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Kentucky Route 61 (KY 61) is a 151.333-mile (243.547 km) long Kentucky State Highway extending north from the Tennessee state line in Cumberland County to Columbia in Adair County through to Greensburg in Green County. From there, the route traverses LaRue, Hardin and Bullitt counties to terminate in Jefferson County (where it is commonly signed as Preston Street or Preston Highway) at the junction of U.S. Route 31E (East Main Street) in downtown Louisville.

Kentucky Route 61 marker

Kentucky Route 61
Preston Highway (portions)
Route information
Maintained by KYTC
Length151.333 mi[1] (243.547 km)
Major junctions
South end SR 53 near Peytonsburg
North end US 31E / US 60 in Louisville
CountiesCumberland, Adair, Metcalfe, Green, LaRue, Hardin, Nelson, Bullitt, Jefferson
Highway system
US 60US 62


Route descriptionEdit

Cumberland and Adair CountyEdit

The first 12.8 miles (20.6 km) of KY 61 is considered part of the Appalachian Development Highway System’s Corridor J project. That stretch of highway is one of five segments of that ADHS project, along with KY 90, US 27, KY 914, and KY 80 going from Burkesville through Burnside to London.[2]

KY 61 runs concurrently with KY 90 into downtown Burkesville. KY 90 branches westward, while KY 61 goes onto a northwestward course, and turns northeast near the tripoint of the Cumberland, Metcalfe, and Adair County lines. Going north, the route crosses the Adair County line twice, and enters the far eastern tip of Metcalfe County before entering Adair County the second time.[3] KY 61 has junctions with the Louie B. Nunn Cumberland Parkway and KY 80 on the west side of Columbia. KY 55 (Columbia Bypass) also has a concurrency with KY 61 near Columbia as well.[4]

Green, LaRue, Hardin, and Nelson CountiesEdit

KY 61 goes on a northwestward course to Green and LaRue counties, traversing Greensburg and Hodgenville, respectively. US 68 and KY 70 runs concurrently with KY 61 in Greensburg, then US 31E gets co-signed with KY 61 near Abraham Lincoln Birthplace National Historical Park. At Hodgenville, KY 61 continues northwest into Hardin County to the US 31W and Wendell H. Ford Western Kentucky Parkway junction in Elizabethtown, and runs concurrently with the northbound lanes of the U.S. route there. In downtown Elizabethtown, KY 61 begins a concurrency with US 62 from there through the I-65 Exit 94 interchange, all the way to just past Boston, in western Nelson County.

Bullitt County and Metro LouisvilleEdit

KY 61 then runs further northward to Bullitt County (into Lebanon Junction and Shepherdsville) and then the Louisville-Jefferson County metro area, with major junctions with I-65, and then I-265 and I-264 (with access to I-264 eastbound only), along with US 150 (Broadway) before terminating in downtown Louisville at a junction with US 31E (East Main Street) at Louisville Slugger Field.

Major intersectionsEdit

Cumberland0.0000.000  SR 53Kentucky/Tennessee state line
Peytonsburg1.9603.154  KY 2064 south (Hendricks Creek Road) – Hendricks Creek Resort[5]Northern terminus of KY-2064
2.7544.432  KY 214 west (Kettle Creek Road)Eastern terminus of KY-214
3.3545.398  KY 3108 (Red Banks Road/Cherry Tree Ridge Road) – Salvation Army Camp Paradise ValleySA camp to the east
6.34310.208  KY 953 west (Judio Road)To Dale Hollow Lake boat ramp; eastern terminus of KY-953
Kettle6.79210.931  KY 485 north (Guthrie Chapel Road/Post Office Road)Southern terminus of KY-485
7.70312.397   KY 449 north (Sulphur Creek Road) to KY 485 – Dale Hollow Lake State Park, Sulphur Creek boat dock
Burkesville12.86920.711  KY 90 east (Albany Road)Beginning of KY-90 concurrency
13.48421.700  KY 2276 west (Hill Street)Only accessible from KY-61 South
13.70122.050   KY 90 west (Glasgow Road) – GlasgowEnd of KY-90 concurrency
16.53626.612  KY 3140 north (Little Renox Creek Road)Southern terminus of KY-3140
17.08027.488  KY 704 north (Crocus Creek Road)Southern terminus of KY-704
21.61034.778  KY 3140 south (Garrett Creek Road)Northern terminus of KY-3140
No major junctions
No major junctions
Adair28.55545.955  KY 533 (Flat Rock Road)
Sparksville33.01553.132  KY 768 west (Weed-Sparksville Road)Begin KY-768 concurrency
34.18955.022  KY 768 east (Sparksville Road)End KY-768 concurrency
Flatwood36.44358.649  KY 2982 west (Jones Chapel Road)Eastern terminus of KY-2982
Columbia38.73962.344  Cumberland Parkway eastExit 48 off Cumberland Parkway east and ramps to Cumberland Parkway east
38.83962.505  Cumberland Parkway westExit 48 off Cumberland Parkway west and ramps to Cumberland Parkway west
39.03962.827  KY 80 west (Edmonton Road)Begin KY-80 concurrency
40.40965.032   KY 55 south / KY 80 eastEnd concurrency with KY-80, begin concurrency with KY-55
41.51366.809    KY 55 north / KY 439 east to KY 2287End concurrency with KY-55; 61 turns left, 55 straight ahead, 439 to the right
41.62666.991  KY 2287 southNorthern terminus of KY-2287; only accessible from SB 61 (NB uses 439)
42.89469.031  KY 2973 south (Lampton Lane)Northern terminus of KY-2973
Milltown46.46974.785  KY 768 east (Milltown Road)Western terminus of KY-768
47.47476.402  KY 532 west (Cedar Grove Road)Eastern terminus of KY-532
Green49.07478.977  KY 767 northSouthern terminus of KY-767
53.09885.453  KY 487
  KY 565 eastWestern terminus of KY-565
Greensburg57.23992.117   US 68 / KY 70 west – EdmontonBegin concurrency with US-68/KY-70
58.67094.420  KY 417 east (East Columbia Avenue)Western terminus of KY-417
59.57295.872   US 68 / KY 70 east – CampbellsvilleEnd concurrency with US-68/KY-70
59.99696.554  KY 793 eastWestern terminus of KY-793
61.17498.450  KY 88 west – MunfordvilleEastern terminus of KY-88
Summersville64.768104.234  KY 323
Bloyds Crossing67.728108.998  KY 569
69.164111.309  KY 424 eastWestern terminus of KY-424
70.015112.678  KY 565 southNorthern terminus of KY-565
72.718117.028  KY 2762 northSouthern terminus of KY-2762
LaRueMount Sherman76.598123.273  KY 1906 west – MagnoliaEastern terminus of KY-1906
78.042125.596  KY 1192
79.284127.595  KY 584 north (Mt. Tabor Road)Southern terminus of KY-584
Buffalo80.874130.154  KY 470 south – MagnoliaBegin KY-470 overlap
81.463131.102  KY 470 northEnd KY-470 overlap
Hodgenville83.753134.787  US 31E south – MagnoliaBegin concurrency with US-31E
83.904135.030Abraham Lincoln Birthplace National Historical Park
85.313137.298   US 31E north (Lincoln Farm Road) / KY 1618 east (Lincoln Parkway)End concurrency with US-31E; western terminus of KY-1618; 61 continues to the west as Lincoln Parkway; 1618 to the east; US-31E to the north
86.409139.062  KY 84 (Tanner Road)
87.175140.295  KY 2462 east (West Main Street)Western terminus of KY-2462
87.756141.230  KY 3204 east (Tonieville Road)Western terminus of KY-3204
Tonieville90.807146.140   KY 2760 east to KY 210Western terminus of KY-2760
Hardin91.794147.728  KY 1135
       US 31W south / Western Kentucky Parkway west / US 31W Truck north to US 31W Byp. / I-65 / Bluegrass Parkway – Lexington, Louisville, Nashville, Paducah
Eastern terminus of Western Kentucky Parkway (to Owensboro/Paducah); I-65 just west of intersection (south to Nashville, north to BG Parkway/Lex/Lou); truck route follows parkway to US-31W Bypass; begin concurrency with US-31W
98.436158.417   KY 210 east (Hodgenville Road) to KY 567Western terminus of KY-210
97.156156.357  KY 1136 north (New Glendale Road)Southern terminus of KY-1136
98.934159.219  US 31W southNorth and south lanes split around courthouse here (southern end of one-way south/north split)
98.998159.322  US 31W southNorth end of split (south 31W accessible to the left)
     US 62 west to US 31W north / I-65 / Bluegrass Parkway – Fort KnoxEnd concurrency with US-31W and begin concurrency with US-62; 31W continues to the north while 61 turns east to follow 62
99.707160.463Panther Lane to Elizabethtown High School
100.637161.960  KY 3005 west (Ring Road)Western terminus of KY-3005
    I-65 south / US 62 Truck west to Bluegrass Parkway – Nashville
Exit 94 from Southbound I-65 and ramp to I-65 South/West US-62 truck route; Bluegrass Parkway is the next exit on I-65 South
   I-65 north / US 62 Truck east – Louisville
Exit 94 from Northbound I-65 and ramp to I-65 North/East US-62 truck route
Younger Creek108.292174.279  KY 583 southNorthern terminus of KY-583
Nelson109.642176.452  KY 52 eastWestern terminus of KY-52
Boston112.027180.290  US 62 eastEnd concurrency with US-62
BullittLebanon Junction118.303190.390  I-65 north – LouisvilleExit 105 from I-65 North and ramps to I-65 North
118.603190.873  I-65 south – NashvilleExit 105 from I-65 South and ramps to I-65 South
119.212191.853  KY 434 west (Main Street)Eastern terminus of KY-434
122.242196.729  KY 733 east (Wilson Creek Road)Western terminus of KY-733
Belmont124.032199.610  KY 251 south (Belmont Road)Northern terminus of KY-251
Clermont126.102202.941  KY 245 south (Clermont Road) – Boston, Jim Beam distillery, Bernheim ForestNorthern terminus of KY-245
126.462203.521  KY 1494 north (Beech Grove Road)Southern terminus of KY-1494
Bardstown Junction127.332204.921  KY 3219 east (Chapeze Lane)Western terminus of KY-3219
Shepherdsville129.610208.587  KY 480 east (Cedar Grove Road)Western terminus of KY-480
129.897209.049  KY 1494 south (Beech Grove Road)Northern terminus of KY-1494
  KY 480 Conn. east (Old Preston Highway South)
Western terminus of KY-480 connector
131.187211.125     KY 44 (4th Street) to US 31W / US 60 / I-65 – Mt. WashingtonMt. Washington and I-65 to the east, US-31W/US-60 to the west
131.342211.374  KY 2673 north (West Blue Lick Road)Southern terminus of KY-2673
Gap in Knob132.952213.966  KY 1020 north (Coral Ridge Road) – Coral RidgeSouthern terminus of KY-1020
Fox Chase135.097217.418  KY 1526 east (Bells Mill Road)Begin concurrency with KY-1526
Hebron Estates135.883218.682  KY 1450 north (West Hebron Road)Southern terminus of KY-1450
Pioneer Village136.047218.946    KY 1526 west (John Harper Highway) to I-65End concurrency with KY-1526
136.756220.087   KY 2553 north (Old Preston Highway North) to KY 1116 (Zoneton Road)Southern terminus of KY-2553
Zoneton137.729221.653  KY 1116 east (Old Preston Highway North)Western terminus of KY-1116
JeffersonLouisville138.989223.681  KY 2053 east (Mt. Washington Road)Western terminus of KY-2053
140.129225.516   I-265 (Gene Snyder Freeway) / KY 841Ramps from KY-61 north to I-265
140.304225.797   I-265 east (Gene Snyder Freeway) / KY 841Ramp from KY-61 south to I-265 east (exit 12 from I-265 east just south of here)
140.504226.119   I-265 west (Gene Snyder Freeway) / KY 841Ramp from KY-61 south to I-265 west (exit 12 from I-265 west just south of here)
140.791226.581  KY 2845 east (East Manslick Road)Western terminus of KY-2845
141.516227.748Southern High School
141.958228.459  KY 1450 south (Blue Lick Road)Northern terminus of KY-1450
142.292228.997   KY 1065 (Outer Loop) to I-65 – Jefferson MallMall to the east, I-65 to the west
143.699231.261  KY 1747 (Fern Valley Road)
145.586234.298   I-65 north to I-264Exit 130 from I-65 north and ramps to I-65 north
145.699234.480  To I-65 south (Grade Lane) – Nashville, Kentucky Air National Guard
146.329235.494  I-264 east
146.808236.265   To I-264 (Phillips Lane) – Kentucky Exposition Center, Kentucky Kingdom
  KY 61 Conn. (Harrison Avenue)
Connector to KY-61 south (north and south are split here)
  US 60 Alt. (Eastern Parkway)
149.296240.269  I-65 south – NashvilleBegin brief concurrency with I-65; no access to ramp from southbound Preston Street
149.543240.666  I-65 north – IndianapolisEnd concurrency; exit 134A off I-65 North; ramp to I-65 south from Preston Street/KY-61S in same general area
150.876242.811  US 150 (East Broadway)
151.235243.389   US 31E / US 60 east (East Market Street)
151.333243.547   US 31E / US 60 west (East Main Street)Northern terminus of KY-61
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

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