Fencing at the 2004 Summer Olympics – Men's épée

The men's épée was a competition in fencing at the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens. A total of 37 men from 21 nations competed in this event. Each nation was limited to 3 fencers. Competition took place in the Fencing Hall at the Helliniko Olympic Complex on August 17. The event was won by Marcel Fischer of Switzerland, the nation's first victory in the event and first medal of any color since 1952. Wang Lei's silver was China's first medal in the men's individual épée. Defending champion Pavel Kolobkov earned bronze, finishing a set of three different-colored Olympic medals in the event (silver in 1992, gold in 2000). Kolobkov was the fourth man to earn three medals in the event and had the best record of any of the four; only Ramón Fonst (with two gold medals) had more individual Olympic success in the men's épée. It was the fifth consecutive Games in which a Russian fencer reached the podium, including medals for Russian fencers competing for the Soviet Union (1988) and Unified Team (1992).

Men's épée
at the Games of the XXVIII Olympiad
Round of 32 bout between Tourchine (RUS) and Kelsey (USA)
VenueHelliniko Olympic Complex
DateAugust 17
Competitors37 from 21 nations
1st place, gold medalist(s) Marcel Fischer  Switzerland
2nd place, silver medalist(s) Wang Lei  China
3rd place, bronze medalist(s) Pavel Kolobkov  Russia
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This was the 24th appearance of the event, which was not held at the first Games in 1896 (with only foil and sabre events held) but has been held at every Summer Olympics since 1900.[1]

Four of the eight quarterfinalists from 2000 returned: gold medalist (and 1992 silver medalist) Pavel Kolobkov of Russia, silver medalist Hugues Obry of France, fourth-place finisher Marcel Fischer of Switzerland, and eighth-place finisher Zhao Gang of China. The reigning (2003) World Champion was Fabrice Jeannet of France; Kolobkov (1993, 1994, and 2002) and Obry (1998) were also prior World Champions.[1]

Algeria made its debut in the event. France and the United States each appeared for the 22nd time, tied for most among nations.

Competition format


The competition continued to use the entirely single-elimination (with bronze medal match) format introduced in 1996. All bouts were to 15 touches.



All times are Greece Standard Time (UTC+2)

Date Time Round
Tuesday, 17 August 2004 12:00
Preliminary round
Round of 32
Round of 16
Bronze medal match



Preliminary round


As there were more than 32 entrants in this event, five first round matches were held to reduce the field to 32 fencers.

  Ahmed Nabil (EGY) 15—6   Georges Ambalof (GRE)
  Siriroj Rathprasert (THA) 15—13   Mohanad Saif El Din Sabry (EGY)
  Dmitriy Karuchenko (UKR) 15—6   Abderrahmane Daidj (ALG)
  Alexandru Nyisztor (ROU) 15—6   Bogdan Nikishin (UKR)
  Serguey Kotchetkov (RUS) 15—6   Rami Assiam (MAR)

Main tournament bracket


The remaining field of 32 fencers competed in a single-elimination tournament to determine the medal winners. Semifinal losers proceeded to a bronze medal match.

Round of 32 Round of 16 Quarterfinals Semifinals Gold medal final
  Fischer (SUI) 15
  Nabil (EGY) 10   Fischer (SUI) 15
  Kovács (HUN) 15   Kovács (HUN) 7
  Mattern (USA) 6   Fischer (SUI) 15
  Fernandez (VEN) 15   Fernandez (VEN) 13
  Xie (CHN) 13   Fernandez (VEN) 15
  Gang (CHN) 15   Gang (CHN) 12
  Mahmoud (EGY) 9   Fischer (SUI) 15
  Boisse (FRA) 15   Boisse (FRA) 9
  Rathprasert (THA) 9   Boisse (FRA) 15
  Carillo (CUB) 15   Carillo (CUB) 11
  Obry (FRA) 10   Boisse (FRA) 15
  Jeannet (FRA) 15   Jeannet (FRA) 14
  Kotchetkov (RUS) 11   Jeannet (FRA) 15
  Lee (KOR) 15   Lee (KOR) 5
  Khvorost (UKR) 11   Fischer (SUI) 15
  Wang (CHN) 15   Wang (CHN) 9
  Boczkó (HUN) 10   Wang (CHN) 15
  Schmid (GER) 15   Schmid (GER) 11
  Fiedler (GER) 12   Wang (CHN) 15
  Strigel (GER) 15   Strigel (GER) 14
  Imre (HUN) 13   Strigel (GER) 15
  Karuchenko (UKR) 15   Karuchenko (UKR) 12
  Marik (AUT) 7   Wang (CHN) 15
  Kolobkov (RUS) 15   Kolobkov (RUS) 10
  Robinson (AUS) 5   Kolobkov (RUS) 15 Bronze medal final
  Tourchine (RUS) 15   Tourchine (RUS) 10
  Kelsey (USA) 11   Kolobkov (RUS) 15   Kolobkov (RUS) 15
  Thompson (USA) 13   Thompson (USA) 11   Boisse (FRA) 8
  Inostroza (CHI) 12   Thompson (USA) 15
  Rota (ITA) 15   Rota (ITA) 13
  Nyisztor (ROU) 8

Results summary

Rank Fencer Nation
  Marcel Fischer   Switzerland
  Wang Lei   China
  Pavel Kolobkov   Russia
4 Érik Boisse   France
5 Fabrice Jeannet   France
6 Silvio Fernández   Venezuela
7 Soren Thompson   United States
8 Daniel Strigel   Germany
9 Alfredo Rota   Italy
10 Zhao Gang   China
11 Sven Schmid   Germany
12 Lee Sang-Yeop   South Korea
13 Iván Kovács   Hungary
14 Andres Carillo Ayala   Cuba
15 Igor Turchin   Russia
16 Dmytro Kariuchenko   Ukraine
17 Christoph Marik   Austria
18 Gábor Boczkó   Hungary
19 Seth Kelsey   United States
20 Hugues Obry   France
21 Géza Imre   Hungary
22 Cody Mattern   United States
23 Paris Inostroza   Chile
24 Maksym Khvorost   Ukraine
25 Jörg Fiedler   Germany
26 Seamus Robinson   Australia
27 Xie Yongjun   China
28 Yasser Mahmoud   Egypt
29 Sergey Kochetkov   Russia
30 Ahmed Nabil   Egypt
31 Alexandru Nyisztor   Romania
32 Siriroj Rathprasert   Thailand
33 Muhannad Saif El-Din   Egypt
34 Bohdan Nikishyn   Ukraine
35 Giorgos Abalof   Greece
36 Aissam Rami   Morocco
37 Abderrahmane Daidj   Algeria


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