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TatNeft Arena (ru: Татнефть-Арена, tt: TatNeft Arena, or TatNeft Səhıt) is an indoor sporting arena located in Kazan, Tatarstan, Russia. The capacity of the arena is 10,000 and was opened in 2005. The arena is home to Ak Bars Kazan of the Kontinental Hockey League. The Arena was chosen recently to host the annual Türkvizyon Song Contest 2014.

TatNeft Arena
TatNeft Arena.svg
Kazan view from Riviera Hotel 08-2016 img3.jpg
Location Kazan, Tatarstan, Russia
Coordinates 55°49′2″N 49°7′28″E / 55.81722°N 49.12444°E / 55.81722; 49.12444Coordinates: 55°49′2″N 49°7′28″E / 55.81722°N 49.12444°E / 55.81722; 49.12444
Capacity Kickboxing/Boxing: 9,500
Ice Hockey: 8,890
Concerts: 10,400
Field size 60×30 m
Opened August 29, 2005
Construction cost $50 Million USD
Ak Bars Kazan (KHL) (2005–present)
JHC Bars (MHL) (2009-present)
Turkvision Song Contest 2014

Tatneft CupEdit

Every year since 2008 kickboxing tournament called Tatneft Cup is held in the arena. Tournament consists of three tournaments in three weight categories (-70 kg, -80 kg, +80 kg) with 4 selections of 1/8 finals, 2 selections of quarter finals, semi finals and final tournament. Tournament is according K-1 rules, in 3x3 format with the exception of the fight going to an automatic 4th extension round if there is no knockdown during the first three rounds.[1]

Tatneft Cup Champions:

Year -70 kg champion -80 kg champion +80 kg champion
2016 [2]   Aleksey Ulyanov   Nikolay Lushin   Semen Shelepov
2015 [3]   Claudiu Bădoi   Timur Aylyarov   Roman Kryklia
2014   Alexei Ulyanov   Darryl Sichtman   Igor Bugaenko
2013   Maxim Smirnov   Vladimir Idranyi   Mikhail Tyuterev
2012 [4]   Enriko Gogokhia   Alexander Stetsurenko   Tsotne Rogava
2011 [5]   Dzhabar Askerov   Oleksandr Oliynyk   Hicham Ashalhi
2010   Dzhabar Askerov   Alexander Stetsurenko   Vitali Akhramenko
2009   Urunbeck Esenkulov   Alexander Stetsurenko   Ashwin Balrak
2008   Shamil Gusenov   Alexander Stetsurenko   Igor Bugaenko


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