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Indian French (French: français indien) is a dialect of French spoken by Indians in the former colonies of Puducherry and Chandannagar. In this dialect, there is a considerable influence from Dravidian languages like Tamil (Pondicherry Tamil dialect), Telugu (Yanam Telugu dialect) and Malayalam (Mahe Malayalam dialect).

Indian French
français indien
Native to Pondicherry
Native speakers
Unknown (2017)
Language codes
ISO 639-3
Glottolog None
French India 1741-1754.png
Maximum extent of French influence in India (1741–1754)

There are several varieties of Indian French, corresponding to the former French colonies, as follows:

  • Tamil people (nearly 60,000 in France, 10,000 people in Puducherry)
  • Telugu people (nearly 10,000 in France, 60 people in Yanam)
  • Malayali people (4000-5000 in France)


Examples of Indian FrenchEdit

Indian French spoken in Yanam only varies from standard French in pronunciation and accent. Some examples are,

Indian French Metropolitan French Meaning in English
Mérci Beauco Merci Beaucoup Thank you very much
Mousé Monsieur Mister/Sir
Locaele Locale Local
Perme Fermer Close
Parlama Parlement Parliament
Baccaloria Baccalauréat Baccalauréat (French secondary school diploma)
Sulda Soldat Colloquially: Indians with French citizenship
Literally: Soldier
Coseiyya Conseiller Councilor

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