Hungary at the 1932 Summer Olympics

Hungary competed at the 1932 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles, United States. 58 competitors, 56 men and 2 women, took part in 39 events in 11 sports.[1]

Hungary at the
1932 Summer Olympics
NOCHungarian Olympic Committee (in Hungarian and English)
in Los Angeles
Competitors58 (56 men, 2 women) in 11 sports
Flag bearerPéter Bácsalmási
Ranked 6th
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1906 Intercalated Games

Medalists edit

Multiple medalists edit

The following competitors won multiple medals at the 1932 Olympic Games.

Name Medal Sport Event
István Pelle   Gold
Gymnastics Men's floor
Men's pommel horse
Men's artistic individual all-around
Men's parallel bars
György Piller   Gold
Fencing Men's team sabre
Men's sabre
Endre Kabos   Gold
Fencing Men's team sabre
Men's sabre

Athletics edit

Boxing edit

Cycling edit

One male cyclist represented Hungary in 1932.

Individual road race

Fencing edit

Ten fencers, eight men and two women, represented Hungary in 1932.

Men's épée
Men's sabre
Men's team sabre
Women's foil

Gymnastics edit

Modern pentathlon edit

Three male pentathletes represented Hungary in 1932.

Shooting edit

Three shooters represented Hungary in 1932, with Zoltán Soós-Ruszka Hradetzky winning a bronze medal.

50 m rifle, prone

Swimming edit

Water polo edit

Wrestling edit

Art competitions edit

References edit

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