Femi Oluwole

Femi Oluwole (born March 1990)[1] is a British political activist and co-founder of the pro-European Union advocacy group Our Future Our Choice (OFOC).[2]

Femi Oluwole
Femi Oluwole at Birmingham's Bin-Brexit rally for the Conservative Party conference.jpg
Oluwole speaking at Birmingham's Bin-Brexit rally in 2018
BornMarch 1990 (age 29–30)
Darlington, County Durham, England
Alma materUniversity of Nottingham
EmployerOur Future Our Choice

Early life and educationEdit

Oluwole was born in Darlington to a surgeon father and a paediatrician mother, who both emigrated to the United Kingdom in the 1980s.[3][4][5] He grew up in the West Midlands but as a child lived in several different places across the country, having once attended a school in Dundee.[6][7] He attended the Yarm School, and went on to study law and the French language at the University of Nottingham, while completing an Erasmus Programme year in France.[2][4][8]


Oluwole has worked in non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and human rights agencies.[2] He left his "dream job" to become a campaigner against Brexit, telling the Evening Standard that he made the decision to quit because he was frustrated by the efforts of mainstream pro-Remain politicians and planned to provide accurate pro-EU information by explaining difficult legal concepts using Twitter[9] and YouTube.[2][6][10][11] In pursuing this, Oluwole created the social media channel Our Future Our Choice in September 2017, which, with the collaboration of Will Dry and Lara Spirit,[12] who had launched an anti-Brexit student activism movement in universities, was incorporated as a company on 19 February 2018.[1][4][13][14] The group advocates a pro-EU message from a youth standpoint and claims that it will be the younger generation who will have to deal with the economic and political crisis that results from Brexit.[13][15] Oluwole has toured the United Kingdom, engaging the public in discussions about the European Union.[6][16] He has also supported the call for a People's Vote.[17]

Oluwole is regularly in the media discussing Brexit.[18][19] In April 2019, he appeared on Good Morning Britain, explaining European Union law to Richard Madeley.[20] Oluwole has written for The Independent,[21] The Guardian,[22] and the Metro,[23] and is a regular guest on Talkradio.[24][25]

In a July 2019 interview with Piers Morgan on Good Morning Britain, Oluwole stated that United States President Donald Trump is a "hostile foreign power" to the United Kingdom.[26]

That same month, Richard Tice, chair of the Brexit Party, threatened to sue Oluwole for alleged claims of antisemitism.[27]


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