Hellfire Gala

Hellfire Gala is a comic book storyline published by Marvel Comics through the X-Men related title. It is the first storyline featured in the "Reign of X" relaunch after the X of Swords storyline.[1] It is a twelve-chapter storyline where Krakoa opened its gates to non-mutants to celebrate mutant culture in an evening party. The gala unveiled the new team of X-Men and showcased the terraforming of Mars into Planet Arrako. However, a hero is murdered after the party.

Hellfire Gala
Publication information
PublisherMarvel Comics
Publication dateJune 2021
No. of issues12
Main character(s)X-Men
Collected editions
X-Men: Hellfire Gala Red Carpet EditionISBN 978-1302931568
X-Men: Hellfire GalaISBN 978-1302931155



The gala was first mentioned during a conversation between Emma Frost and Callisto when the former asked the latter to be the White Knight of the Hellfire Trading Company.[2]

Emma Frost asks Magneto to procure and develop an island as a secondary base of operations for the Hellfire Trading Company.[3]

Emma Frost invites the Inner Circle to the Island of Mykines and announced that they will be hosting the mutantkind's first state dinner. Kitty Pryde sends the first invitation to the Homines Verendi.[4]

Cyclops and Jean Grey will co-lead a new X-Men team; an election will be held and the unveiling of the team will be announced at the Hellfire Gala.[5]

Captain America met with Cyclops at Westchester questioning the expansion of Krakoa and mutant population.[6]

Magneto discussed his plans for Arakko to Isca the Unbeaten and the Quiet Council, and recruited Omega-level mutants from Krakoa and Arakko for the mission.[6]

Event TimelineEdit

The gala started with an opening remark from Emma Frost and a telepathic concert performed by Rhapsody, Marvel Girl and the Five-in-One.[7]

7:30 PM: X-Corp arrives at the gala with plans for a back-to-back meeting with potential board members.[8]

7:40 PM: X-Force welcomes the guests arriving in the island: Avengers, Fantastic Four, Doctor Doom, and ambassadors from various nations.[9]

8:12 PM: Professor X and Magneto fail again to convince Namor to join the Quiet Council.[10]

8:35 PM: Beast uses the ambassadors from Terra Verde to bug other nations.[9]

9:00 PM: X-Corp CXOs Angel and Penance meet with Thunderbird for the board position.[8]

9:30 PM: The Excalibur team arrives.[11] X-Corp CXOs meet with Sunspot for the board position.[8]

9:31PM: Deadpool attempts to gatecrash the party and is warded off by Wolverine and Domino.[9]

9:32 PM: Shatterstar proceeds to the gala after his fight with the Morrigan to reunite with Rictor.[12]

9:59 PM: X-Corp CXOs meet with the Black Priestess for the board position.[8]

10:04 PM: Beast's telefloronic programming on the Terra Verdan ambassador is hacked and starts attacking the party.[13]

10:15 PM: Marvel Girl unites all mutants across the planet telepathically and coalesce around their selections.[10]

10:20 PM: Cyclops and Marvel Girl announce the elected X-Men: Rogue, Sunfire, Wolverine, Synch and Polaris.[11][10]

10:40 PM: X-Corp CXOs meet with Mastermind for the board position.[8]

10:45 PM: The uninvited Hellions gatecrash the gala. Havok is still arguing for the resurrection of Madelyne Pryor.[14]

11:00 PM: Ambassador Reuben Brousseau announces that Great Britain leaves the Krakoan alliance.[11]

11:30 PM: Andrea von Strucker sneak into the X-Corp HQ before being stopped by Penance.[8] The Hellions are teleported away by Magik due to a drunken brawl from the unexpected reunion of Wild Child and Aurora.[14]

11:35 PM: The Omega-level mutants leave the gala to terraform Mars into Planet Arakko.[10][6]

11:40 PM: Noblesse Pharmaceutical rescinds their interest in the board position of X-Corp and decided to go forward with Fenris Consulting, resulting to a fight between Angel and Swordsman.

11:45 PM: Emma Frost gives the closing remarks and a celebratory fireworks.[10] An afterparty is held on Planet Arakko.[15][16]

3:17 AM: Scarlet Witch arrives after the celebrations are over.[17]

4:04 AM: Prodigy, Eye-Boy and Speed find Scarlet Witch's murdered corpse in the bushes.[12]

During the gala, there are other things happening on the sidelines and elsewhere:

  • Reed Richards whispers something to Professor X that is yet to be revealed.[7]
  • The Stepford Cuckoos makes Wilhemina Kensington remember something.[7] The suppressed trauma from her father's abuse was externalized into sociopathy, letting her kill animals and people without guilt.[18]
  • The ambassadors from Verendi, Great Britain and Russia forge an alliance.[7]
  • Sinister's clone returns from Amenth.[14]
  • Peter Wisdom is killed by Coven Akkaba to free Morgan Le Fay.[11] He is later resurrected by The Five.[19]
  • Rictor, with the help of the Druids, creates a new island around the Braddock Lighthouse to annex it from Great Britain.[11]
  • Emma Frost deals with members of a hidden society for the Kara Kutuça.[10] Mystique was able to get the black box for Emma to get her vote in the Quiet Council[20] which is revealed to be a mysterium puzzle box inscribed with Kate Pryde's name in Krakoan language.[21]
  • Laura and Daken searches for Gabby during and after the Gala; Gabby is found dead in the Wild Hunt by Anole, No-Girl, Rain Boy and Cosmar.[22] She is later resurrected by The Five, setting a status quo that clones can be resurrected.[23]
  • An unknown assailant attacks Christian Frost while transporting the Shi'ar logic diamonds, and leaves the Marauder burning off the coast of Madripoor. The assailant is revealed to be Solem in his ploy to play games with Wolverine.[13]
  • Henry Peter Gyrich recruits Guardian into ORCHIS.[17]
  • Prodigy sneaks out of the gala to investigate the circumstances of his death.[12]


S.W.O.R.D. leader Abigail Brand met with the galactic representatives to acknowledge Planet Arakko as the capital planet of the Sol System, with Storm as the Queen Regent, in exchange for a supply of mysterium.[17][24]

The murder of Scarlet Witch during the gala will be the focus of Trial of Magneto.[12][25]

Characters involvedEdit

Issues involvedEdit

Issue Release date Writer(s) Artist(s)
Marauders #21 June 2, 2021 Gerry Duggan & Chris Claremont Matteo Lolli & John Bolton
X-Force (vol. 6) #20 Benjamin Percy Joshua Cassara
Hellions #12 Zeb Wells Stephen Segovia
Excalibur (vol. 4) #21 June 9, 2021 Tini Howard Marcus To
X-Men (vol. 5) #21 Jonathan Hickman Russell Dauterman, Nick Dragotta, Sara Pichelli & Lucas Werneck
Planet-Sized X-Men #1 June 16, 2021 Gerry Duggan Pepe Larraz
New Mutants (vol. 4) #19 Vita Ayala Alex Lins
X-Corp #2 Tini Howard Alberto Foche
Wolverine (vol. 7) #13 June 23, 2021 Benjamin Percy Scot Eaton
S.W.O.R.D. (vol. 2) #6 Al Ewing Valerio Schiti
Way of X #3 Si Spurrier Bob Quinn
X-Factor (vol. 4) #10 June 30, 2021 Leah Williams David Baldeón

Collected issuesEdit

Title Material collected Pages Publication Date ISBN
X-Men: Hellfire Gala collects Marauders (2019 Marvel) #21, X-Men (2019-2021 Marvel) #21, Planet-Size X-Men (2021 Marvel) #1, S.W.O.R.D. (2021 Marvel) #6 and material from X-Men Classic (1986-1995 Marvel) Classic X-Men #7. 128 January 2022 Paperback: 978-1302931155
X-Men: Hellfire Gala Red Carpet Edition collects X-Men (2019) #21, Marauders (2019) 21, Excalibur (2019) #21, X-Force (2019) #20, New Mutants (2019) #19, X-Factor (2020) #10, Hellions (2020) #12, S.W.O.R.D. (2020) #6, Way of X (2021) #3, X-Corp (2021) #2, Wolverine (2020) #13, Planet-Size X-Men (2021) #1, Hellfire Gala Guide 400 December 14, 2021 Paperback: 978-1302931568



The Hellfire Gala, modeled after the real-life Met Gala, is a fancy soiree where guests are expected to show up in high fashion. Most of the formal wear are designed by Russell Dauterman, Alberto Foche, Lucas Werneck, David Baldeón, Matteo Lolli, Stephen Segovia, Bob Quinn, Alex Lins, Valerio Schiti, Marcus To and Joshua Cassara. EW writers Christian Holub and Nick Romano ranked Emma Frost, Storm and Mystique as the best dressed characters in the event.[26]


The creative team agreed that the story and the party itself were a success.[27]

AIPT reviewer Lia Kolb stated that the storyline suffered from having the event's monumental announcement to be spoiled already by the previous issues in the event and the marketing itself.[28]


During Marvel's X-Men Comic-Con At Home panel on SDCC 2021, the X-Men creative team agreed that there should be an annual Hellfire Gala and X-Men vote.[27]

A second X-Men election is announced and the results will be revealed in the second annual Hellfire Gala.[29]


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