Izu Kyūkō Line

The Izu Kyūkō Line (Japanese: 伊豆急行線, Japanese pronunciation: [Izu Kyūkō-sen]) is a privately owned railway line of the Izukyū Corporation in Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan.

Izu Kyūkō Line
Izukyu-Series2100 Seaside.jpg
Resort 21 train on Izu Peninsula coast
LocaleShizuoka Prefecture, Japan
TypeHeavy rail
Operator(s)Izukyū Corporation
Line length45.7 km (28.4 mi)
Track gauge1,067 mm (3 ft 6 in)
Electrification1,500 V DC overhead
Route map
Route map for the Izu Kyūkō Line

The line approximately parallels the eastern coast of the Izu Peninsula, a tourist district noted for its numerous hot spring resorts, and golf courses, between Itō Station in Itō and Izukyū Shimoda Station in Shimoda. The line opened in 1961.

Since March 13, 2010, PASMO and Suica cards are accepted on the line.[1]

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Initial plans called for the Japanese National Railways (JNR) to build a spur line linking Atami on the Tōkaidō Main Line with Shimoda. However, funding was limited in the 1930s due to a combination of a tight fiscal policy under Prime Minister Osachi Hamaguchi during the Great Depression, and a number of technical issues.

On March 30, 1935, the initial 8.7 km section of the Itō Line linking Atami with Ajiro was opened. The second (8.3 km) section from Ajiro to Itō was opened on December 15, 1938. Both sections were electrified at 1500 VDC when opened. Further work was delayed, and then canceled due to the outbreak of World War II.

Construction south of Itō resumed when the private-sector Tokyu Corporation acquired the rights to complete the line to Shimoda and established the Izukyū Corporation to manage construction and operations of this section. The line to Shimoda opened in 1961.


The northern terminal station for the Izu Kyūkō Line is at Ito Station, from which local trains depart for the southern terminal station of Izukyū-Shimoda. However, several varieties of limited express trains operated by JR East originate at Tokyo Station travel via the Itō Line tracks to Ito, and then terminate at Izukyū-Shimoda. These include the Odoriko and Super View Odoriko named trains. Similarly, the Resort Odoriko operated by the Izu Kyūkō Line also makes the same run, but using different rolling stock.

Station listEdit

No. Station
Japanese Distance from
Itō (km)
Transfers Location
Town/City Prefecture
IZ01 Itō 伊東 0.0 JR East: Itō Line Itō Shizuoka
IZ02 Minami-Itō 南伊東 2.0
IZ03 Kawana 川奈 6.1
IZ04 Futo 富戸 11.5
IZ05 Jōgasaki-Kaigan 城ヶ崎海岸 13.9
IZ06 Izu-Kōgen 伊豆高原 15.9
IZ07 Izu-Ōkawa 伊豆大川駅 20.9 Kamo District,
IZ08 Izu-Hokkawa 伊豆北川駅 22.9
IZ09 Izu-Atagawa 伊豆熱川 24.3
IZ10 Katase-Shirata 片瀬白田 26.1
IZ11 Izu-Inatori 伊豆稲取 30.3
IZ12 Imaihama-Kaigan 今井浜海岸駅 34.2 Kamo District,
IZ13 Kawazu 河津 35.3
IZ14 Inazusa 稲梓 40.7 Shimoda
IZ15 Rendaiji 蓮台寺 43.4
IZ16 Izukyū Shimoda 伊豆急下田 45.7

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Izukyu 2100 series, Izukyu 8000 series, E257-2000/2500 series

Future Izukyu 3000 series (Former 209-2000/2100 series)

Former 185 series

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