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The shrine of Mian Muhammad Bakhsh.

Khari Sharif (كهڑي شريف) is an agricultural area in Mirpur District of Azad Jammu & Kashmir. Broadly speaking, Alaqa-e-Khari (translation in English: Area of Khari) refers to the fertile plains of Khari which exist between the hills of Mirpur and the river Jhelum. Khari has some 80 small and large villages and one of the villages itself is known as Khari Sharif. It is located at a distance of 8 km from the city of Mirpur, Azad Kashmir and is known for housing the shrines of Sufi saints known as Pir Shah Ghazi Qalandar Damri Wali Sarkar and Mian Muhammad Bakhsh. The place acts as a great seat of learning for students of Islam.

According to the 1998 census of Pakistan, the population was 9,632.

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