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Communes (Albanian: komuna or komunat), officially known as administrative units (njësite administrative) or units of local administration, government, or governance (njësite të qeverisjes vendore) since 2015, are the 373 third-level administrative divisions of Albania which serve as its local government. There are 12 counties and 61 municipalities above the communes and 2,972 villages below them.

Administrative Units of Albania
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The 373 Administrative Units of Albania
CategoryUnitary State
LocationRepublic of Albania
  • June 2015


The current division of Albania in 373 administrative units was enacted in 2014 and carried out in June 2015.[1][2][3][4][5]

Albania has adjusted its internal organization 21 times since its Declaration of Independence from the Ottoman Empire in 1912. Immediately prior to the most recent reforms, the 308 or 309 communes were rural municipalities which served as second-level divisions of the country outside of its cities. They now serve as the level of local government across the country, each under the authority of the nearest urban center and each overseeing any nearby villages. Because of their intermediate status between the cities and villages, the communes are also sometimes known in English translation as towns.


Berat CountyEdit

Berat County has 20 communes and 241 villages.[citation needed]

Dibër CountyEdit

Dibër County has 32 communes and 280 villages.[citation needed]

Durrës CountyEdit

Durrës County has 10 communes and 108 villages.[6]

23 villagest të ngelura i përkasin bashkive: Sukth (6), Manëz (8), Krujë (3) dhe Fushë-Krujë (6).

Elbasan CountyEdit

Elbasan County has 45 communes and 385 villages.[citation needed]

Fier CountyEdit

Fier County has 37 communes and 269 villages.[citation needed]

Gjirokastër CountyEdit

Gjirokastër County has 24 communes and 265 villages.[citation needed]

Korçë CountyEdit

Korçë County has 31 communes and 340 villages.[citation needed]

Kukës CountyEdit

Kukës County has 25 communes and 187 villages.[citation needed]

Lezhë CountyEdit

Dibër County has 14 communes and 117 villages.[citation needed]

Shkodër CountyEdit

Dibër County has 28 communes and 276 villages.[citation needed]

19 villagest të ngelura i përkasin bashkive: Shkodra (2), Vau i Dejës (9), Koplik (3), Puka (2) dhe Fushë-Arrëza (3).

Tirana CountyEdit

Tirana County has 24 communes and 219 villages.[citation needed]

Vlorë CountyEdit

Vlorë County has 19 communes and 173 villages.[citation needed]

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