Art competitions at the 1932 Summer Olympics

Art competitions were held as part of the 1932 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles, United States. Medals were awarded in five categories (architecture, literature, music, painting, and sculpture), for works inspired by sport-related themes.[1]

Richard Konwiarz won the bronze medal for the design of the Schlesierkampfbahn in Breslau.

Art competitions were part of the Olympic program from 1912 to 1948, but were discontinued due to concerns about amateurism and professionalism. Since 1952, a non-competitive art and cultural festival has been associated with each Games.[2]


Category Gold Silver Bronze
Architectural design   Gustave Saacké, Pierre Montenot, Pierre Bailly (FRA)
Design for a "Cirque pour Toros"
  John Russell Pope (USA)
Design for the Payne Whitney Gymnasium, New Haven, Conn.
  Richard Konwiarz (GER)
Design for a "Schlesierkampfbahn" in the Sport Park of Breslau
Town planning   John Hughes (GBR)
Design for a Sports and Recreation Centre with Stadium, for the City of Liverpool
  Jens Klemmensen (DEN)
Design for a Stadium and Public Park
  André Verbeke (BEL)
Design for a "Marathon Park"


Category Gold Silver Bronze
Literature   Paul Bauer (GER)
"Am Kangehenzonga"
  Josef Petersen (DEN)
"The Argonauts"
none awarded


Category Gold Silver Bronze
Music none awarded   Josef Suk (TCH)
"Into a New Life" symphonic march
none awarded


Los Angeles, 1932: Visitors admiring "At the Seaside of Arild" by David Wallin (1876–1957), of Sweden.
Category Gold Silver Bronze
Paintings   David Wallin (SWE)
"At the Seaside of Arild"
  Ruth Miller (USA)
none awarded
Watercolors and drawings   Lee Blair (USA)
  Percy Crosby (USA)
  Gerhard Westermann (NED)
Prints   Joseph Golinkin (USA)
"Leg Scissors"
  Janina Konarska (POL)
"Narciarze" ("Skier")
  Joachim Karsch (GER)


Category Gold Silver Bronze
Statues   Mahonri Young (USA)
"The Knockdown"
  Miltiades Manno (HUN)
  Jakub Obrovský (TCH)
Medals and reliefs   Józef Klukowski (POL)
"Sport Sculpture II"
  Frederick MacMonnies (USA)
"Lingbergh Medal"
  R. Tait McKenzie (CAN)
"Shield of the Athletes"

Medal tableEdit

At the time, medals were awarded to these artists, but art competitions are no longer regarded as official Olympic events by the International Olympic Committee. These events do not appear in the IOC medal database,[1] and these totals are not included in the IOC's medal table for the 1932 Games.[2]

1  United States (USA)3407
2  Poland (POL)1102
3  Germany (GER)1023
4  France (FRA)1001
  Great Britain (GBR)1001
  Sweden (SWE)1001
7  Denmark (DEN)0202
8  Czechoslovakia (TCH)0112
9  Hungary (HUN)0101
10  Belgium (BEL)0011
  Canada (CAN)0011
  Netherlands (NED)0011
Totals (12 entries)89623

Events summaryEdit


Designs for Town Planning

The following architects took part:[3]

Rank Name Country
1 John Hughes   Great Britain
2 Jens Houmøller Klemmensen   Denmark
3 André Verbeke   Belgium
AC Louis Stynen   Belgium
AC Alois Dryák   Czechoslovakia
AC Hermann Alker   Germany
AC Martin Westerberg   Sweden
AC Shirley Baker   United States
AC John Branner   United States
AC Dan Ormsbee   United States

Architectural Designs

The following architects took part:[4]

Rank Name Country
1 Gustave Saacké, Pierre Bailly, Pierre Montenot   France
2 John Russell Pope   United States
3 Richard Konwiarz   Germany

Further entries

The following architects took part:[5]

Rank Name Country
AC Hugo Gorge   Austria
AC Alfred Keller   Austria
AC Richard Pfob   Austria
AC Hermann Tamussino   Austria
AC Fritz De Boever   Belgium
AC Deryck   Belgium
AC Raphaël Van Dorpe   Belgium
AC Frans Laporta   Belgium
AC Ferdinand Balcárek   Czechoslovakia
AC Karel Kopp   Czechoslovakia
AC Niels Rohweder   Denmark
AC Gustave Saacké   France
AC Pierre Bailly   France
AC Pierre Montenot   France
AC Ernst Balser   Germany
AC Max Bromme   Germany
Rank Name Country
AC Walter Gropius   Germany
AC Ernst Gerlach   Germany
AC Wilhelm Hübotter   Germany
AC Richard Konwiarz   Germany
AC Otto Ernst Schweizer   Germany
AC Jan Wils   Netherlands
AC Alfréd Hajós   Hungary
AC Pál Vágó   Hungary
AC Szabolcs Horváth   Hungary
AC Ivo Battelli   Italy
AC Masaichi Kobayashi   Japan
AC Kenji Ishihara   Japan
AC Edgar Norwerth   Poland
AC Gustaf Birch-Lindgren   Sweden
AC Robert Andrews   United States
AC Maurice Biscoe   United States
Rank Name Country
AC Howland Jones   United States
AC John Whitmore   United States
AC Berton Crandall   United States
AC Gavin Hadden   United States
AC Holabird & Root   United States
AC William Frenaye   United States
AC Edwin Howard   United States
AC Charles Klauder   United States
AC Donald Parkinson   United States
AC John Parkinson   United States
AC Richard Neutra   United States
AC Alfred Poor   United States
AC Robert Rodgers   United States
AC Howard Smith   United States
AC Jens Larson   United States


The following writers took part:[6]

Rank Name Country
1 Paul Bauer   Germany
2 Josef Petersen   Denmark
3 Not awarded
AC Avery Brundage   United States
AC Marinus Børup   Denmark
AC Anders Holm   Denmark
AC Alfred Meyer   Germany
AC August Hermann Zeiz   Germany
AC Jan Feith   Netherlands
AC Jan Kan   Netherlands
AC György Doros   Hungary
AC Miklós Hodászy   Hungary
AC József Kucharik   Hungary
AC Ottó Misángyi   Hungary
AC Emil Neidenbach   Hungary
AC Bruno Roghi   Italy
AC Anders Lundin   Sweden
AC Miroslav Bedřich Böhnel   Czechoslovakia
AC Jack Sterrett   United States


The following composers took part:[7]

Rank Name Country
1 Not awarded
2 Josef Suk   Czechoslovakia
3 Not awarded
AC Emirto de Lima   Colombia
AC Abelardo Cuevas   Cuba
AC Lenva   Cuba
AC Rogelio Pazquez   Cuba
AC Hakon Børresen   Denmark
AC Felix Labunski   France
AC Rudolf Bode   Germany
AC Wilhelm Guttmann   Germany
AC Hermann Heiß   Germany
AC Alphonse Henriquez   Haiti
AC Coenraad Lodewijk Walther Boer   Netherlands
AC Ernests Elks-Elksnītis   Latvia
Rank Name Country
AC Marc-César Scotto   Monaco
AC Johs Elvestad   Norway
AC Michał Kondracki   Poland
AC Józef Krudowski   Poland
AC Armando Mencía   Switzerland
AC Johanna Beyer   United States
AC Georges Couvreur   United States
AC Giovanni Del Colle   United States
AC Lorraine Eckardt   United States
AC Charles Edson   United States
AC Charles Fletcher   United States
AC Mabel Fossler   United States
AC J. B. Gaskell   United States
AC Gerardo Iasilli   United States
AC Nana King   United States
Rank Name Country
AC Jessica Lewis   United States
AC Marjorie Lewis   United States
AC Pearl Conklin   United States
AC Michael Merecki   United States
AC Floyd Morgenstern   United States
AC Grace Nelson   United States
AC Fred Pacheco   United States
AC Achille Porcasi   United States
AC Charles Ridgway   United States
AC Hugo Scherzer   United States
AC Elise Swanson   United States
AC Pavel Bořkovec   Czechoslovakia
AC Ladislav Kohout   Czechoslovakia
AC Jaroslav Křička   Czechoslovakia


Drawings and water colours

The following painters took part:[8]

Rank Name Country
1 Lee Blair   United States
2 Percy Crosby   United States
3 Gerard Westermann   Netherlands
AC Marcel Prévost   Belgium
AC Acee Blue Eagle   United States
AC Gösta von Hennigs   Sweden
AC Jean Jacoby   Luxembourg

Graphic arts

The following painters took part:[9]

Rank Name Country
1 Joseph Webster Golinkin   United States
2 Janina Konarska-Słonimska   Poland
3 Joachim Karsch   Germany
AC Armin Hansen   United States
AC Haruyoshi Nagae   Japan
AC Gerald Spencer Pryse   Great Britain
AC Lewis Daniel   United States


The following painters took part:[10]

Rank Name Country
1 David Wallin   Sweden
2 Ruth Miller   United States
3 Not awarded
AC Antonia Matos   Guatemala
AC Charles Pears   Great Britain
AC George Hill   United States
AC Michał Bylina   Poland
AC Wacław Borowski   Poland

Unknown event

The following painters took part:[11]

Rank Name Country
AC Adrienne Jouclard   France
AC Agnes Canta   Netherlands
AC Anna Airy   Great Britain
AC Beata Beach   United States
AC Charlotte Berend-Corinth   Germany
AC Edith Magonigle   United States
AC Felicie Howell   United States
AC Frances J. Kelly   Ireland
AC Helen Wills   United States
AC Hélène Dufau   France
AC Hélène Gérard   Belgium
AC Hermine David   France
AC Hilda Roberts   Ireland
AC Isabel Bishop   United States
AC Jadwiga Hładki   Poland
AC Jadwiga Umińska   Poland
AC Kathryn Leighton   United States
AC Laura Knight   Great Britain
AC Leonia Nadelman   Poland
AC Lilian Westcott Hale   United States
AC Louise Nimmo   United States
AC Margaret Fitzhugh Browne   United States
AC Marja Obrębska   Poland
AC Marjorie Phillips   United States
AC Mary Wesselhoeft   United States
AC Polly Hill   United States
AC Ruth Peabody   United States
AC Suzanne Christophe   Belgium
AC Sybilla Mittell Weber   United States
AC Verena Ruegg   United States
AC Eleanor Modrakowska   United States
AC Peter Colfs   Belgium
AC Joseph Conrardy   Belgium
AC Dumortier   Belgium
AC Wauters   Belgium
AC André Dunoyer de Segonzac   France
AC Anton van Anrooy   Great Britain
AC Alfred Munnings   Great Britain
AC Archibald Hartrick   Great Britain
AC Acke Åslund   Sweden
AC Ado Baltus   Belgium
AC Albert Matignon   France
AC Alexander Tiranoff   United States
AC Alfred Poor   United States
AC Andreas Friis   Denmark
AC Andrzej Stypiński   Poland
AC Anshelm Schultzberg   Sweden
AC Anton Räderscheidt   Germany
AC Antonín Landa   Czechoslovakia
AC Arnold Friedman   United States
AC Arnold Wiltz   United States
AC Arthur Burgess   Great Britain
AC Arthur Freedlander   United States
AC Arthur Wellmann   Germany
AC Axel Sjöberg   Sweden
AC Benjamin Brown   United States
AC Bruno Liljefors   Sweden
AC Cornelis Kloos   Netherlands
AC Cecil Ross Burnett   Great Britain
AC Cornelis Mension   Netherlands
AC Chris van der Hoef   Netherlands
AC Carl Sprinchorn   United States
AC Carlo Testi   Italy
AC Charles Cundall   Great Britain
AC Charles Lamb   Ireland
AC Charles Payne   Great Britain
AC Charles Simpson   Great Britain
AC Charles Morris Young   United States
AC Charles Paul Gruppé   United States
AC Chikatoshi Enomoto   Japan
AC Corneille Lentz   Luxembourg
AC Kees van Dongen   France
AC Cuthbert Orde   Great Britain
AC David Ghilchik   Great Britain
AC Nelly Degouy   Belgium
AC Désiré Acket   Belgium
AC Donald Wood   Great Britain
AC Duncan Gleason   United States
AC Irving Couse   United States
AC Earl Purdy   United States
AC Eben Comins   United States
AC Edgar Seligman   Great Britain
AC Edith Horle   United States
AC Edmund Bartłomiejczyk   Poland
AC Édouard Fraisse   France
AC Edward Borein   United States
AC Edward Manteuffel   Poland
AC Hide Kawanishi   Japan
AC Eigil Schwab   Sweden
AC Erich Heckel   Germany
AC Erik Raadal   Denmark
AC Ernest Fiene   United States
AC Ernest Moore   Great Britain
AC Ernest Baker   United States
AC Ernst Böhm   Germany
AC Ernst Hansen   Denmark
AC Eugène Pechaubes   France
AC Eugeniusz Geppert   Poland
AC Francis Chapin   United States
AC Francis Hodge   Great Britain
AC Frank Benson   United States
AC Frank Mason   Great Britain
AC František Hoplíček   Czechoslovakia
AC Frederick Wight   United States
Rank Name Country
AC Friedrich Baur   Latvia
AC Fritz Göhring   Germany
AC Fritz Heinsheimer   Germany
AC Denholm Armour   Great Britain
AC Howard K. Elcock   Great Britain
AC Georg Lagerstedt   Sweden
AC George Collie   Ireland
AC Georg Gelbke   Germany
AC George Gibbs   United States
AC George Jacobs   United States
AC George Luks   United States
AC George Sheringham   Great Britain
AC Georges Baltus   Belgium
AC Georges Dantu   France
AC Gerald Foster   United States
AC Gerardo Dottori   Italy
AC Gert Wollheim   Germany
AC Gilbert Holiday   Great Britain
AC Gordon Stevenson   United States
AC Guy Pène du Bois   United States
AC György Kürthy   Hungary
AC Hans Pape   Germany
AC Harald Hansen   Denmark
AC Harold Shurtleff   United States
AC Harry Watson   Great Britain
AC Hayley Lever   United States
AC Heizo Kanayama   Japan
AC Helmer Osslund   Sweden
AC Henri Pinguenet   France
AC Henri Royer   France
AC Henri Zo   France
AC Henry Poore   United States
AC Herman Trunk   United States
AC Hermann Keimel   Germany
AC Howard Everett Smith   United States
AC Hugo Ballin   United States
AC Hugo Nicholson   United States
AC Hugo Siegmüller   Czechoslovakia
AC Hunt Diederich   United States
AC Isaac Grünewald   Sweden
AC Isaac Israëls   Netherlands
AC Isamu Toyofuji   Japan
AC Alfred Duriau   Belgium
AC Joachim Hellgrewe   Germany
AC Jānis Tīdemanis   Belgium
AC Humbert Craig   Ireland
AC Mortimer Lichtenauer   United States
AC Julius Engelhard   Germany
AC Jack Yeats   Ireland
AC James Chapin   United States
AC James Newell   United States
AC James Quinn   Australia
AC Jay Maddox   United States
AC Jean Jacoby   Luxembourg
AC Jean MacLane   United States
AC Jeremi Kubicki   Poland
AC Jerzy Skolimowski   Poland
AC Johan Bull   United States
AC Johannes Boehland   Germany
AC Jos Lussenburg   Netherlands
AC John W. Dunn   United States
AC John Koopman   United States
AC John Lavery   Great Britain
AC John MacGilchrist   United States
AC John Rich   United States
AC John Taylor Arms   United States
AC Józef Korolkiewicz   Poland
AC Jos Seckel   Netherlands
AC Julius Bloch   United States
AC Julius Paulsen   Denmark
AC Junpei Eto   Japan
AC Karl Hahn   Germany
AC Katsundo Kosaka   Japan
AC Kees Roovers   Netherlands
AC Kerr Eby   United States
AC Yoshie Nakada   Japan
AC Hitoshi Ikebe   Japan
AC Knud Merrild   Denmark
AC Konrad Srzednicki   Poland
AC Konstantīns Visotskis   Latvia
AC Koshiro Onchi   Japan
AC Kotaro Ikeda   Japan
AC Kojin Kozu   Japan
AC Kunzo Minami   Japan
AC Ludwig Waldschmidt   Germany
AC Leo Whelan   Ireland
AC Leonardo Borgese   Italy
AC Levon West   United States
AC Lewis Baumer   Great Britain
AC Lionel Edwards   Great Britain
AC Louis Denis-Valvérane   France
AC Louis Hechenbleikner   United States
AC Louis Malespina   France
AC Lucien Jonas   France
AC Ludvík Vacátko   Czechoslovakia
AC Ludwig Angerer   Germany
AC Ludwig Hohlwein   Germany
AC Menno van Meeteren Brouwer   Netherlands
AC Mahonri Mackintosh Young   United States
AC Mario Beltrami   Italy
AC Maurice Ehlinger   France
AC Max Clarenbach   Germany
AC Max Švabinský   Czechoslovakia
AC Michał Boruciński   Poland
Rank Name Country
AC Miltiades Manno   Hungary
AC Misai Kosugi   Japan
AC Oliver Milburn   Canada
AC Oscar Hullgren   Sweden
AC Oskar Nerlinger   Germany
AC Otto Dill   Germany
AC Ottorino Mancioli   Italy
AC Piet van der Hem   Netherlands
AC P. A. Hay   Great Britain
AC Paul Heimen   Belgium
AC Paul Morchain   France
AC Pál Szűcs   Hungary
AC Philip de László   Great Britain
AC Philip Kran Paval   Denmark
AC Philippe Le Molt   France
AC Pierre Montezin   France
AC Pierre Nuyttens   United States
AC Rafał Malczewski   Poland
AC Randall Davey   United States
AC Raoul du Gardier   France
AC René Xavier Prinet   France
AC Reynolds Beal   United States
AC Richard Bishop   United States
AC Richard Earle   United States
AC Richard Lahey   United States
AC Róbert Byssz   Hungary
AC Robert Fernier   France
AC Roger Nivelt   France
AC Roland Clark   United States
AC Ronald Gray   Great Britain
AC Ryusei Furukawa   Japan
AC Ryokichi Sakai   Japan
AC Sakuichi Fukazawa   Japan
AC Samuel Theobald   United States
AC Seán O'Sullivan   Ireland
AC Senpan Maekawa   Japan
AC Shiko Munakata   Japan
AC Shintaro Takeda   Japan
AC Shogo Taguchi   Japan
AC Shuzo Kanda   Japan
AC Stefan Osiecki   Poland
AC Chosei Kawakami   Japan
AC Susumu Yamaguchi   Japan
AC Thomas Dugdale   Great Britain
AC Tadeusz Gronowski   Poland
AC Takamura Kodama   Japan
AC Tensen Ogyu   Japan
AC Tom Purvis   Great Britain
AC Tomotari Sakurai   Japan
AC Toru Arai   Japan
AC Ulrich Hübner   Germany
AC Vaughn Flannery   United States
AC Hendrika Schaap-van der Pek   Netherlands
AC Herbert Dunton   United States
AC Walt Speck   United States
AC Walther Klemm   Germany
AC Walther Kohlhase   Germany
AC Wayman Adams   United States
AC Wharton Esherick   United States
AC Wiktor Podoski   Poland
AC Wilhelm Hölter   Germany
AC Corry Gallas   Netherlands
AC William Byrne   United States
AC William Hays   United States
AC William Littlefield   United States
AC William McNulty   United States
AC William Schulhoff   United States
AC Heath Robinson   Great Britain
AC Willi Baumeister   Germany
AC Willy Jaeckel   Germany
AC Willy Sluiter   Netherlands
AC Yasuo Kuniyoshi   United States
AC Yngve Soderberg   United States
AC Yoshitaro Sato   Japan
AC Zbigniew Czech   Poland
AC Philip Hale   United States
AC John Johansen   United States
AC Erich Büttner   Germany
AC George Bellows   United States
AC Glenn Coleman   United States
AC Thomas Eakins   United States
AC Pop Hart   United States
AC Gari Melchers   United States
AC Charles Sheeler Jr.   United States
AC Eugene Speicher   United States
AC Edmund Tarbell   United States
AC Sears Gallagher   United States
AC Anne Goldthwaite   United States
AC Alexander Kruse   United States
AC Reginald Marsh   United States
AC Rodney Thomson   United States
AC Gerald Spencer Pryse   Great Britain
AC Gerard Westermann   Netherlands
AC Jaap Weyand   Netherlands
AC Jan Wils   Netherlands
AC Janina Konarska-Słonimska   Poland
AC Gösta von Hennigs   Sweden
AC David Wallin   Sweden
AC Lee Blair   United States
AC Joseph Webster Golinkin   United States
AC Winslow Homer   United States
AC Acee Blue Eagle   United States
AC Percy Crosby   United States
AC Lewis Daniel   United States


Medals and Reliefs

The following sculptors took part:[12]

Rank Name Country
1 Józef Klukowski   Poland
2 Frederick MacMonnies   United States
3 Tait McKenzie   Canada


The following sculptors took part:[13]

Rank Name Country
1 Mahonri Mackintosh Young   United States
2 Miltiades Manno   Hungary
3 Jakub Obrovský   Czechoslovakia
AC Antoni Kenar   Poland
AC Carl Fagerberg   Sweden
AC Dudley Talcott   United States
AC Ercole Drei   Italy
AC Gerhard Henning   Denmark
AC Hunt Diederich   United States
AC Rudolf Belling   Germany

Unknown event

The following sculptors took part:[14]

Rank Name Country
AC Suzanne Muzanne   France
AC Alice Nordin   Sweden
AC Anna Van Nuffel   Belgium
AC Anne Marie Carl-Nielsen   Denmark
AC Beatrice Fenton   United States
AC Jean-Elie Vézien   France
AC Elizabeth Mason   United States
AC Ella Buchanan   United States
AC Grace Talbot   United States
AC Hanuš Folkmann   Czechoslovakia
AC Hughlette Wheeler   United States
AC Kathleen Ingels   United States
AC Laura Gardin Fraser   United States
AC Maud von Rosen-Engberg   Sweden
AC Olga Niewska   Poland
AC Olda Žák   Czechoslovakia
AC Jess Lawson Peacey   Great Britain
AC Renée Sintenis   Germany
AC Suzanne Silvercruys Farnam   Belgium
AC Daemers   Belgium
AC Georges Malissard   France
AC Theodor Pilartz   Germany
AC Abel Lafleur   France
AC Adam Antes   Germany
AC Alfons Karny   Poland
AC Amory Simons   United States
AC Angelo Bertolazzi   Italy
AC Anton Endstorfer   Austria
AC Antonín Odehnal   Czechoslovakia
AC Arthur Dominique   Belgium
AC Arvid Källström   Sweden
AC Arvid Knöppel   Sweden
AC Betsy Muus   Belgium
AC Boris Blai   United States
AC Chris van der Hoef   Netherlands
AC Carl Eldh   Sweden
AC Carl Elmberg   Sweden
AC Carl Hallsthammar   United States
AC Chaim Gross   United States
AC Conrad Carlman   Sweden
AC Constantin Starck   Germany
AC David Evans   Great Britain
AC Édouard Fraisse   France
AC Edward Hald   Sweden
AC Edwin Grienauer   Austria
AC Edwin Everett Codman   United States
AC Eiichi Kawasaki   Japan
Rank Name Country
AC Einar Utzon-Frank   Denmark
AC Tolles Chamberlin   United States
AC Franciszek Masiak   Poland
AC Franciszek Strynkiewicz   Poland
AC François Clémencin   France
AC Frank Ingels   United States
AC Frank Jirouch   United States
AC Gaston d'Illiers   France
AC Gerhard Marcks   Germany
AC Gösta Carell   Sweden
AC Graham Douglas   United States
AC Hans Schwegerle   Germany
AC Henri Raphaël Moncassin   France
AC Henry Lion   United States
AC Herbert Garbe   Germany
AC Hermon Atkins MacNeil   United States
AC Hugo Liisberg   Denmark
AC Jan Kavan   Czechoslovakia
AC Jessie Herron   United States
AC John Lundqvist   Sweden
AC Josef Bock   Austria
AC Josef Drahoňovský   Czechoslovakia
AC Josef Mařatka   Czechoslovakia
AC Josef Thorak   Austria
AC Josef Wackerle   Germany
AC George Kratina   United States
AC Karel Lidický   Czechoslovakia
AC Karl Skoog   United States
AC Karol Tchorek   Poland
AC Kooyu Fujii   Japan
AC Kyushichi Miyajima   Japan
AC Leonard Craske   United States
AC Louis Botinelly   France
AC Louis Malespina   France
AC Marcel Mérignargues   France
AC Marian Brackenridge   United States
AC Marian Gobius   Netherlands
AC Max Laeuger   Germany
AC Merrell Gage   United States
AC Michel Jungblut   Luxembourg
AC Naoya Takei   Japan
AC Oskar Gloeckler   Germany
AC Oskar Thiede   Austria
AC Otto Hofner   Austria
AC Otto Placzek   Germany
AC Otto Schnitzer   Germany
AC Paul Gruson   Germany
Rank Name Country
AC Paul Moreau-Vauthier   France
AC Pierre Toulgouat   France
AC René Daemen   Belgium
AC Richard Demeyer   Belgium
AC Roger Noble Burnham   United States
AC Rudolf Bosselt   Germany
AC Saburo Hamada   Japan
AC Seibo Kitamura   Japan
AC Sigurd Forchhammer   Denmark
AC Simon Gate   Sweden
AC Stig Blomberg   Sweden
AC Terzo Polazzo   Italy
AC Theodor von Gosen   Germany
AC Thyra Boldsen   Denmark
AC Toon Dupuis   Netherlands
AC Tore Strindberg   Sweden
AC Victor Demanet   Belgium
AC Vicke Lindstrand   Sweden
AC Waldemar Raemisch   Germany
AC Walker Hancock   United States
AC Warren Wheelock   United States
AC William Zorach   United States
AC Wojciech Jastrzębowski   Poland
AC Yoshioki Hasegawa   Japan
AC Yuhachi Ikeda   Japan
AC Jitsuzo Hinago   Japan
AC Valère De Moer   Belgium
AC Philip Sears   United States
AC Tait McKenzie   Canada
AC Jakub Obrovský   Czechoslovakia
AC Gerhard Henning   Denmark
AC Miltiades Manno   Hungary
AC Józef Klukowski   Poland
AC Antoni Kenar   Poland
AC Hunt Diederich   United States
AC Dudley Talcott   United States
AC Mahonri Mackintosh Young   United States
AC Abastenia St. Leger Eberle   United States
AC Harriet Frishmuth   United States
AC Henry Hering   United States
AC Charles Keck   United States
AC Julio Kilenyi   United States
AC Paul Manship   United States
AC Edward McCartan   United States
AC Charles Niehaus   United States
AC Brenda Putnam   United States

Unknown eventEdit

The following artists also took part, but the exact event is unknown:[15]

Rank Name Country
AC Juan Gavazzo   Argentina
AC José Orozco   Mexico
AC Ángel Zárraga   Mexico
AC Julio Berrocal   Peru
AC Romano Espinoza   Peru
AC Elie Cristo-Loveanu   Romania
AC Pedro de Matheu   El Salvador
AC Pedro Figari   Uruguay
AC Alberto Egea   Venezuela
AC Maia Wiig-Hansen   Norway
AC Hans Swansee   Switzerland
AC Ramón de Zubiaurre   Spain
AC Kiril Shivarov   Bulgaria
AC Georgi Karakashev   Bulgaria
AC Mehmet Saıp   Turkey


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