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Kontinental Hockey League All-Star Game

Outdoor All-Star game in Moscow

The Kontinental Hockey League All-Star Game (Russian: Матч всех звёзд Континентальной хоккейной лиги) is an exhibition ice hockey game that marks the midway point of the Kontinental Hockey League's regular season, with many of the league's star players playing against each other. The starting lineup for the two teams, including the starting goaltender, is voted on by fans, while the secondary lines and goaltenders are voted upon by the media. At 2019 it was the first time that Wisehockey realtime tracking system was used in KHL All-Star Game. [1].



Edition Date Venue Team 1 Captain Score Team 2 Captain
2009 10 January   Red Square, Moscow Team World
  Jaromír Jágr
7–6 Team Russia
  Alexei Yashin
2010 30 January   Minsk-Arena, Minsk Team World
  Jaromír Jágr
11–8 Team Russia
  Alexei Yashin
2011 5 February[2]   Ice Palace, Saint Petersburg Team East
  Jaromír Jágr
18–16 Team West
  Alexei Yashin
2012 21 January[3]   Arena Riga, Riga Team East
  Sergei Fedorov
15–11 Team West
  Sandis Ozoliņš
2013 13 January[4]   Traktor Sport Palace, Chelyabinsk Team East
  Aleksey Morozov
18–11 Team West
  Ilya Kovalchuk
2014 11 January[5]   Slovnaft Arena, Bratislava Team West
  Ilya Kovalchuk
18–16 Team East
  Sergei Mozyakin
2015 25 January[6]   Bolshoy Ice Dome, Sochi Team West
  Ilya Kovalchuk
16–18 Team East
  Danis Zaripov
2016 23 January   VTB Ice Palace, Moscow Team West
  Alexander Radulov
28–23 Team East
  Sergei Mozyakin
2017 (Final) 22 January   Ufa Arena, Ufa Chernyshev Division
  Evgeny Medvedev
3–2 Tarasov Division
  Maxim Afinogenov
2018 (Final) 10 January   Barys Arena, Astana Tarasov Division
  Dmitri Kagarlitsky
5–4 Chernyshev Division
  Nigel Dawes
2019 (Final) 20 January   TatNeft Arena, Kazan Bobrov Division
  Július Hudáček
3–4 Chernyshev Division
  Igor Bobkov
2020 (Final) 19 January   VTB Indoor Arena, Moscow

Legends gameEdit

Edition Date Venue Team 1 Score Team 2
2012 20 January   Arena Riga, Riga Balderis team
Legends of Latvia
7–11 Fetisov team
Russian legends
2013 12 January   Traktor Sport Palace, Chelyabinsk Makarov team
Legends of Chelyabinsk
4–4 Fetisov team
Russian legends
2014 10 January   Slovnaft Arena, Bratislava Rusnák team
Legends of Czechoslovakia
Yakushev team
Russian legends
2015 25 January   Bolshoy Ice Dome, Sochi Kamensky team
Olympic legends
3–5 Kovalenko team
Olympic legends
2019 25 January   TatNeft Arena, Kazan Ak Bars Veterans 8–4 KHL Legends


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