Shooting at the 1932 Summer Olympics – Men's 50 metre rifle prone

The men's 50 metre rifle, prone was a shooting sports event held as part of the Shooting at the 1932 Summer Olympics programme. It was the fourth appearance of the event. The competition was held on August 13, 1932. 26 shooters from 9 nations competed.[1]

Men's 50 metre rifle, prone
at the Games of the X Olympiad
VenueElysian Park, Los Angeles, California
DateAugust 13
Competitors26 from 9 nations
1st place, gold medalist(s) Bertil Rönnmark  Sweden
2nd place, silver medalist(s) Gustavo Huet  Mexico
3rd place, bronze medalist(s) Zoltán Soós-Ruszka Hradetzky  Hungary
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Gold Silver Bronze
  Bertil Rönnmark (SWE)   Gustavo Huet (MEX)   Zoltán Soós-Ruszka Hradetzky (HUN)


These were the standing world and Olympic records prior to the 1932 Summer Olympics.

World Record - none - -
Olympic Record 398(*)   Pierre Coquelin de Lisle Paris (FRA) June 23, 1924

There was no official world record registered.

(*) 400 rings possible


A maximum of three competitors per nation were allowed.

The competition was held over 15 series of two shots, so every shooter had 30 shots. The maximum score was 300. The shot-off was again a compete series. No ties were shot-off after the first three places.

Antal Barát-Lemberkovits missed one shot when he fired on the target of Gustavo Huet. This ten rings would have given him the gold medal.

After the original competition Bertil Rönnmark gave the rest of his rounds of ammunition to other marksmen not thinking about the possibility of a shoot-off. So he had to borrow the rounds for the final shoot-off to win the gold medal.

Zoltán Soós-Ruszka Hradetzky set the best performance in the shoot-off with 296 points, nevertheless the Olympic record was only credited to Bertil Rönnmark and Gustavo Huet for their 294 points.[2]

Place Shooter Total Shoot off
1   Bertil Rönnmark (SWE) 294 294
2   Gustavo Huet (MEX) 294 290
3   Zoltán Soós-Ruszka Hradetzky (HUN) 293 296
4   Mario Zorzi (ITA) 293 293
5   Gustaf Andersson (SWE) 292
  William Harding (USA) 292
  Francisco António Real (POR) 292
  Karl August Larsson (SWE) 292
9   Julio Castro (ESP) 291
10   Carlos Guerrero (MEX) 290
11   Tibor Tary (HUN) 289
  Gustavo Salinas (MEX) 289
13   Ugo Cantelli (ITA) 288
  Edward Shumaker (USA) 288
15   Rom Stanifer (USA) 287
16   Antonio Daneri (ARG) 286
  Amedeo Bruni (ITA) 286
18   Antal Barát-Lemberkovits (HUN) 285
19   Manoel Braga (BRA) 284
20   Manuel Guerra (POR) 282
  Antônio Guimarães (BRA) 282
22   Sigfrido Vogel (ARG) 281
23   José Maria Ferreira (POR) 279
24   José Castro (BRA) 277
25   Buenaventura Bagaria (ESP) 274
26   Manuel Corrales (ESP) 268


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