Location of Kita-ku in Osaka City

Kita (北区, Kita-ku) is one of 24 wards of Osaka in Japan.


Kita-ku, particularly the Umeda area surrounding Osaka Station, is one of the main commercial centers of Osaka. Kita-ku is also a financial administration center, housing the headquarters of the Japan Mint and the Osaka branch of the Bank of Japan.

Firms headquartered in Kita-kuEdit

Asahi Kasei, Itochu Corporation, Kuraray and Kaneka Corporation[9] each have "headquarters" in both Kita-ku and in Tokyo.

Firms with branch offices in Kita-kuEdit

Dentsu and Yomiuri Shimbun have branch offices in Kita-ku.[10][11] Mazda has an office in the Umeda Sky Building Tower East.[12] Air France has an office on the third and sixth floors of the Shin-Sakurabashi Building in Umeda.[13] The office handles Aircalin-related inquiries.[14] Google has an office in the Hankyu Grand Building in Kita-ku.[15] Bandai Visual's Kansai Office opened in Kita-ku in March 1988; the division is now known as the Osaka Branch.[16] Japan Airlines at one time operated a ticketing facility on the first floor of the Daiichi Seimei Building in Umeda, Kita-ku.[17]

Diplomatic missionsEdit

The Consulate-General of the United States in Osaka is located in Kita-ku. The Consulate-General of Belgium in Osaka is located on the twelfth floor of the Snow Crystal Building in Umeda, Kita-ku. The Consulate-General of Germany in Osaka is located on the thirty-fifth floor of the Umeda Sky Building Tower East in Kita-ku.[18] The Consulate-General of Italy in Osaka is located since April 2013 on the 17th floor of the Nakanoshima Festival Tower in Nakanoshima.[19]


Umeda downtownEdit

Grand Front Osaka

Commercial and business centre of Kansai region with many high-rise buildings and large underground complexes.

Nakanoshima islandEdit

Government facilities and museums, and office buildings is situated on this island. Notable establishments is City hall, Central Public Hall, Bank of Japan Osaka branch and Osaka International Convention Center. National Museum of Art, Osaka and Osaka Science Museum is also in this island.


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International schools:

Railway stationsEdit

South of Osaka Station in Umeda


The following stations are also connected to Osaka and Umeda by underground passageways:

Other stations in Kita-ku:



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