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Honeymoon Academy

Honeymoon Academy (also titled For Better or for Worse) is a 1989 American comedy-drama film starring Robert Hays and Kim Cattrall. It was directed by Gene Quintano and was filmed in Spain.

Honeymoon Academy
Honeymoon academy.jpg
Directed byGene Quintano
Produced byTony Anthony
Paul Maslansky
Written byJerry Lazarus
Gene Quintano (Screenplay and story)
StarringKim Cattrall
Robert Hays
Music byRobert Folk
Distributed byTriumph Releasing Corporation
Release date
Country United States

Plot summaryEdit

During their honeymoon, a secret agent (Cattrall) and her new husband (Hays) become entangled in a plot to recover plates for counterfeiting US dollars. She thinks of him as a newly retired government employee, while he thinks she's a retired travel agent.



The film was released on VHS home video in December 1989[1] before its theatrical release in the United States on May 11, 1990.


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