The Körös (Hungarian pronunciation: [ˈkørøʃ]) or Criș (Romanian pronunciation: ['kriʃ]) (German: Kreisch) is a river in eastern Hungary and western Romania. Its length is 128.6 km (79.9 mi) from the confluence of its two source rivers Fehér-Körös (Crișul Alb) and Fekete-Körös (Crișul Negru) to its outflow into the Tisza. Its drainage basin area is 27,537 km2 (10,632 sq mi).[1]: 22  It has three source rivers, all of which have their origin in the Apuseni Mountains in Transylvania, Romania: Crișul Alb (Fehér-Körös), Crișul Negru (Fekete-Körös) and Crișul Repede (Sebes-Körös). The confluence of the rivers Fehér-Körös (Crișul Alb) and Fekete-Körös (Crișul Negru) is near the town Gyula. The Körös downstream from Gyula is also called the Kettős-Körös (Hungarian for "double Körös"). 37.3 km further downstream, near Gyomaendrőd, the Sebes-Körös (Crișul Repede) joins the Criș/Körös. The section downstream from Gyomaendrőd is also called the Hármas-Körös (Hungarian for "triple Körös"). The Körös flows into the Tisza River near Csongrád.

Körös / Criș
Near Kunszentmárton, 2006 Körös1.jpg
The Körös near Kunszentmárton
Course of the Körös (interactive map)
CountriesHungary and Romania
Physical characteristics
SourceConfluence of headwaters Crișul Alb and Crișul Negru
 • locationnear Gyula
 • coordinates46°42′1″N 21°16′9″E / 46.70028°N 21.26917°E / 46.70028; 21.26917
 • elevation85 m (279 ft)
 • location
near Csongrád
 • coordinates
46°43′2″N 20°11′18″E / 46.71722°N 20.18833°E / 46.71722; 20.18833Coordinates: 46°43′2″N 20°11′18″E / 46.71722°N 20.18833°E / 46.71722; 20.18833
 • elevation
80 m (260 ft)
Length128.6 km (79.9 mi)
Basin size27,537 km2 (10,632 sq mi)
 • average105 m3/s (3,700 cu ft/s)
Basin features
ProgressionTiszaDanubeBlack Sea
 • leftCrișul Alb (Fehér-Körös), Crișul Negru (Fekete-Körös)
 • rightCrișul Repede (Sebes-Körös)

It was known in antiquity as the "Chrysus", Crisus, Crisia, Grisia, or Gerasus, while an archaic German name is Kreisch.


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