detailed.

Lady Daemyeong
SpouseGyeongjong of Goryeo
HouseHouse of Wang (by birth)
Jeongju Yu (by marriage)
FatherPrince Wonjang[1]
MotherPrincess Heungbang
Korean name
Revised RomanizationDaemyeonggung-buin

Although all of Gyeongjong's 1st-4th wife was posthumously honoured as a queen, just she who didn't receive any posthumous name. So, it was expected that even among the same royal family, there would be discrimination in treatment according to their families' status.[clarification needed]


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