Kirill Lavrov

Kirill Yuryevich Lavrov (Russian: Кирилл Юрьевич Лавров; 15 September 1925 – 27 April 2007) was a Soviet and Russian film and theater actor and director.[1]

Kirill Lavrov
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Putin and Lavrov in 2005
Kirill Yuryevich Lavrov

(1925-09-15)15 September 1925
Died27 April 2007(2007-04-27) (aged 81)
Years active1950–2007



Kirill Yuryevich Lavrov was born on 15 September 1925, in Leningrad, USSR (now St. Petersburg, Russia). He was baptized by the Russian Orthodox Church of St. John the Divine in Lavrushinskoe Podvorie Monastery in Leningrad. Young Kirill Lavrov was brought up in Leningrad, in a family with deep roots in St. Petersburg society. He was fond of literature and theater from a young age, and was exposed to a highly stimulating intellectual environment in his family. He was also a good sportsman: he took gymnastics, fencing, and was a member of the youth football (soccer) team at "Spartak" sports club in Leningrad.[2]


During World War II Kirill Lavrov was evacuated to Kirov, then to Novosibirsk in Siberia. There he worked as a metal worker at a military-industrial plant. In the beginning of 1943, then 17-year-old Lavrov applied to join the Red Army to fight the Nazis. He was sent for training to Astrakhan at Technical School of Aviation, from which he graduated in 1945. Then he served as an aircraft technician in the Air Force, he was stationed at an Air Force Base on the Kuril island of Iturup until 1950. There he was also involved in acting with an amateur troupe at a local army club. In 1950 he was discharged from the Red Army and reunited with his parents in Kyiv, Ukraine.[3]

Film careerEdit

In 1955, Kirill Lavrov made his film debut in Vasyok Trubachyov and His Comrades, directed by Ilya Frez. In 1964, Lavrov shot to fame with his leading role as Sintsov in The Alive and the Dead, a war drama by director Aleksandr Stolper. Kirill Lavrov received international acclaim for the leading role as Ivan Karamazov in an Oscar-nominated film The Brothers Karamazov (1969),[4] which he also directed together with his co-star, Mikhail Ulyanov, after the death of the original film director Ivan Pyryev. Among Lavrov's other achievements were his roles in such films as Tchaikovsky (1969), Taming of the Fire (1972), and Trust (1976).



  • 1929: Tretya molodost as (uncredited)
  • 1955: Zvyozdy na krylyakh as Aviation Student (uncredited)
  • 1955: Vasyok Trubachyov and His Comrades
  • 1956: Maksim Perepelitsa as Army Photojournalist (uncredited)
  • 1956: The Quarrel in Lukashi
  • 1958: Andreyka as Viktor Zvonkov
  • 1958: V dni oktyabrya as Vasya
  • 1959: Ssora v Lukashakh
  • 1960: Povest o molodozhyonakh
  • 1960: Domoy
  • 1961: Devchonka, s kotoroy ya druzhil as Grigori Streltsov
  • 1963: Ulitsa Nyutona, dom 1 as Timifey Suvernev (voice)
  • 1964: The Alive and the Dead (Russian: Живые и мертвые) as Ivan Sintsov
  • 1965: Verte mne, lyudi as Aleksey Vasilyevich Lapin - Kornev
  • 1966: A Long Happy Life as Victor
  • 1967: Shtrikhi k portretu
  • 1969: The Brothers Karamazov as Ivan
  • 1969: Vozmezdie as Ivan Sinzov
  • 1969: Nashi znakomyye as Leonid Skvortsov
  • 1969: Pravdu! Nichego, krome pravdy! as Narrator
  • 1969: Neitralnye vody
  • 1970: Tchaikovsky as Władysław Pachulski
  • 1970: Lyubov Yarovaya (Russian: Любовь Яровая) as Fyodor Shvandya
  • 1972: Taming of the Fire as Andrei Bashkirtsev
  • 1972: Khod beloy korolevy as Stepan Chudinov, trener
  • 1974: Ocean as Admiral Minichyov
  • 1975: Eshchyo ne vecher as Andrey Pavlov
  • 1976: Povest o chelovecheskom serdtse as Oleg Somov
  • 1976: Trust (Russian: Доверие) as Lenin
  • 1977: A Declaration of Love (Russian: Объяснение в любви) as Gladishev
  • 1978: Obratnaya svyaz as Vladimir Borisovich Okunev
  • 1978: A Hunting Accident as Count Karneyev
  • 1978: Obyasneniye v lyubvi as Gladishev
  • 1979: Yaroslavna, koroleva Frantsii
  • 1979: A Glass of Water (TV Movie) as Henry St. John, Viscount Bolingbroke
  • 1980: Puteshestvie v drugoy gorod as Sergey Kirillov
  • 1981: 20 December as Wlodziemierz Lenin
  • 1981: Na Granatovykh ostrovakh
  • 1982: Journey to Another Town
  • 1982: Karakumy, 45 v teni
  • 1983: Highway (Russian: Магистраль) as Urzhumov
  • 1983: From the Life of a Chief of the Criminal Police as Col. Malych Ivan Konstantinovich
  • 1983: Probuzhdenie
  • 1983: Ekho dalnego vzryva
  • 1984: Preferans po Pyatnitsam
  • 1985: Taynaya progulka as Valeri Stepanovich
  • 1985: Tri protsenta riska
  • 1985: S yubileem podozhdem
  • 1986: Red Arrow as CEO Valeri Petrovich Kropotov
  • 1988: Bread is a proper noun (aka.. Khleb - Imya suschestvitelnoe) (Хлеб - имя существительное) as Communist Shabatin
  • 1988: Zapretnaya zona
  • 1990: Blagorodnyy razboynik Vladimir Dubrovskiy
  • 1991: Shkura
  • 1991: Ischade ada as Governor
  • 1997: Schizophrenia
  • 2000: Tender Age
  • 2000: Uboynaya sila (TV Series)
  • 2005: The Master and Margarita (TV Mini-Series) as Pontius Pilate
  • 2009: Attack on Leningrad as Radio host (final film role)

Stage worksEdit

  • Ocean
  • Uncle Vanya
  • The Three Sisters
  • Boris Godunov
  • And Quiet Flows The Don
  • Before Sunset
  • The Quartet

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