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Ferrocarriles Unidos de Yucatán

A typical Baldwin 4-6-0 of the railway.

Ferrocarriles Unidos de Yucatán was a 3 ft (914 mm) narrow gauge[1] railroad that operated in the state of Yucatán in Mexico. The last two 4-4-0 steam locomotives (No. 80 and No. 81) built by Baldwin Locomotive Works were made for this railroad in 1946.[2] Locals nicknamed its locomotives as toros de fuego (bulls of fire).[3][4]


Disney connectionEdit

Five of the railroad's steam locomotives were bought by Roger Broggie on behalf of The Walt Disney Company in 1969.[3] Four of them built by Baldwin Locomotive Works between 1916 and 1928, were completely rebuilt and are currently operating on the Walt Disney World Railroad.[3] The remaining locomotive built by Pittsburgh Locomotive and Car Works, was not restored due to its poor condition and was sold to an unknown locomotive broker.[3] Some of its parts were used as donors to repair the four Baldwin locomotives.[5]


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