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Jatlan is a town situated in the Mirpur District of Azad Kashmir, Pakistan.

Coordinates: 33°2′1″N 73°50′31″E / 33.03361°N 73.84194°E / 33.03361; 73.84194



Jatlan is situated 5 miles from Khari Sharif. Jatlan links Mirpur city with Bhimbher and Kotli districts.


Jatlan is a major business and commercial hub for the region. More than 2000 shops of all kinds, plazas, restaurants, sweet shops, marriage halls, a Post Office and branches of major banks operate in Jatlan.


According to the 1998 census of Pakistan, its population was 2,214.[1] Most of the population belongs to the Rajput, Arain and Jatt clans alongside Gujjar and Pashtun.

Most residents speak Hindko (Punjabi) as well as Pahari, Pashto and other languages and do not associate with Mirpur District.[citation needed]

Culture, dialect and way of life is a reflection of Pothohar, (Attock, Gujar Khan, etc.). A sizeable population of Afghan and Pakistani Pashtuns are found there. Many other clans reside there.

Families have migrated to England, Norway, Arab countries and many other countries. Gujjar are a predominant clan; the Gujjar are a Hindkowan tribe, originally from Afghanistan and other parts of Northern Pakistan (Khyber Pakhtunkhwa), Hazara, and a minority are from Northern Some peoples migrated from occupied Kashmir and have a majority called Muhajar are well settled in Gorsian, Ghelan, Jatlan, Abdupur, Saler, Bhimber, Mirpurm, KHari and Shareef.


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